Stranger (Carl Grimes)


I wake up alone. I turn and look at the underside of the top bunk. Carl's words ring in my head, there isn't anytime for anything to be slow. I hear a ruffle of cloth and see Carl pulling back the curtain with two bowls and two cups. I get the cups and sit down with him.

"Good morning." I greet him.

He smiles as a response and eats his soup. It's the same we had yesterday.

I take a sip of my water and set them down beside the bed. I set cross legged and stare at him. He looks at me under his hat which I find attractive.

"You okay?" he asks and puts his bowl and cup beside mine.

"Since you said there isn't anytime for anything to go slow...should we try what we were about to do yesterday again?" I say, a small blush creeping up my neck.

His eyebrows furrow as he tries to remember. Then he remembers and blushes and nods.

"Know anything about kissing?" I ask under my breath as we scoot closer to each other.

"Nope," he says.

I laugh nervously as my eyes connect to his. His are focused on my lips as he leans his head in, tilting it sideways. I stare into his eyes as I tilt my head and lean in as well. My heart beats in my ears in anticipation. Then it came. Our lips pressed against each other. I breath a sigh of relief through my nose as one hand goes to the back of his neck and sliding into his hair, scraping against his scalp lightly. A stiffled groan comes from him, making his lips vibrate slightly against mine. I smile and move closer. We pull apart for air a few seconds later.

"Whoa," I say breathlessly.

I nudge my lips onto his again. His arms grip my waist and he shifts me into his lap. I smile and move my lips against his. His fingers draw circles on my waist. We break apart, our foreheads touching.

"As much as I'd like to continue," our lips brush.

"We need to help out with the fences today," Carl says.

I snap out of my fantasy and say, "Let's go."

I walk out to him after take off my sweats and put on jeans, fixing my pony tail and grabbing my gun and glasses. We pick up a stabbing weapon. He takes a cut off pole and I take a crowbar. The sun is already beating down on us as we walk to the other people who are helping out as well. As I stab I loose mental focus and let my muscles go into cruise mode.

"Did you ever wake up last night?" I ask Carl beside me.

He stabs a walker before anwsering, "No. Dad said the Judith was confused last night when I wasn't in my bunk."

I don't know how to respond so I nod and stab more walkers. Soon it's lunch time. I shuffle up to the dining hall when we all feel a shake. We all pause. Everyone stops and looks behind me. A small army of cars and a fucking tank are by the fences. A man demands to talk to Rick.

Then the man asks, "Is Hershel on the council?"

He motions to someone and Hershel is forced out of a car onto his knees. Maggie and Beth gasp beside me. Oh my god.

"What about Michonne?" he says, "She on the council too?"

She is brought out as well on her knees beside Hershel.

Rick yells, "I don't make decisions any more!"

The man says, "You're making the decisions today, Rick."

Two people armed stand beside Hershel and Michonne.

"Come down here and let's...let's have that talk." he says.

Rick hesitates. He nods to Daryl and Daryl mirrors his nod. He motions for Carl and places a hand on his neck. He says something to him and goes down to the man and the tank.

Daryl says, "We can't take 'em all on, go through the woods like we planned. We ain't got the numbers no more. Last time someone checked to stash on the bus?"

Sasha says, "Day before we hit the big spot."

Daryl grumbles, "We'll manage."

Daryl leaves. Rick reaches the edge of the fence and starts talking to him. I know something is about to go down. I want to be prepared to leave. I sneak off to my cell and pack up, getting a military dagger, two guns, and extra ammo. I trade my tennis shoes for my boots I usually run in. I hear three gun shots and freeze. That could have been Rick, Hershel, and Michonne.

I shake my head, no, the others would be firing now.

I hear voices. I leave my cell with my backpack on my shoulders. Mikah and Molly are carrying Judith in her seat while Luke trails behind them.

"What are you guys doing?" I ask.

They don't stop walking.

Mikah says, "We are getting on the bus to leave. You should come as well."

I catch up and take Judith.

"Show me where the bus is." I say.

They jog and I follow. The big grey bus is running ready to leave.

"Where are you guys going?" Lizzie asks.

"The bus! Come on!" Mikah tells her urgently.

"No." Lizzie says.

"You know the plan that's where we're supposed to go!" Mikah pleads.

"Carol told us to be strong, to protect ourselves. They have guns, we should have guns too. We should help." she says.

I shake my head and continue to the bus.

I stop dead when I hear Maggie and Beth scream. I run to Mikah and give her Judith. I run back to the fence and see Hershel decapitated on the ground. All hell breaks loose. I see Rick behind the overturned bus, clutching his left leg. I duck for cover as bullets spray the pavement. I look and see everyone shooting at the miny army and tank. I hear metal screech. They must've tore the gate down. I cover my head as the tank fires. I see Mikah and the others run inside, abandoning Judith.

She is crying. I take her out of the car seat and take cover in cell block C. Before I go inside I look around for Carl, no where to be found. I see walkers start to shuffle in.

I still hear guns, but not as much as when it began. I stay until I hear no more. I grab some cloth, placing middle section of my right shoulder and tieing the ends at my left hip securly. In a few minutes I have Judith secure on my side in the sling.

I grab her baby stuff and cram it in my backpack, zipping it shut. I cock my gun and slide an extra mag in my back pocket. I peek out the broken window. The horse is in its fenced area, saddled and ready to go. About forty walkers fill in the gap between here and the horse. I calculate how much time it would take to open the gate and avoid being taken down by walkers. I don't know how to ride a horse. Fuck it, I think to myself. I tighten the already tight knot on the sling and look down at Judith. She is quiet, scared, but quiet. I kiss her head and she looks up at me.

"I will get you out of here alive, I promise." I say to her quietly.

I take a deep breath, tighten my grip on my gun and yank the door back. The moans of the dead intensify as I sprint to the horse. I cover Judith's ears as I fire only if they get too close as I weave between them. I rip open the gate and hook my foot into stirup and heave myself on the saddle. I have no idea how the horse is going to respond, but I do know that for my sake and Judith's, I have to wing it. From the old western movies I watched as I kid, I fumbled with the reins and put my other foot in the stirup. The walkers tore down the weak wooden fence just as I flicked the reins.

The horse speeds off passing the walkers. I smile and dig my heels into the horse's sides, willing it to go even faster out of the ruins of the prison. What am I going to do when the horse is gone? How am I going to find the others? The wind felt great on my face in the summer's heat. All I care about right now is to look after Judith and stay alive. Goodbye new life with prison and Carl, hello to running again.

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