Stranger (Carl Grimes)


Carl's pov

We got back to base last night. Ate dinner, talked some, then went to sleep. Last night, I only dreamt black. The only thing I kept seeing was my dead mother's eyes, right before she fell into eternal sleep. I jolt awake, my eyes darting around to the empty shells of sleeping bags.

"God you're so tight." I hear Wes grunt from downstairs.

I hear a moan followed after. I know that moan because I have lured it out before. I clench my fists as I sneak downstairs. More moans follow the first one shortly.

"W-wes!" I hear her cry out.

I hide behind the massive wood collum, quaking with anger. How could she do this to me? First, they almost kiss back at the car, then they screw around? I hear footsteps getting closer. I step out behind the collum and punch the bastard in the face.

"Carl!" I hear Charlotte yell as wes stumbles to the side.

I'm already landing more punches. He bends over and I bring my knee up to his stomach. He collapses on the floor and I start kicking him.

"Hey!" I hear her yell again.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I didn't mean to, but I did. An audible slap rings in the air as my hand came upon Charlotte's cheek. I hear her gasp, holding her cheek in one hand while backing up, giving wes an opportinuty to get on his feet.

"Don't you hurt her." he snarls as he lands blow after blow to me.

I cock my head back and split the blood that collected in my mouth from where he punched me in his face. He clenches his jaw and head buts me. Last thing I see is Wes putting an arm around Charlotte, backing up while Dad and Daryl come running in.


"Here, this will help." Daryl says, handing me a rock that was in the stream.

I flinch at the sudden cold on my throbbing cheek.

"So, what happened?" Rick asks, coming back downstairs.

"Wes and I, we woke up early and came down here. He rubbed my shoulders, which were really sore from yesterday. We walked out and Carl came out from no where, fighting Wes. I tried to calm him down and..." I motion to my cheek.

"Carl just kinda zoned out on what he had done, giving Wes time to get up and beat him up." I finish.

"But hey, I was thinking. Let's relocate to Florida." I add.

Rick and Daryl look at each other and nod.

"We should probably ask the others before we start heading down. We can go in a few days. First thing, transportation. Second thing, weapons and water. When we get down there, there will probably lots of fishing shops." Rick says.

I nod.

"What will I be doing today?" I ask.

"You will be with Grace getting water and gathering kindle for the fire while Sasha and Bob chop the wood." Daryl says.

"What about Carl and Wes?" I ask.

Rick looks away, "They aren't going anywhere near each other or anyone else for the next few days. They are assigned to different things."

"I'm going to go find Grace." I mutter, standing up and setting the rock down.

I go outside to a cloudy sky. I see Grace sitting beside Wes.

"Hey, how's your cheek?" she asks, standing up.

I shrug, "It's not my cheek that's wounded."

She smiles sadly at me.

"Ready to go?" she asks.

I nod, scooping up the basket on the ledge of the loading dock. She already had the three plastic jugs for the water. We both jump down and head to the woods.

"So, you and Wes?" I ask, trying to sound normal, wiggling my eyebrows at her.

She blushes, her curly blonde hair hiding her green eyes and red cheeks from my view. I force out a fake chuckle and nudge her with my elbow while keeping my eyes out for kindle worthy wood and walkers.

"I really like him and I know he sees you as a sisterly figure. You do know what happened to his sister right?" she asks.

I shake my head no, pausing to snatch up twigs and pine cones.

"Yeah, when it was only him and his sister left, their previous group had some abusive men who would get crazy wasted and beat on her." she relays to me.

"Did they?" I trail off, hinting about more than just physical abuse.

She shook her head no, "But they almost did. The next morning after one night, they got out of there."

I hear the sound of rushing water to my right.

"Trade me?" I ask.

"Sure." she says, handing me the trio of jugs.

"I will go get the water. You stay here and pick up more twigs ok?" I say, walking backwards towards the source of the water.

She nods and I turn back around, heading to the stream. The stream itself isn't what I would call a stream. It was more like a small river. With clear water running downstream, the width is about twenty feet across. I don't know how deep it is, and I don''t want to know. Random collosal rocks jut from the stream, surrounded by flat stones in the bed. dirt flanks either side of the river. It's pretty steep to get down there.

Right now I'm on a higher area that has about fifteen feet to get down to the river. I tighten my grip on the plastic handles and carefully side step my way down. On the other side of the river is a sign. It's blurry to me. My glasses are in my bag at base right now. I think I can make out the word zone- My thoughts are cut off as something grabs at my ankle. I yelp and loose balance, also loosing the grip on the jugs. As I tumble down, I hear a distant moan.

"Charlotte?" I hear, but from far up.

"Charlotte!" Grace calls as I still tumble down the hill.

That's the last thing I hear before something blunt smashes against my skull and I instantly black out.

"Sweetie, this is your little brother, Todd." I hear mommy say.

I stare, mezmerized at the little human being, brand new to this world. Kit stands beside mommy's bed. She pats the bed and I crawl up, snuggling in beside her.

"Put his head in the crook of your arm and your other arm supporting the left one. That's it." she says as she instructs me on how to hold my baby brother.

I smile as his eyes open, a pretty brown, just like Kit's.

"Hi," I say, dragging out the i.

He wiggles and whines. I pout and look at mommy for an explaination. Her blue eyes hold humor and her mouth holds a laugh and smile. That makes me pout even more. What was so funny about this?

"Does he not like me mommy? Is it because I'm a girl?" I ask as she slides him back into her embrace.

She chuckles, "No, he just has to get used to being held by his older sister. Babies have a good sense of smell, and usually only recognize it's momma's and daddy's smell."

I nod, but don't really understand.

"Was I like that when daddy held me?" I ask.

When the question slipped out of my mouth, her mood staggered a bit.

"H-he wasn't around when you were born." she stutters.

"Kit, will you take her down to the giftshop?" she snaps, her voice trembling.

He scoops me off the bed and swoops me down the hall, spinning me and throwing me up in the air, only to catch me. By the time we got down to the giftshop, I had forgotten about the question I had asked mommy.

"Mom has to stay here, so it will just be you and me kids." Kit says as I clutch my pink zebra, Kirpy, and ruffles the top of my head.

"Go say bye to your brother." he says, gently pushing me to the bed where mommy held him.

"Bye Todd, love you baby." I whisper as I kiss his soft baby skinned forehead.

I kiss mommy as well and scurry back to Kit, waving frantically to the pair as we go back to the house.

I jolt awake. I groan as my head throbs something awful. I look around, where am I? I see my bag and grab it, sneaking downstairs quietly. I freeze as I see a group of people around a fire. I sneak up and put my arm around a boy's neck, my gun to his temple. I knock their hat off.

"Don't." a man with curly dark hair in a leather jacket says, standing up.

"Don't move or he dies." I snarl, my grip on my gun tensed.

"Charlotte, what's wrong with you?" my hostage whispers.

"Shut the fuck up or you die." I snap, pressing the barrell of the gun harder into the soft skin on his temple.

I slowly back up, making my hostage back up with me to the exit. When I press open the door, I slam the butt of my gun into his temple and sprint out, into the early morning sun light.

"Charlotte!" I hear someone shout, footsteps thudding behind me.

I shoot randomly behind me, I hear curses and run even faster away from those people. After all, they could be dangerous.

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