The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 5

"So why are we stopping at the hospital?" asked Caroline.

"I'm returning the chloroform," said Stefan parking the car across the street from the hospital.

Caroline looked at him quizzically, "Really, why?"

"Okay, I may have made a friend that I promised to say goodbye to," he said smiling.

Caroline hit him playfully in the arm, "you made a friend." This was good news it was the most normal thing he'd done since they started this trip. It meant that he wasn't completely lost. "How did you meet this friend? Tell me all about it?"

"It's not a big deal Caroline," said Stefan this girl really could celebrate anything.

"Well I want to meet them. Are they sick?"

"Yes, she is sick. I'd let you to meet her, but the likely hood of me coming back to this hospital is slim to nil. So it wouldn't be worth it. Stay, in the car and watch our little sleeping hostage," he said jogging to the entrance to the hospital. "Hi, I'm looking for Dr. Lee?

"He's right behind you?" said the nurse pointing in the doctors direction.

"Dr. Lee," said Stefan shaking his hand and giving him the bottle simultaneously. "I borrowed something and I need you to return it to where it belongs. Do not get distracted with anything else along the way," he said compelling the doctor. Once that was done he headed to Emma's room. Grabbing the chart off the door as he entered.

"You came back," she screamed jumping out of bed and giving him a hug.

He lifted her chin up to get a good look at her, "I see you're feeling better."

"I didn't tell anyone that it was because of you either, promise," said Emma steering Stefan back to the bed.

Stefan thought a minute he would definitely have to glammer her before he left. She shouldn't be made to keep a secret such as this for the rest of her life. He flipped through her chart and everything indeed seemed to be getting better not that he was surprised. "Their transferring you to where?" he asked reading the last page of her file.

"I don't know," she said shrugging. "How long are you staying?" she asked with rapt attention.

"Not long sweetie and I actually have to say goodbye now," he said tucking her hair behind her ear about to glammer her.

"What are you doing in here?" said Dr. Lee.

"I almost forgot about you," said Stefan approaching the man, "You're going to forget that you saw me in here or that you ever got chloroform from me." He left not looking back and ran to the car.

"What happened? How is your friend?" asked Caroline nonchalantly getting bored with sitting in the car. Sleeping beauty in the back hadn't moved a muscle.

"Almost, had a close call, but I took care of it we better get out of here though and on the road," said Stefan.

"Sounds good. Now you can tell me what the plan is for the witch?" she asked casually.


"What do you mean, No," shrieked Caroline.

"This plan is on a need to know basis and right now you don't need to know."

"Did you turn into some cliché mob boss when I wasn't looking," commented Caroline rolling her eyes. "You know you can trust me with anything. I followed you to New York didn't I?"

"I'm going to do what I need to do to save my brother. I'm not going to ask for your permission along the way. So no you don't get to hear the plan now. If you have a problem with that get out," said Stefan bringing the car to a screeching halt.


They both heard it but their guest was still sound asleep. Stefan used super speed to get to the trunk and open it up. It was, "Emma." If Caroline hadn't been distracting him he was sure he'd have detected her heartbeat sooner.

"I bumped my head," she said sitting up pointing to a red bruise on her forehead.

"She is adorable, Stefan. Who is she? Can we keep her?" said Caroline putting the nasty words that Stefan said out of her mind.

"Caroline, she's not a pet and her name is Emma," he said picking the girl up. "Emma, why were you in my trunk?"

"I didn't want you to leave me," she said quietly wrapping her short arms around his neck. "Can you heal the bump on my forehead?"

"You gave her blood," said Caroline watching their interaction in fascination.

"Okay, enough of this," he said handing the girl over to Caroline. "Emma this is Caroline; Caroline this is my friend that I cured from the hospital and forgot to glammer."

"Hi," said Caroline, "you look just like me, but your eyes are way prettier."

"Are you Stefan's friend too?" asked Emma.

"Yes, I am."

"We can be friends too, but you have to tell him not to take me back first."

"I'll try, but he's not a very good listener," teased Caroline laughing.

"Turn your back," asked Stefan


"I gotta put our guest in the trunk. You and Emma turn your backs."

Caroline kept Emma busy chatting by asking questions about her home life. While Stefan tied the witch up and threw her in the trunk, "alright coast clear."

Caroline buckled Emma into the back seat and took the front passenger seat. "We're not returning her."

"And why not?" said Stefan he knew Caroline would get attached if she ever saw Emma, but not this quickly.

"She doesn't have a home and we could be her home, Stefan."

"Why, because Vampires have great maternal extinct. She's more of a snack than a family member," said Stefan.

"What's a vampire?" asked Emma.

"It's our nationality," replied Stefan.

"Oh, like I'm white and my friend Veronica at the home is black?" said Emma.

"Yes, exactly," said Stefan.

"That was great," replied Caroline a huge grin on her face. "See Stefan we're already parents."

"Are you sure you're just not trying to replace Bonnie," said Stefan feeling sorry for Caroline. Sometimes he forgets that she lost someone too.

"Stefan do you really think I'm that childish. This has nothing to do with Bonnie. We have a chance to do something good amongst all this bad."

"Will never be able to keep her safe," said Stefan seriously. "Not just from outsiders, but from each other."

"We'd never hurt her Stefan," said Caroline holding his hand.

"Not intentionally, but look at our lifestyle possessions, curses and witches. It's not meant for children. Vampires don't have children," pleaded Stefan.

"Okay, maybe you're right. Let's just take her until we can find a nice home for her somewhere in Mystic Falls," said Caroline.

"Mystic falls?" asked Stefan. Excuse him for thinking it wasn't the best place to raise a child.

"Yes, Mystic falls. I loved every minute of growing up here and I know she will too. Besides she has us to look out for her."

"Do you promise you will find her a home?" said Stefan relenting.

"Promise, cross my heart," said Caroline.

Maybe he should agree to bring Emma back to Mystic falls with them. Finding Emma a good home could keep Caroline busy and out of his hair while he deals with the witch.

"Okay, will take her with us," said Stefan.

"Yes," they both said simultaneously.

"But only until we find a better home," Stefan said looking at Emma through the rearview mirror.

"Okay," she replied innocently.

"You said we could keep her. Why are we turning around?" asked Caroline startled.

"I have a doctor and some nurses that need compelling," Stefan said. Maybe a security tape to steal just to be safe he thought.

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