The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 7

Three Months Later. . .

In spite of all the tragedy everyone seemed to have developed a routine. Matt and Jeremy were now roommates and both got up at the crack of dawn for vastly different reasons. Matt was taking his police academy training very seriously and was doing great top of his class. Jeremy got up at the crack of dawn to drive to the next county to practice his Vampire hunter skills. When he wasn't doing that which was rarely he was playing video games. Elena hardly saw him anymore getting updates from Matt and Alaric. Alaric was able to get a job at the local college hosting evening classes. Keeping his morning schedule open to be available for Jeremy and any emergencies.

Stefan and Caroline well they were so busy inside their little bubble she wasn't sure they noticed anyone anymore. Between taking Emma to the park and the library they had become a family. It was such a casual change she wasn't sure if they even noticed. All Caroline talked about now was Emma and bed times and cartoons. Even Stefan focused on bringing his brother back was less of a homicidal maniac now. He still had Viv (the witch) working on it everyday, but he called a little less and stressed less. Nowadays he just focused on Caroline and Emma. She was envious of everyone that they had someone to help bring them out of the darkness.

She seemed to just fall further down the rabbit hole and she was dragging Enzo with her. After the first time he said he'd never take it again. Never shared with her what his experience was like if it was good or bad. She shared her experience and she loved every minute of it. It was like he was there in the room with her. She could tell him anything and she could feel him when he put his arms around her. She was getting addicted and couldn't go one day without taking a little more. Enzo no longer approved, but he didn't push the issue with her. More often than not he served as a look out and made sure she didn't hurt herself. No one really approved of Enzo, but tolerated him crediting him for helping me move on. They just didn't know to what extent.

Enzo wasn't that bad and she made sure to ask for Damon's approval the second time she saw him. Enzo was a really nice guy once you got past the sarcasm, carelessness and he wasn't murdering anyone. He reminded her a lot of Damon. She enrolled back at school and it was going okay. Enzo usually picked her up after school and they drove to an old empty crypt in the woods where she'd take the potion and he'd wait outside. They had to skip it today and meet Caroline and Stefan at the house. They both had news they wanted to share, but wouldn't tell her over the phone.

"Hey guys," said Elena hugging Caroline and Stefan.

"Enzo," said Stefan curtly.

"Hello to you to Mate," said Enzo nodding in his directions. "Caroline you're looking as lovely as ever," said Enzo winking at her

"Shut up, Enzo," said Caroline rolling her eyes.

"He only does that because he knows you hate it," said Elena. "Where is everyone?"

"We talked to Alaric already so he knows what's going on. I just asked him to take Emma out for a couple of hours," said Caroline.

"So we could talk to you alone or almost alone," said Stefan nodding to Enzo.

"Why are we here? What's going on?" said Elena worried why would they send Alaric away.

"Theirs no easy way to say this, but. . ." said Stefan trailing off.

"But we're sending the witch home," said Caroline finishing.

"Stefan, you said you'd make her bring them back! No matter what we said or did. You weren't going to be the one to give up," pleaded Elena.

Stefan sat silently mulling over her words.

"Caroline this is all your fault. If it weren't for you and Emma he probably wouldn't even be considering this now," she said angry.

"When I lost Damon I felt like I had lost a limb. It's crazy how someone who was such a huge part of your life can just be gone in a second. Letting go doesn't have to mean giving up, but I can accept now that their are things in life that can't be changed. If you don't move on how can you ever heal," said Stefan.

Elena was perfectly still staring off into space. She heard him, but she couldn't believe that he was saying this. Her head felt like she was drowning and being swept out to sea. She couldn't take this anymore she had to get out of here. She used her speed and sped to the car. Enzo followed shortly behind, "let me guess back to the woods."

"You don't have to go!" snapped Elena.

"I think you're going to let me drive," he said taking the keys from her.

"Well that went well," said Caroline with fake optimism.

"Go, she needs her best friend and just ignore Enzo," said Stefan.

"I can handle him," said Caroline confidently.

"I'll call Alaric and tell him to bring Emma back to the house. I'll also go see Viv now to and set her free," said Stefan picking up his phone and car keys from the table.

"She's done enough for us. I don't think its safe anymore to have her coming in and out of the house with Emma here," said Caroline.

"No agreed," said Stefan nodding.

They hadn't gotten far before Caroline caught up to them. She intended to storm up to her and knock some sense into her or just give her a shoulder to cry on. That is until she saw Elena going into a crypt and Enzo standing guard outside. She used her vampire hearing to listen in on Elena, but didn't immediately hear anyone else in the crypt. She decided to get a better look and sneak up on them by going around the other side.

"Hello beautiful," said Enzo winking.

"Oh my god that is super creepy and annoying. Just stop it and tell me what she's doing in there," said Caroline.

"I'm not telling you anything. Private matter come back later," said Enzo.

"Come back later to where the CRYPT?" said Caroline annoyed. "Why don't you tell me instead what you are doing with her in the first place? It is really pervy of you to move in on your best friends girl and his grave isn't even cold yet."

He wanted to distract her from the Crypt so he walked around her. Forcing her to turn her back to the Crypt, "First of all he doesn't have a gave."

"So you're not denying it." she said accusatory.

"That's not what I said I'm just pointing out that he vanished and as such no cold grave. You people didn't even hold a funeral in his honor," said Enzo reeking of righteous indignation.

"That's because Elena and Stefan both were intent on bringing them back. I.e. no funeral necessary," said Caroline sighing. "Now that Stefan's come around a bit maybe me and Alaric can talk him into doing it now."

"Is that what you did talk him into giving up on his brother?" asked Enzo.

"Not you too, don't tell me you were holding out hope that Viv was going to snatch them out of nothing?" said Caroline.

"No not all. Guess I'm just cynical that way," said Enzo looking around, "Just wondering if you maybe manipulated him a little bit."

"No I didn't we made that decision together. We have a family now me, Stefan, Emma, Alaric and my mom. We can grieve for Damon and Bonnie together and find away to move on," said Caroline.

"I didn't hear Elena or my named mentioned in that little group," said Enzo curiously.

"Well, if you came around more and weren't hanging out in the forest like some prowler. You'd guys be around more well maybe not you, but Elena," said Caroline. "Stop, stalling I'm going in I'm her friend."

"No, can do. I'll use force if I have to Caroline," said Enzo sternly.

They both looked up to see a candle flying through the window of the crypt. Enzo got to the crypt entrance first and surveyed the scene. Elena just seemed to be having some sorta mental breakdown. Enzo held Caroline back, "No, she's fine there is no one in their with her. She threw it herself Caroline."

"What's the matter with her?" asked Caroline. "Tell me now or I swear to god I'll stake you."

"She's been taking a potion that helps her see Damon. If I hazard a guess she's fighting it now," said Enzo reluctantly.

Enzo went to Elena, "You have to calm down. You might hurt yourself."

She collapsed to the floor and started crying, "I know I should stop, but I can't. Enzo how do I let him go."

He came up beside her and held her and didn't answer. He felt like that was more Caroline's expertise than his. She was busy at the moment outside making a call to Stefan alerting him to what's going on. "Will get through it together."

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