Stranger (Carl Grimes)


I wake up and see Maggie tending to the fire. I can't tell what time it is outside as I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes. I realize Judith isn't beside me.

"Where's Judith?" I ask, panic in my voice.

"In the kitchen with Sasha being fed. I'm going on a run today for supplies, want to come?" she asks.

I exhale the breath I was holding in.

I nod, "Yes, let's take the horse."

"Good idea. Let's eat breakfast and talk it over before going out." she says, standing up and placing the poker.

We go into the kitchen. At the circle table set for four, Judith is sitting on the edge in front of Sasha, who is feeding her crackers she must've found somewhere. Judith claps her hands more. Sasha breaks it in half.

"Morning." she greets me, smiling.

"Morning, what's there to eat?" I ask, heading over to the cupboards.

"Not a lot, most of the food is stale. Cereal, chips, and crackers." she says.

I pick the potato chips and stale honey nut cheerios. I sit down beside sasha and eat the cereal first. Half the box was eaten, so I finish it off and throw it in the trash can under the sink. I decided I didn't want the chips.

"Is anyone low on ammo or weapons?" I ask.

"I am." Maggie says.

I motion her to follow me as I go back into the living room. I dig out a handgun and the box of ammo. I give it to her.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"A local shop just down the road. It looks like it might have some stuff for bob's wound and other things." she explains.

She leads me out the back door to the horse. It looks happy to see me as it nuzzles its nose into my hand. I smile and pat its neck while Maggie gets the saddle on. Soon we are on our way. It doesn't take long. I check my watch and see 10:30. It's a duel complex, a landromat and a small local pharmacy, like a wall greens, called Mark's Meds. We hop off the horse and walk to the entrance. I test the door. Surprised it opens, I poke my head in and quickly reel back.

"How many?" Maggie asks.

"About seven, I didn't get a good look. I don't want to leave the horse out here. We can draw them out." I say to her.

She nods and asks, "How are we gonna do that?"

I take out my dagger and press the tip on my skin until I break it and a pearl of blood appears. I wince and wipe my knife. I let it run down my index finger. I open the door wide open and smear my blood on the door frame. The walkers sniff at the air and turn to us.

"Wait until they are at the door, then stab them." I say, handing her my knife.

I don't want more walkers on our asses by shooting loud shots. I miscalculated, there weren't seven, there were six. I shoot three and maggie stabs the other three.

"Food, medicine, and blankets. Flashlighs as well." She says.

I say, "I'm gonna keep watch of the horse. Take my gun."

I hand her my gun and take my dagger. I wipe off my blood.

"Try to find a band aid." I call to her quietly.

I turn around and face the horse. I look around. Trees on the other side of the road. Some leaves are scattered on the road due to no cars in a long time. I wonder how Judith is at base. I bet she is eating crackers or something, maybe pulling at Sasha's super curly hair. Maggie comes out a few minutes later, tying up a plastic bag.

"Let's go." she says, closing the door to the pharmacy and getting on the horse.

She hands me my gun and I get on behind her. We head back to base.

"Whoa!" Maggie exclaims.

We have stopped in the middle of the road, almost back to base. About two dozen walkers turn to us. I get off.

"Go! Get out of here. I will come back." I say, shooting two.

She flees and I start shooting as they come towards me. I curse under my breath. I ran out of bullets. There are seven left. I get out my dagger and stab one in the head. The other six grab at me, my hair and clothes.

I squirm and was about to give up with I see an arrow sink into a skull. Another falls from a stab. I get out of the circle unharmed. Beth and Daryl run towards me.

"Oh my god, you're alive." I exclaim.

"Hell yeah we are." Daryl grumbles, taking out his bolts from the dead walkers.

Beth wipes her dagger on her pants.

"I have a set up. Sasha, Bob, Judith, and Maggie." I tell them.

Beth cries, relieved to hearing where her sister is and that she is alive.

"What are we standing around for? Let's go," Daryl says.

I lead them back to the house. Maggie runs out the front and clutches her hysterical sister in her arms. Daryl goes inside for a room. I go in and scoop up a happy Judith. I kiss the top of her head and settle down on the couch. I check my watch, almost four. The sun is almost on the horizon, we have light for about an hour and a half. Maggie shows me the stuff she got from the pharmacy. Medicine, baby food, a jar of peanut butter, a box of band aids, and two blankets.

"I'm going to go pick some vegetables from the garden nearby. Beth can come with me," Maggie says.

Maggie grabs the basket in the kitchen and leaves with her. I open the box of band aids andtake one out. I chuckle to myself. It's spiderman band aids. I take it and wrap my index finger in it. I place the box in the kitchen on the counter. I turn around and see Daryl.

"Gonna go huntin'," Daryl mumbles.

He walks out the back. I walk back into the living room with judith on my hip. I place her on the couch and go over to the fire. I don't know where the others are at. I poke at the fire until the flames are high.

That night for dinner is roasted squirrel and fried carrots. We all sit around eating that night. I chop some squirrel meat into tiny pieces for Judith after she ate the small baby food jar and wanted some of my food. When everyone else went to bed, I stayed up, peeking out the window when the fire was low enought that it wouldn't attract walkers. I ran a finger over my bottom lip, suddenly wanting to know what it would feel like to have a certain someone's pressed against them.

As I stare out into the empty street on this cold night, I fantasize on different ways I could find Carl.

Suddenly my thoughts went to my family. My brother was the last to be put down. Todd was only eleven, he didn't know much about what was going on at the time, he just obeyed me or my parents. I sniffle.

He looked more like my step dad Kit, who had blonde wavy hair and hazel eyes. I looked more like my mom who had straight brown hair and blue eyes. She was always there for me.

I swipe away a single tear and sniffle. I take off my shoes and change into sweat pants. Judith is upstairs with Beth. I stare at the embers from under my bed roll until I fall asleep.

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