The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 8

"What happened," asked Stefan seeing Enzo carrying her in.

"Nothing, she just fell asleep in the car ride over. Caroline suggested I bring her here," said Enzo using his super speed to lay her down upstairs.

"I don't even think she needed sleep it just seemed to be emotional exhaustion," said Caroline worried. "How's Emma?"

"Napping thanks to Alaric," stated Stefan.

Enzo reappeared in the hallway.

"This is all your fault," screamed Stefan pushing him against the wall.

"Don't do this here!" said Caroline stepping in between them, "I think I hear Elena woke. I'm going to go check on her. Take it outside and Stefan don't hurt him."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, blondie," commented Enzo.

"Give me a reason not to kill you?" asked Stefan once they got outside.

"Damon told me all about his brother who he hated with a passion. I use to question how someone could hate there own brother. Yet here you are playing house and forgetting all about him. You didn't save him all those years ago when he was tormented by the Augustine doctors and your not going to save him now. I'm more of a brother to him then you ever where."

"I didn't give up on him," said Stefan reluctant to go any further with this loser.

"Don't play games mate the secrets out. You and Caroline played judge and jury and just decided that it was time for everyone to move on. No one makes decisions for me and little lady upstairs seems to be struggling with that decision to!"

"We did it for Emma? She lives everyday like its brand new and as long as that witch was around. I was held hostage by the memory of Damon and living in limbo, but make no mistake about it I didn't give up," said Stefan.

"Oh really, what do you call it then? Letting go. All the same to me mate sounds like giving up."

"I didn't give up! I sent her home to work on it some more in her downtime. That's all I can do right now! I have Caroline and Emma who deserve my full attention," said Stefan frustrated.

"You lied to Caroline," said Enzo in disbelief.

"He's my brother and as you pointed out I failed him once. I'm not going to do it again. Keeping that witch around spells bad news for Emma and the life we're creating here. No reason she can't keep looking in a whole other state for Damon."

"What exactly are you and Caroline doing with this girl? I was under the impression that the whole thing was temporary. Looks like you like playing daddy dearest," said Enzo mockingly.

"Caroline, I'm serious you need to let me go right now or," said Elena fuming.

"Or what Elena you'll kill me," said Caroline sarcastically.

"Sounds like the girls need us upstairs," said Enzo listening in on their conversation upstairs from outside.

"yeah, I guess so," said Stefan concerned over what he was hearing.

"Hey," said Stefan grabbing Enzo's arms and forcing him to face him, "Don't say anything to Caroline."

"Mate, no one cares about your domestic squabbles, but you. But if you must ask my mouth is shut I want Damon back as well," said Enzo.

"Good," said Stefan following him into the house.

"Besides, I have my hands full with my own problems," commented Enzo nonchalantly.

"She's not your problem," asked Stefan growing concerned with Enzo's attachment to Elena.

"She's not yours either. She's a full grown vamp now," he said speeding away to the room.

Stefan sighed, "Boy that guys an asshole." He said zooming to Caroline's side.

"Why can't she just leave the room?" asked Enzo confused over their little spat.

"Shut up this is all your fault anyway," said Caroline.

"let's get this straight. This is all Damon's fault for not coming back from the other side like he was supposed to," said Enzo tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong with this little group.

"Stop talking about me as if I'm not in the room. I make my own decisions!" demanded Elena.

"I didn't volunteer to be her mother either!" said Enzo getting fed up with Caroline's righteousness right about now. He's only guilty of chaperoning this train wreck nothing more he thought to himself. Everyone likes a good show.

"Elena obviously needs to quit and if she is going to do that then she needs the support of her friends around. So she should stay here," pleaded Caroline.

"I don't know about that. I mean I just don't think she should stay here," said Stefan offering up his opinion.

Caroline looked at him astonished, "you mean you're not on my side."

Elena was a little taken aback herself, but what else could she expect from the man that could just so easily forgets his brother.

"Of course, I'm on your side I just meant. I don't think having a junky vampire running the halls is a good idea for Emma," said Stefan putting his hands in his pocket and leaning against the wall.

"Maybe you're right," said Caroline dejectedly.

Enzo started laughing hysterically, "Junky vampire, funny mate."

Elena was shooting daggers at Enzo for laughing. If looks could kill hers Halted him in his tracks.

"You are a friend if the roles were reversed you wouldn't give up on us so we won't give up on you," stated Stefan.

"What does that mean?" asked Elena unsure.

"I'll watch Emma alone for a few days. That way Caroline is free to go back with you to the dorm. You two can work this out together," offered Stefan.

"That's a great idea," said Caroline, "We need to grieve together if we're going to get though this. Elena I lost Bonnie too."

"An idea that I'm not going to agree to," said Elena dismayed. "Caroline you mean well, but I don't need you following me around like I'm going to fall apart every minute of every second."

"Plus, you tend to get a little preachy," said Enzo looking between the two women, "how could you possibly relate."

"I can so. . ." before Caroline could finish she was cut off by Emma's sleepy voice.

"I'm hungry," said Emma appearing in one of Stefan's shirts fell to her knees. She screamed and grabbed onto Stefan's leg.

Elena and Enzo had both disappeared and by now were out the door. Using their powers in front of Emma to zoom past her. Just proved to him how reckless Elena was getting.

"Everything's fine you're safe," said Stefan soothingly picking her up and cradling her over his shoulder. "I'm going to explain everything," he said carrying her down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Care follow me," he said sternly before she got any ideas about chasing after Elena.

He sat Emma down at the table grabbing her sippy cup to refill it with apple juice. Lately, they've been lacing it with vervain as an extra layer of protection. For the day when god forbid there not around to help her. "I should have told you about this when you first got here that was my fault. But once you understand that things like that happen there actually pretty normal."

"The monsters disappear," said Emma swinging her short legs in her chair seemingly, calmed down.

"No, they were friends remember Elena and Enzo. I can do the same thing to because I'm a vampire like we talked about. Does that make me a monster?"

"No," stated Emma.

"Caroline, can do it to," he said placing her sippy cup on the other side of the room, "and when I say so she's going to show you by bringing you your cup."

He sat next to Emma and held her hand, "this is Caroline remember and this is going to be really fast. Alright now Care."

"I don't know about this Stefan," said Caroline nervously.

"Children are surprisingly resilient give her a chance. This won't work without honesty of sorts. So let's try this now," said Stefan reassuringly.

Caroline brought her the cup. She gasped a little but displayed no other emotions. Taking it she took a sip, "does it hurt?"

"No," replied Caroline honestly.

"It's like going to Disneyland and getting on the merry go round and it's going really fast. It's actually pretty fun," stated Stefan.

"Can I do it too?" asked Emma a smile back on her face.

"No, not at all," she frowned, "Can I have cookies instead since I can't do it?"

"No, but I can start cooking," said Stefan getting up and tussling her hair.

Stefan grabbed Caroline and pulled her towards the stove, "What's the matter." He said seeing the tears welling up in her eyes.

"I put her in danger."

"It was Elena and Enzo and I can hardly call that danger. Well maybe not including Enzo whose certifiable on a good day, but so was Damon. They never would have hurt her I know that," said Stefan.

"You're right there are friends I'm being irrational."

"No, you're being a mom. Which leads me to my next question? Or maybe it's More of a statement because you've been treating me like the dad," said Stefan

"I didn't mean to force you into anything. I guess if I was honest I haven't even tried to look for a good foster parent."

"I know that Care we live together. I also know that I haven't brought it up before because I like the way things are. I like our family and I want you." Before she could respond he kissed her.

"Eeeeew," snickered Emma from the table laughing.

"Right, I have to start dinner," said Stefan.

"I'm going to take to, to, to take Emma back upstairs," said Caroline kicking herself for sounding like an idiot in front of Stefan.

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