The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 10

Damon awoke to find Bonnie sleeping peacefully on his chest. He eased his arm from under her careful not to wake her. He brushed her hair out of her face. She was sleeping so peacefully. The sun rafted in from the window its rays lighting up her face. After everything he did to her she still stayed to make sure that he'd make it through the night. He moved off the bed as she rolled to her left side and he caught a glimpse of her face. Their was a cut on her lip and for her sake he hoped it looked worst then it felt. He couldn't remember how she got it. He couldn't remember anything from last night accept that he had gotten sick. What if he hit her? No, she wouldn't have stayed if he had he thought running his hands over the rough stubble on his face. You know what he was just going to jump in the shower and then fix her breakfast. He wounded up in the kitchen making pancakes.

"Hi," said Bonnie in the doorway startling him.

"I was going to do one of those really cool pancake flips in the air. You totally ruined it," said Damon giving her one of his famous megawatt smiles.

She smiled a little her mind racing with all of the events of last night, "Sorry about that." She approached him feeling his forehead, "No fever."

"Nope," he said returning his attention back to the stove.

She picked up the morning newspaper off the table. Not really interested in the article just needing something to do with her hands. She needed time to collect her thoughts and her feelings for Damon. "So you're feeling better?"

"Looks like it." He brought over both their plates and put them on the table.

She put the newspaper down and noticed that he had made a little vampire face out of berries and whip cream. "First of all I'm definitely not amused."

"Why'd you go and say that! Now I'm going to have to make them everyday."

"Right," she scoffed banging her knife and fork against the plate. They sat in silence and Bonnie was only getting angrier.

"Bonnie, just tell me what happened last night. If it helps I'm sorry already."

"What are you talking about?!" she asked her knife squeaking across the plate as she stabbed her pancakes.

"You're murdering pancakes right now! I'm sure that has nothing to do with last night," he said smirking.

She got up and stormed away from the table. He chased after her already regretting what he said. "Please don't leave," he begged grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him.

"Seem familiar grabbing me!" she yelled.

He looked at her stunned her words were like a slap to the face. He dropped her arm like a hot potato. He didn't remember, but he should. He brushed his finger across her lips, "I did that didn't I."

She backed away from him putting some much needed distance between them. She ran her hands up her arms.

"Oh come on Bonnie!" screamed Damon getting angry that she was clamming up. He saw her shocked expression and made a mental note to calm the hell down. "Just tell me why you stayed?"

She didn't have an answer not one he was ready to hear. She wasn't even sure of why she stayed anymore. "That's not the right question."

"What?" he asked puzzled.

"What is this?" she said gesturing up and down at his freshly groomed appearance. "What is all that about?!" gesturing wildly towards the kitchen.

"You wanna speak in full sentences, maybe," said Damon raking his hand through his hair.

"Are you quitting. . . for good or just right now?" asked Bonnie putting her hands on her hips.

"I don't know?" he said uncertain. Truth be told he just didn't think he could do it on his own.

"Wow," she huffed disappointment showing on her face. That was not the answer she expected. Even now he was letting his grief for Elena and his old vampirism control his life. The doorbell rang interrupting both their train of thoughts. Bonnie went to answer it a welcome distraction from the anger and sadness boiling up just beneath her skin. Guess again she thought. Trina was at the door in all her trashy goodness. Bonnie stepped aside and let her in.

"Why is it that every time I leave you alone you bring home strays," said Trina not batting an eye in Bonnie's direction as she kissed Damon on his cheek. She was aiming for a lip lock, but Damon turned his head at the last second. Never mind, that she thought just trying to save face in front of his super snoopy friend. That's okay she could play along. She held his hand slipping a baggy into his palm.

"What did you give me last night?" said Damon growing impatient.

She leaned over to whisper in his ear, "A little spice to ensure that there is no crash at the end."

"Didn't your ma teach you it's rude to whisper in front of others," said Bonnie rolling her eyes not that the tramp was paying any attention.

"Wait," she said backing up to get a closer look at him, "Don't tell me you're quitting."

"There's a difference between quitting and knowing when you've had enough!" he said stiffly pushing her away and throwing the bag at her.

"Why just cause you had a bad trip? It happens to the best of us. You look fine now," she said running her hand through his hair.

"Trina, the fun is over," he said batting her hand away like an annoying gnat.

"You heard what the man said. Get out!" said Bonnie holding the front door out for her.

Trina sighed she knew when to quit, but snoopy here wasn't going to win that easily. She walked toward the door, but stopped short of leaving. "Maybe, you wouldn't have that little gift on your face if you knew how to make him happy." She reached down in her pocket and brought up the little baggy of cocaine. "You're going to need it when his withdrawals kick in." She dropped it at Bonnie's feet, "Oh and when you're done trying to be a good guy. You know where to reach me."

"Unless you puke, faint or die keep walking."

Bonnie slammed the door behind her. "You know she's wrong right?"

"Not at all. Withdrawals unfortunately are very real," replied Damon a little worried.

"That's not what I meant. You're a good guy when you want to be."

"Any good I had was because of. . . ." he trailed off not wanting to mention Elena.

"I'm going to help you get past this."

"Is that why you stayed, Bonnie?" he asked. He needed to know if what he was thinking was real or if it was all in his head.

"Of course what else?"

"Never mind," he said for a minute he thought that maybe she did care for him. Beyond just being a friend.

"Don't worry this isn't charity. I'm going to help you and then when this is all over. I'm going to start living my life without you."

He was taken aback. He had said a lotta things to her that he didn't mean since they got here. He never actually believed that she would go anywhere. Now that she was admitting that she wasn't going to stick around. He wanted her to stay, but he wasn't going to be the one to hold her back. "Okay."

"I need to go home freshen up and maybe grab a change of clothes. Think you will be alright?"

"Yes, ma I don't need a babysitter."

She walked to the door, "You should eat something you'll need your strength." God she really did sound like grams she thought. "On second thought, do whatever you want. Not this," she said picking the bag up from the floor and stuffing it in her back pocket.

She got in her ride sinking back into the leather seats. Finally some alone time. She wondered if Mason would be there or if she'd have the place to herself. Her question was answered when she pulled up next to his car in the parking lot. To her dismay he pounced on her as soon as she entered the apartment.

"Where have you been all night?! And what the hell happened to your face!" screamed Mason worried out of his mind. He had a pretty good idea where she was, but when your girl never comes home doesn't mean you stop worrying.

"Chill out its not even that bad."

"Let me get this straight. You run over there to save him from god knows what this time. You come back and what you accidentally fell down a flight a stairs and hit your lip!"

"No, of course not," she wanted to tell him the truth, but that would probably make things worse.

"Bonnie!" he screamed he wanted answers.

"Okay. . . Just listen. . .he did hit me, but it was an accident," she said slowly not wanting to set him off any further. He cared about her, but his anger was misplaced.

"An accident. . .really," said Mason exasperated. He threw his hands up in defeat, "I'm done with this. I'm done with you."


"You love this up and down roller coaster that you're own with him. How can I compete with that? Now you're letting him hit you and calling it an accident. I think I'm just done I'm getting off this ride," said Mason grabbing his jacket from off the chair.

"Wait, no you have to let me explain," she said standing between him and the door.

"I let you explain every time he made you cry. I let you explain every time you ran out of here at odd hours to go chasing after him. Even though that meant you would leave me behind. I'm not going to let you explain away his hitting you." He placed his hands on either side of her face. "I want you to realize what I already knew the moment I first saw you. That you deserve so much better than him." He kissed her and left.

Bonnie stood their stunned. Did she just blow her only chance at happiness in this world? She hadn't been the best girlfriend? In her defense she was thrust into this new life she hadn't had chance to adjust.

Wait a second what did he mean by the first time he saw me. She went to her room gathering some clothes in an overnight bag. If memory served her correct when they first met he said they'd been dating for years. He didn't know anything about Damon until she introduced them. How did he know that he was so bad for her? It doesn't matter Damon will be out of her life soon enough.

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