The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 7

"Oh shit, I'm late for that stupid interview," said Damon hitting his alarm. He had a killer headache and grabbed the aspirin from his bedside table and swolled two. He looked over to see that the girl from last night hadn't moved a muscle. The alarm was blaring she must sleep like the living dead he thought no pun intended. He rushed around the house throwing on a pair of jeans and the white button down shirt he hadn't worn since he got there. He splashed some water on his face and was ready for this interview as he was going to be.

"Are you really going to an interview dressed like that," she said.

"Hey. . ."

"Trina," she said rolling her eyes.

"Trina, it's not what you wear that matters just how you impress. You going to be here when I get back?" asked Damon.

"No," she said getting up to take a shower.

He followed behind her, "Yes you will."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked quirking her eyebrow.

"I just am because you will be throwing me a party tonight," he said.

"What's the occasion?"

"Does there have to be one?" he said walking away and getting in his car.

"Guess not," she said. She was going to show him how to really have some fun.

Across town Damon entered the building a whole hour late with shades on to hide the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. "Hi, sweetie I'm here for an interview I'm a little late."

"You're the last one for the day. What's your name?" said the woman who looked to be in her 40s and taking her job way to seriously. "And what position are you applying for?"

"Damon Salvatore and manager," he said mildly bored.

"Follow me," she said leading him through some double doors and down a smaller hallway. To an office at the end, " Sir, your last interview for the day."

"Come in," said a bellowing voice through the door.

"Thank you Mrs. Pullman," said the man nodding for her to close the door behind her. "I'm Ryan Wade head director here and I'll be interviewing you," said the man shaking his hand. Who looked younger than his voice portrayed.

"Damon Salvatore," he said returning the handshake.

"Please sit," he said motioning to the chair in front and sitting behind his desk.

"This isn't an office its hell with fluorescent lighting, but you get major cool boss points for having this bar in here," said Damon pouring himself a cup of scotch and taking his seat.

"Let's just jump in here," said Wade thinking this interview was already off to a bad start interviewing some cocky idiot. "Why do you want this job?"

"I want a job so I can buy alcohol to get drunk so I can tolerate going to work."

"Was that a serious answer?" asked Wade thinking he may have just found the biggest idiot ever.

"Was that a serious question? I mean don't ask if you don't want the truth," said Damon shrugging.

"Let's just move on. What are your views on working as a team?" asked Wade.

"As I've grown older. I've learned pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake. It's just easier," said Damon sipping from his scotch not bothering to remove his sunglasses.

"You're not taking this seriously so let's not waste anymore time. You know alcohol won't solve whatever problems you're having," said Wade sincerely.

"Well neither does milk," said Damon downing his drink and slamming it on the guys desk.

"Here's my card if you come back sober I'll give you a second chance," said Wade handing him the business card and watching him pocket it and leave. He'd been in a similar position not to long before he saw himself in the man.

He didn't go straight home knowing Trina was their. He brought more scotch from the liquor store and just drove around until evening watching the sunset. He felt so out-of-place in this world lost. He had held various jobs over the centuries, but nothing that made him happy. Their was one person that could help him forget his problems even for a little while and he was avoiding her. Time to go home and see Trina after all their was a party to attend.

He walked in to the party to see a great turn out. It was a diverse crowd of people and he briefly wondered how she'd assembled such a crowd in a short amount of town. He had a good buzz to start from the drinks he had in the car. He headed to the bar to see a crowd forming. "Oh no you don't. None of you losers are drinking the good stuff," he said taking the remaining bottles from the partygoers. "Please don't let me stop you. Go back to your beers and kegs," he said shooing them away.

"You know you really need to relax," said Trina coming through the crowd.

"You going to help me with that?" he asked smiling with that cool cocky half-smile.

"Maybe, bring a bottle of the good stuff," she said motioned for him to join her on the dance floor. They danced the night away drinking from the same bottle. Damon had lost track of time all he knew was at some point Bonnie had shown up.

She tried to pull him off the dance floor maybe if she got him alone she could talk some sense into him. Convince him to end the party and maybe go to sleep. Things were getting out of hand guests were trashing the place and the loud music was really obnoxious. She knew he probably didn't even know who half these people were.

"Hey Bon-Bon did you come to party with me?" said Damon slurring his words.

"Are you drunk?" asked Bonnie saddened to see him in this state.

"I don't know mom am I?" asked Damon stumbling closer to her.

She couldn't help but notice that his eyes were glassy. He kissed her sloppily and she could taste the liquor on his breath. She slapped him and pushed him off

"I didn't want to believe that you had a drinking problem. So when Mason brought it up I just brushed it off."

"Mason," he mumbled taking a flask from his pocket and cracking it open, "Who cares."

"Mostly because it's my fault that you're here so if it made you happy I didn't want to say anything. I was the one putting money in your secret stash. Surprise!" she said her voice quivering.

He shook his head trying to process what she just said, "I thought like everything else in this world if the money disappeared It just reset and came back."

"No that was me. You have drank almost everyday since you told me everything was fine with Mason."

"What can I say life sucks when you're ordinary," said Damon shrugging off everything she said and taking a sip from his trusty flask.

"You have a drinking problem and you need to stop," pleaded Bonnie.

"I don't have a drinking problem. I drink, I get drunk, I pass out. Theirs No problem! Thanks for the cash you can see your way out," he said going back to the party and searching for Trina. "Babe i need the hard liquor where is it?" he asked forgetting where he put the whiskey bottle.

"I have something way better for you," said Trina dragging him to the kitchen. "Everyone out." She cleared a section of counter top littered with cups and bottles. Dumped the contents of a small baggy on the counter and separated the white powder into three lines.

"I haven't seen that since the 60s. I mean in a while," he laughed.

"It never gets old. Have you tried it?" she asked pulling him closer.

"No, wouldn't work for me, but then again I was a different person then," he said thinking about his life even before Elena as a vampire.

"It's like riding a bicycle," she said bending down and sniffing a line.

"Yeah, what do I have to lose anyway," he said bending down to sniff a line. "Let's go back to the party," he said kissing her.

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