The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 9

Enzo took Elena's que and flew out of the Salvatore's boarding house and never looked back. They ended up back at his loft that he was compelling an old man to rent to him for free.

"So what's the plan mate?" asked Enzo leaning against the counter top in his kitchen sucking on a blood bag.

Elena twirled the potion between her fingers contemplating her next move. She could quit on her own she knew that, but she had to see him and talk to him. He was her other half. How did they just expect her to move on because they had. She walked up to the sink, uncapped the bottle and poured the contents down the drain.

"What the hell are you doing! I'm not taking you to get more when you decide to come back to your senses later," said Enzo angrily.

"I'm going to quit cold turkey," said Elena with a shrug.

"I give you an hour," he looks at her sideways, "two max."

"Then help me."

"I'm not a psychiatrist Elena. If it helps I agree that Stefan should be suffering miserably for giving up on Damon," he said smirking he always thought he was quite good at lying.

It was like a lightening bolt hit her she knew what it would take. She just needed to feel something else besides hurt. She grabbed Enzo's arm drawing him closer to her. She took initiative and brought her lips to his, they shared a brief passionate kiss. Enzo pushed her away violently sending Elena crashing into the cabinets. She picked herself up off the ground smiling coyly. "I'm not your toy."

"I would think you'd want to get back at your favorite pal for killing your one and only love," said Elena knowing what buttons to push.

"Damon bringing me from the dead and then dying in the process makes us even!" Snapped Enzo.

"Are you sure about that does it cover the years you spent tortured underneath the Augustine doctors thumb?"

"He's my Friend! My only friend!" yelled Enzo disgusted.

"Your angry and you want to hurt someone. Stefan maybe? I get it your a better brother to Damon than Stefan ever will be."

"Damn right the whole lot of you are sickening. Running from who you are when we embraced it."

"Damon's not here. He left us to go through all of this alone. We both need to feel something other than hurt and anger. So why can't we help each other? Just help me?"

He thought better of it, the right thing would be to walk away from this damaged good. Then again he was never for doing the right thing. He grabbed her by her waist pulling her in and kissing her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he could feel the strength of her body leaning into him. His hand found the soft skin of her back and caressed her there. He pulled back looking her straight in the eyes giving her a chance to back out of this.

"I need you to kiss me," she whispered.

He didn't hesitate putting his hands on both sides of her face and kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him bringing them up his back and into his hair. Moaning into their kiss. She ripped his shirt running her hands along his abs. She raised her arms any resistance she had fading away. He lifted her shirt above her head. Each grabbing for the others pants and pulling them off. She let him have her getting lost in the feel of his lips and teeth swarming her body. Enzo's breath grows heavier and she can feel him moving in tandem with her. His hunger is fierce. "Oh please," I manage to say arching my back up and against him. He makes a raspy throaty growl that excites her and they climax together. They breath together, silent, there heartbeats slowing.

When she has her breath back, she speaks, "I think we just made a mistake."

Enzo pulled up his pants and but to them furious, "Right. Get out then."

Elena looked at him surprised.

"Grab your pants and get the hell out. Having sex with you was not the mistake. Dealing with damage goods was. Get out or ill snap you neck."

Elena grabbed her things and left without a word. She wasn't worried about his threat she just needed time to think. Feeling dirty and even more lost than before.

The next day Caroline had a sudden urge to clean. Stefan walked in to find wearing yellow cleaning gloves and holding the lemon pledge like a weapon. The sight made him laugh. "What are you doing?"

"Cleaning, what does it look like I'm doing?" Said Caroline extremely chipper.

"It looks like your flipping out," he said sadly putting his hands in his jean pockets and sighing. "Put down the lemon pledge and talk to me."

"Stefan were friends. You're my friend! I don't want to stop being friends."

"When we're out together and everyday people ask us are you two together? You don't know how hard it is to say we're just friends."

"Stefan," she said shaking her head and taking off the gloves throwing them on the counter.

"Somewhere in between laughing for no reason, stupid arguments and making fun of each other, I fell in love. If you stand there and tell me you don't love me too. Then you're lying and Caroline you don't lie to me."

"The way we talk and laugh is different from everyone else. I think I've known that deep down for awhile now," commented Caroline.

"But you're scared that if we do this it will ruin our relationship it will ruin us?" Asked Stefan.

"I will never meet anyone in my life thaw I trust more than you. People search there whole lives for what we have already found. I don't want to be the reason we miss out on happiness." She glanced into his eyes longing him to kiss her. Almost unaware her eyes closed and her lips parted. His lips enveloped hers. Her hands encircled his neck enjoying the feel of his soft hair through her fingers. Stefan's lips found her ears, gently nuzzling and biting sending thrills up her spine. His warm breath tickled her ear, "I love you."

"I love you too," she squeaked, no longer capable of coherent speech. Somehow her trembling fingers managed to unbutton the top of his shirt. They looked each other in the eye and Caroline braced herself for one of his dynamite kisses. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waste.

"Wait, do you hear that?" asked Stefan.

"Oh shit," muttered Caroline getting down and fixing her skirt that had ridden up.

"Hi, what are you guys up to," said Emma hopping into the kitchen a ball of energy.

"Finding you a babysitter," said Caroline all smiles, " for tonight."

"Call Jeremy he's throwing himself into training and acts like an all out recluse when he's not. It may help for him to spend some time with Emma. Realize like we did that life is for the living," said Stefan thinking of Jeremy's well bring. It wasn't like Elena was around to help.

"I'll give him a call after this one takes her bath," said Caroline steering Emma back up the stairs.

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