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Behind Those Topaz Eyes


Rin, the newest face to burst into Ouran High School, easily wins over the Host Club, but maybe to easily. What secrets lie behind the faded marks on her body? And those beautiful topaz eyes?

Action / Romance
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Life Lessons and a Melody

The black Rolls Royce slowed to a stop just as the sun started to peek over the tops of the brilliant green trees, which surrounded Ouran High School; causing the sky to burst into a million shades of orange and yellow.

"Wow..." Rin couldn't help but express her amazement at the salmon colored school that towered overhead. She hadn't expected the campus to be so large - even after all the rumors and information she had been told. "Do you see this Renji?!"

Before the driver could answer her question, Rin had already jumped out of the car and was filled with excitement. Renji sighed softly. It was tough trying to keep up with her energy sometimes, and other times it was down right impossible.

"Lady Rin -"

"This is awesome!" Rin hopped up and down in excitement, not even noticing her driver was talking to her. "Hey Renji, do you think..." Her sentence trailed off as she looked through the passenger window at an annoyed Renji. Rin rose a brow in confusion, wondering what had twisted his panties.

"Now, listen carefully." Renji reached into the back seat, grabbing the bag which Rin had almost forgotten. "The reason your Grandfather decided it would be best to arrive early was so you could speak with the Head Master and become familiar with the school." Rin nodded while grabbing her bag from Renji's hand.

"I got it. I got it." A soft smile spread across her lips as she slowly backed away from the car. "Head Master, become familiar with the school. It's all up here, so don't worry so much!" Rin tapped her temple, and took off towards the school.

Renji couldn't help but smile as Rin slowly blurred into the distance, her only physically appearance still visible being her ebony hair that swung back and forth. "Have a good day." He said casually as he pulled away from Ouran High School.

To say the interior of the school was beautiful would be an understatement. It amazed Rin even more than the outside had, and she could only imagine the other surprises that awaited her. She was so distracted, that if the 'Head Masters Office' plaque hadn't been right in front of her face, she might have completely forgot about speaking with him.

Rin knocked firmly on the door exactly three times, and waited as a figure made it's way to the door slowly. "Hello, may I help you?" A sweet old woman with graying hair asked as she opened the door. She was tall and slightly lanky, but beautiful none-the-less.

"Hello, I was wondering if I could request a meeting with the Head Master. I've just transferred here and still need my class schedule." Rin was exceptionally charming and polite, something she always made a point of doing.

The woman's lips pursed slightly and she stepped aside so Rin could enter the office. "I'm sorry to say the Head Master isn't here this morning, due to other necessary meetings, but I can pull up your schedule and answer any questions you might have." She made her way behind her desk and opened a fileing cabinet. "Last name please?"

"Nakazawa, Nakazawa Rin." The woman hesitated for a moment, but continued to look through the manila folders until she found hers.

"You are the new scholarship student. I thought your name sounded familiar." She smiled happily at Rin, causing small crows feet to appear on her face. "I will let Mr. Suoh know you stopped by."

"Thank you." Rin bowed slightly and left the office as she read the schedule in her hand. On the back of the sheet was a map of the school, which was hard to believe considering the size of the school and then the size of the paper.

Rin shoved the paper in her bag and smiled happily. "I'll wing it." She stretched out her limbs, making sure her muscles were stretched out before roaming around the endless hallways.

The halls where all decorated differently. Changing from salmon, to a soft yellow or orange, and golden tans. Even though each color separately was only ordinary, together - the way they faded in and out of each other was elegant. To say the least, Rin was smitten with the school.

'This is fantastic.' Rin thought as she came to a sign that said Music Room #2. "There's more than one?" Rin pondered aloud as she opened the door slowly. Of course no one was inside, considering the early hour, but she still proceeded with caution just incase.

It was full of percussion instruments, which was slightly odd in Rin's mind; but what did she know? She didn't run the school after all, and hey! Who was to say it was wrong to only carry percussion instruments?

She shut the door as she left and continued in and out of different rooms for a little under an hour. "This school is to big." Rin said with a sigh.

Student's had already started to arrive, some coming early to study last minuet for tests, or to get away from their most likely empty mansions. Rin could hear the pitter patter of spotless shoes from the first two floors, but no one had seemed to venture to the fourth floor which she currently resided in.

After another music room, two library's, and a million club rooms, Rin decided he third floor was boring and went strait to the fourth, which she hoped was a bit more interesting. But, many of the rooms were regular classrooms or no longer in use.

Rin leaned over the railings and watched a few students walk below her. A group of girls walked slowly, giggling like all cliché girls did. 'Those outfits are hideous!' Rin grimaced at the blinding yellow, and looked down at her own outfit, which consisted of black jeans and vest. She was the complete opposite of the rich folk below.

A door closing caught Rin's attention immediately, and she looked up the sign which hung from above. "Another music room?" She walked tot he door slowly, sticking her head in before her whole body.

This room was a distinct pink. Not salmon, or coral, just pink. It wasn't terrible, but Rin could have thought of a more flattering color.

"Can I help you?" Rin's eyes moved over to the person who had entered before her. He had brown hair and eyes, at least that's what it looked like from the distance she was at.

Rin stayed silent as she looked this person over. It was hard to tell do to the distance between them, but Rin could have sworn he was a girl. "I'm sorry." Rin said, walking into the room. "I didn't mean to interrupt you."

"That's okay, I wasn't doing much of anything." She smiled softly at Rin and waved her in. "You're a new student?"

Rin couldn't stop staring at her. Was she a girl or a boy? She walked in easily, closing the door behind her, and approached the questionable gender person.

"Yes, I thought it would be better to arrive early so I could become familiar with the school." Rin took a seat across from the girl, which she was absolutely positive about.

"Fujioka Haruhi, it's a pleasure to meet you..." Haruhi stuck out her hand formally and Rin grasped it.

"Nakazawa Rin, but Rin is fine." They both smiled at each other.

Haruhi couldn't help but notice Rin's topaz eyes. Of course she was used to the twins eyes, but Rin's had this beautiful hue of copper that seemed to flame up with her natural gold irises. But then when the sun shined in the window just right, the two colors mixed to make a deep amber shade.

Their hands unclasped and Rin's unique eyes traveled around the room. "Oh wow!" She stood suddenly, causing Haruhi to jump slightly. "A piano! To think, the abandoned music room has one and the others do not."

Rin's black ponytail swayed with the red ribbon that held it all up, as she walked over to the piano. Haruhi watched her take a seat on the bench, which shifted the fitted vest to revel a light colored scar on her back. This girl was very, energetic; but that was normal in the life of Haruhi.

A few soft tones flew threw the air as Rin tapped on a few keys. She hadn't played in a while and warmed up her fingers. "Have you been to America?"

Haruhi was surprised with the sudden question and shook her head. "No."

Rin flashed a beautiful smile at Haruhi and began to play a soft melody. "It's...unique." Her eyes moved back to the keys as she played. "Their customs are a lot different than ours, and they give you more food than you can eat."

"I've always wanted to go." Haruhi stated suddenly. She couldn't understand what it was about Rin, but the conversation wasn't awkward like it would have been with any other first meeting. It was as if she had broken the ice the moment she walked in.

Rin's eyes sparked with interest. "Then you should go." She glanced over to Haruhi who was looking over the back of the sofa.

"I wish it where that simple, but it's just me and my dad now." Haruhi shook her head softly and smiled. "I couldn't leave him alone, especially after mom..."

Rin's playing paused for a moment as she interpreted Haruhi's last statement, but she soon continued on with the pleasant tune. "I'm sorry about your mother."

Haruhi's eyes widened slightly. Had she really said something about her mother? She hadn't noticed. Words just seemed to be slipping from her lips.

"But I'm sure your Mother wouldn't want you to let something like that hold you back." Rin looked to Haruhi as her fingers glided across the keys. Haruhi didn't know wether to be offended or curious. What did she mean by 'something like that'?

Rin's perfect lips turned up into a smile. "Taking care of family is always a must, but when does taking care of you come in?" Haruhi's brows lifted as she listened. "When they say 'time flies' they really mean it. Minuets turn into hours, which turn into days, and days turn to weeks, months, then years. And before you know it, you will be the one whose being taken care of by your children."

The sun rose up slowly, hitting the large line of windows directly; filling the room with beautiful flames of color. Rin was blanketed in the suns rays, which added to the beautiful music the piano produced. "You made your way here, to the most élite school in Tokyo, with just your intelligence. I'm sure many people doubted you and told you how foolish you were for trying, but you are here, are you not?"

Haruhi sat silently. She wasn't surprised Rin knew she was a scholarship student since everyone did, but she was surprised at the way she spoke. As if she had been on this earth longer than anyone else.

"So what is really holding you back?" Rin's eyes sparkled. "Maybe friends, family, or your current lifestyle. Those things are all important, but wont you be regretful if you never experience your own dreams?"

The melody was coming to a close with low and steady notes. " 'Time waits for no man,' so make sure you can keep up with it Fujioka-san, or you will be left behind without a second glance." The last note hung in the air as their conversation came to a close.

Everything Rin had just said gathered into Haruhi's mind as she thought it over. But before she could comment on anything, the familiar dong of first period rang through the school. Rin lifted her bag onto her shoulder and walked over to Haruhi with a smile.

"I've been transferred into 2-A, would you mind showing me the way?"

Haurhi couldn't help but smile back at Rin. "Of course." She placed her books back into her bag and led Rin out of the Music room, shutting the door on the music notes that still lingered in the air.

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