The Vision's Theft


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Romance / Drama
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Damon and Bonnie

She smelled freshly cut grass all around her. Felt the warmth of the sun against her face. She could see the rays of the sun dancing on her closed eye lids. Silence seemed to surround her.

"Damon," she yelled sitting up abruptly as she was laying in the grass. She didn't see him anywhere. She seemed to be in the clearing of what looked like a forest. She looked up at the clear blue sky and noticed that she didn't see any birds or hear any rustling in the trees. She jumped up and noticed that her clothes had changed. She was now wearing jeans and a white peplum top. She was barefooted and the grass felt like plush carpet between her toes. With no path or signs of civilization she decided to follow her instinct and go straight ahead. Hoping that no danger awaited her. She felt like she had been walking for hours. The sound of sticks breaking under foot her only companion.

She had grown hoarse from calling out Damon's name. She would never admit it to him but she didn't want to face whatever this was without him. Suddenly, she heard running water from a stream maybe. She ignored her tired feet and sprinted toward the sound. Before she reached the clearing she saw a man bending over the stream drinking water. Wearing a white button down and jeans similar to what she wore she couldn't make out his face. Although glad she wasn't alone she was hoping whoever this was wasn't a threat to her.

He didn't see her, but when he turned around surveying his surroundings she knew it was Damon. She was surprised he hadn't sensed her before.

"You look horrible in white," she said teasingly appearing from where she was hiding.

He turned around to face her and his familiar smirk greeted her. "You're a sight for sore eyes Bennett."

She ignored the hard rocks under foot and ran to give him a hug. He didn't push her away because he was actually glad to see her. The silence alone would be enough to kill him and he much preferred judgy's incessant chatter to none at all.

"Everyone's gone Elena, Caroline, Stefan and Jeremy."

"Thanks, for stating the obvious Bonnie," said Damon already annoyed. On second thought he takes back everything he previously thought.

"You can't have a heart for two seconds I thought Elena meant more to you then that," said Bonnie disgusted by his reactions.

"How does that help? We're dead Bonnie! After the purest light swallows us whole. Were you even expecting to be here cause I wasn't. I was expecting nothingness and darkness."

She was speechless because he was right. Dwelling on their lost loved ones won't help them in this place. She had to stay optimistic though it's all she had, "I think i know why."

"Go On."

"Before the other side collapsed she told me that she had made arrangements for me to find peace. Maybe that's why I am here."

"Doesn't explain why I'm here though," he said thoughtfully.

"I grabbed your hand remember. Maybe i pulled you with me," her eyes furrowed a sense of clarity washing over her face.

"Makes sense," he said reluctantly shrugging his shoulder. He knew something had to be done but he didn't know what. He wasn't the type to just sit on his hands either. He took off walking in one direction. Wishing this place had furnished shoes.

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Bonnie running to catch up. Trying not to fall on the slippery jagged rocks.

"To find answers."

"But I just told you my theory," said Bonnie wishing he wasn't being so difficult. She didn't think she'd have to convince him.

"Bonnie," he said stopping so abruptly that she plowed right into him. "I'm not hungry."

She hadn't even thought about his thirst for blood. With no one out here was she expected to feed him. "That's good, we have more time to find a food source," she said nervously.

"That's not what I meant. The thirst for blood never leaves you and it's never really quenched just pacified. Bonnie I'm not thirsty at all," he said hauntingly turning away from her so she couldn't read his face.

"Well, that's a good thing," said Bonnie realizing she wouldn't have anything to worry about.

"For who, you!" he smirked rolling his eyes, "Need I remind you that when that little cure was going around. I was the only Vamp in town who didn't want it. I'm a vampire that's who I am. I'm good at it."

Bonnie could see that he was really struggling with this and didn't know the right words to help him.

"I couldn't even sense you in the forest or hear your heartbeat. If I have to live with this I want answers Bonnie," he said running his hands through his hair, "More than hearing just cause I held some chicks hand it changed who I am."

She ignored the some chick comment. "Okay, will find answers together," she said sincerely reaching to hold his hands.

"Oh, no you don't holding hands is what got me into this mess," he said offering her his arm instead.

"Are you serious?" she replied tilting her head to look at him sideways with her hands on her hips.

"Taking no chances, witchy just in case grams has more in store for me later. Besides It's cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud."

She rolled her eyes, but laughed in spite of herself as he posed like a model with his arm out for her to take. "Thanks for treating me like i have cooties," she said playfully grabbing his arm. "You're the last person I would want to be stuck on the other side with. But I am glad I'm not alone." She said holding on to his arm as they navigated the tough terrain barefooted trying to avoid a splinter.

"Oh witchy, you know Gilbert would have been out of his element. Grams couldn't have put you with a better person. So I guess she got one thing right," said Damon with cocky confidence.

They had been walking for what seemed like hours. Every stick felt like a jab to her foot. "I'm tired and I don't think I can go any further," she said stopping to sit on a tree limb. "Everything looks the same Damon, nothing's different," she said looking down at the ground eyes brimming with tears threatening to fall over. She was beginning to lose hope. This was their life now silence and trees. Trees weren't even normal no wind rustling through the trees and not a leaf out-of-place.

He knelt in front of her feeling like he was never good at dealing with emotions, "Bonnie, you need to keep going. I don't know why the sky hasn't turned to-night. Or what time it is or even where were going. But i know that there is something out their that has all the answers we need. We have to get those answers," he sighed, "together." He held out his to hand to help her up. She went a few steps and began to limp. She was a strong women physically and mentally and he hated to see her this way. He swooped her off her feet and began to carry her the rest of the way.

"Oh, don't your human now i don't want to hurt you," she said genuinely concerned.

He was really insulted did she really think he was that weak. "I could drop you."

She smacked her lips annoyed, "what on purpose?"

Before she said anything else he dropped her legs although he still had a firm grip on her arms. She pushed him out of anger not that he was paying her any attention. "What are you doing you jerk?"

"Witchy, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" he asked stepping forward.

They had come to a clearing bigger than the one she had woken up in. Directly across the field from them was a house. Ignoring everything around him he walked further and further in the direction of the house. She ran after him ignoring any pain and grabbed his arm to stop him, " wait no that's Elena's house."

"What are you expecting her to be there?" asked Damon sarcastically. Not wanting to admit out loud that he hoped she would be.

"No, of course not. But what if someone in their wants to kill us."

"Were dead already, Bonnie!" he yelled for the first time showing any real emotion. That he was indeed missing his brother and Elena. They were on earth planning their funerals, Elena would be going back to school and maybe Stefan would leave town. What were they doing walking in circles in purgatory. "With any luck maybe the answers we need will be in their."

"I guess you're right."

"What, I don't think I heard you," said Damon putting his hand up to his ear teasingly, "mind repeating that." He said genuinely wanting to put a smile on her face.

"Let's just go," she said laughing and walking past him.

All the laughter stopped as they got half way to the house. The place started to look more ominous as they approached dark even graying on the edges. A man appeared on the steps wearing all white with no discernible features.

"Friend or foe?" whispered Damon to Bonnie staring at the man straight ahead. He moved to stand in front of her prepared to take whatever came next.

More people appeared on either side of the man each wearing white with no discernible features. They seemed to slide out of his right side so fast that they registered as a blur. They both took a look around in a matter of seconds there seemed to be 30 or more. Forming a circle around the perimeter of the clearing affectively blocking any escape attempt.

"Foe," said Bonnie scared she unconsciously grabbed for Damon's hand.

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