The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 6

"Sweetie, did you have a nightmare?" asked Mason.

"Damon's gone I tried everything, but he wouldn't listen," she sad through sobs.

"It was just a dream babe. Remember we found Damon by the highway drunk. We took him home and he's probably sleeping it off right now as we speak."

"Really," she said wiping her tears.

"Yes, your just having a dream and I'm sorry all this is affecting you like this," he said tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I have to go see him," she said pushing Mason back and putting on her gym shoes.

Mason was taken aback was this what their relationship was going to be like. With her rushing off every time Damon got into some messy. "Well, let me go with you at least."

"No," she said hoping she didn't sound too harsh. "This is a conversation that I need to have with alone." She grabbed her keys from the night stand and headed out the door. She went as fast as the speed limit would allow and everything, but the road in front was a blur. She was relieved to find out that Damon still kept the front door unlocked.

"Damon, Damon," she screamed frantically. Until she saw him for herself she wasn't sure if she could believe Mason.

"Stop all the yelling nursing a killer hangover here," he said lifting his head up from the couch.

"Damon," she cried as she rushed to the couch and hugged him. She forgot that she should be angry with him for everything. For taking his life and not understanding why she needed Mystic Falls. She released him and sat on the floor near the couch.

"I loved her too and i loved Jeremy. I know it seems like I don't care, but I do I just work harder to hide it. If I allow myself to feel all the things and people I've lost, my life included i would have jumped off that bridge first," she paused watching him as he got up to walk to the bar. "Damon I loved her too."

"Scotch?" he asked pouring himself a glass.


"You really think this is just about her Bonnie. I'd rather die than be human, but this world won't offer me that luxury."

She stood up and approached him until they were only inches apart. "You're right this world won't offer you that. It will give you a second chance at life you just have to take." She took the now empty glass from his hand and placed it on the bar.

"I believe in second chances Bon-Bon. I just don't think everyone deserves them," he said evenly. "Get out Bonnie," he said pouring himself another drink.

"What!" she said surprised and a bit annoyed.

"Get out Bonnie now. I can drink alone without the audience," he said yelling trying to scare her.

She threw up her hands exasperated and headed for the door. "I know you better than you think. You're worried about failing. Well, guess what theirs no one here you have to impress. No Stefan, no Elena or judgey Caroline."

"Theirs you."

"People would tell you all the time that you can't do something. You never let that stop you I'd hear you say. Just because you couldn't doesn't mean I can't. You could never fail me Damon I know better. If you can't be yourself in this place where can you be?" She left without saying another word hoping that something she said would get through to him. But she wasn't giving up yet she was going to help him through this. Right now she had to get back to her apartment and off to work.

Damon watched her leave, "What if this is me?" You know what forget drinking alone I think I'll go out for a drink. Armed with cash that he got from his secret stash that was getting a little low he headed to the local bar.

"Bar keep, I'm buying everyone a drink. First rounds on me," he said throwing some cash on the bar.

"Free drinks on the gentlemen," announced the bartender loudly. "What do you have?"

Everyone in the bar erupted with applause. "Scotch on the rocks and keeper coming."

Hours later Damon was feeling really good. A women wearing a red sundress and black strappy heels approached the bar next to him.

"You know you should be going home with me," said Damon icy blue eyes twinkling at the 6'0 blond staring back at him.

"I just got here," she said returning his smile. "I'm actually meeting my ex here."

"Don't you hate when you have to be nice to someone you'd rather throw a brick at," said Damon sarcastically.

"I'm Trina," she said shaking his hand.

"Feel my jacket," he said.

She stepped closer to him and ran her hands down his jacket. "Why?"

"You know what that's made of? Boyfriend Material," said Damon cocky.

The women threw her head back and laughed. Regaining her composure in the sexiest voice she could manage she asked, "So you want to be my boyfriend?"

"No, I want to be your new ex boyfriend," he said giving her kiss that left him feeling empty. "Bartender, another round."

"Does that include one for me to?" asked Bonnie.

Damon moaned inwardly at hearing Bonnie behind him. He turned to face her in no mood for one of her lectures. "Bartender can we get the lady a glass of wine." Turning to Trina he said, "It's how classy people get shit faced."

Trina smirked sizing Bonnie up thinking this must be his girlfriend, "Aren't you going to introduce us?"

"No," said Bonnie and Damon simultaneously.

Bonnie grabbed Damon by the arm and pulled him away from the leggy blond, "Excuse us."

"How are you buying all these drinks? Do you even have any money?" asked Bonnie concerned.

"I have some."

"That must be code for I am running out. Here i got this business card today there holding open interviews tomorrow all morning. Please go," she said handing him the card.

"Yea sure," he said tucking the card in his pocket without glancing at it.

"You're kinda drunk right now. Are you sure you should be going home with her?"

"He could do wayyy worst. She's kinda a babe," said Mason coming up behind them.

Bonnie quickly gave him a look that said shut up I don't need your help.

"Even so, he shouldn't be driving drunk. Let us take you home," said Bonnie.

"Woah, we just got here. I'm sure the pretty blond over their will drive him back safely," interjected Mason.

"You got one more time to call her pretty," said Bonnie annoyed.

"Look all I'm saying is he wakes up tomorrow with a hangover and pre. . .girl in his bed. It's what single guys do what's the problem," said Mason looking around the now crowded bar for an empty table.

"I knew I liked you Mason for some reason. Yes, single guy can't party judgey," said Damon smirking.

"Fine, don't let me keep you. Looks like your tramp is getting antsy," said Bonnie harshly.

"Oh babe, lets snatch that table over their," said Mason already walking towards the table.

"If I didn't know better Bon-Bon I'd say you were jealousy," commented Damon walking back to Trina.

"You wish," she screamed after them rejoining Mason at their table.

"I don't get it. You said he was heartbroken over this Elena girl. Now he's trying to get passed it," said Mason calling a waitress over to take their order. "You should be happy."

"Yeah I guess," she replied back meekly.

"I do have to say though every time I've seen him he's been drinking," commented Mason nonchalantly wondering if he should order the fries or the party wings.

"That's just Damon. He's a drinker everythings fine," said Bonnie shrugging. Going back in her mind trying to remember all the times since they've been here that she saw him drinking.

"If you say so. I mean you should know better than me," said Mason ordering the wings.

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