The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 10

Enzo was sitting on the couch nursing a beer trying to throw Elena out of his mind. The cute brunette dancing in his apartment certainly helped.

"Come dance with me," she asked beckoning him to get up from the couch. Swiveling her hips in the most enticing way.

"I don't dance, Gorgeous," said Enzo taking another swig of beer. Then a knock came at the door. He put the beer down on the table and got up to answer it. "well, hello, what brings you here?"

"I think you already know," stated Elena firmly pushing past him and entering the apartment. She saw the dancing women who obviously appeared to be drunk. She went to the ladies side grabbing the women's head to get her to focus, "call a cab and go home." The brunette quickly gathered her things and left.

"Tell me what you want or I'm going to snap your neck and throw you on Jeremy's doorstep," said Enzo no more mister nice guy. He'd follow through if he didn't like what he heard next.

"Fine, no talking then," she said using all her strength to grab him and kiss him. She wanted him inside her and she didn't want to talk about it. Or think about it she just wanted to forget.

He should be angry with her. He should push her away for rejecting him, for portraying Damon. He should stop to think and resist her pull. But he wasn't going to.

He always thought it was beneath him to fall for the tricks of a pretty women like so many men around him. But he'd rather see her like this than angry or crying. Never crying. He just wanted to taste her lips again. Feel her thighs wrapping tightly around his waist. She undid his pants with a fury.

"Oh my god I have to wash my eyes out," said Caroline turning around trying to block the image of Enzo and Elena kissing from her mind.

"When you button up your clothes we're going to want to talk to you. Alone Elena!" said Stefan leaving the room?

Caroline and Stefan walked across the street to the corner Café taking a seat at one of their tables in the outdoor seating section.

"I've never been here before. It's actually quite nice," said Stefan looking around pleasingly.

"You just saw Elena swapping spit with Enzo of all people and you want to comment about the décor."

"What else do you want me to do, Caroline?"

"Yell, I don't know frown disapprovingly. Not act like this is no big deal. We came over to find out how she's doing and we got an eye full."

"Maybe the reason you're not getting the rise out of me that you think is because I'm not surprised."

"What are you talking about he obviously brainwashed her. Ever since she started taking that potion to see Damon. Or he forced her to do it."

"Do you hear yourself? Forced her. Really. What are you going to say next that she tripped and fell on his lips!"

"Well. . ." she said trying to come up with a plausible explanation.

"Theirs no excuse for this Care. She grieved for three months and then decided to fuck his bestfriend. How can she explain that away? The same way she explained away leaving me for my brother."

Her heart ached for him she knew that was a sore spot for him. She wanted to say something to make him feel better. She spotted Elena crossing the street and clammed up that's a conversation for another time. Stefan spotting her too and gave up his seat and sat next to Caroline. The mood grew heavy and everyone sat in silence. Studying the menu placed in front of them like it was an important document. Stefan through his arms around Caroline's chair absentmindly playing with her hair.

"Oh my god, your sitting here shaming me in silence when you're sleeping with Caroline," said Elena addressing Stefan.

"You're just trying to change the subject," said Caroline getting upset. Their current relationship status was no bearing on her especially when they were still figuring it out.

"Your sitting here twirling her hair around your finger like a sixth grader. And your judging me on who I date," said Elena.

Stefan cleared his throat awkwardly moving his hand from the back of Caroline's chair.

"Where is this coming from? What I'm not good enough for Stefan," said Caroline getting defensive. Stefan squeezed her hand supportively.

"No that's not what I mean Care. It's just that you guys get to be with each other without anyone saying a word. How about you do me the same courtesy?" said Elena back peddling from her initial harsh words.

"Our boyfriend/girlfriend didn't just die a short time ago. And we're not choosing to move on by fucking his friend," sad Stefan not holding back his disgust that was easily read on his face.

"No, you chose to move on because Caroline told you too," snapped Elena.

How long was people going to keep throwing that in his face? He hadn't given up on his brother, but he had to step back a bit. He still had a life to live. He would always love Damon and he'd never truly give up on the idea that his brother may someday return.

"No, he chose to move on because he'd tried everything. Including compelling a witch against her will. When was he allowed to stop and get on with the rest of his life. God, Elena I bet you think the answer to that question is never," said Caroline taking up for Stefan who looked like he had just been slapped in the face.

"I love Caroline. I love being in love with my best friend," said Stefan holding Caroline's hand. "Something tells me you cant say the same."

Caroline let what he said hang between them. "We're still friends and if you needed a rebound guy I think we could get behind that," said Caroline shrugging and biting her lower lip not sure she was telling the truth. "We can't approve of you sleeping with Enzo. It's Damon's best friend not to mention he's kind of a psycho."

"Not kind of. . .complete psycho," piped in Stefan.

"I don't need to fall in love with anyone. No one can replace Damon. I just need to have a little fun and Enzo is perfect. As you all like to remind me Damon is gone. So that would make Enzo his former best friend," said Elena storming off.

"Is she going back to Enzo's apartment," said Caroline her jaw dropped in surprise.

"Looks like it," said Stefan nonchalantly. "I agree with everything you said to her and you know I'll always support you."

"But," said Caroline sensing their was more to what he was saying.

"But I'm not her friend. Not anymore," said Stefan calling the waitress over.

"Why she needs us more than ever now," said Caroline in disbelief.

"Hi, I'm sorry we didn't order anything here's a few bucks for the trouble," he said handing her a $20 bill.

"She needs Damon and at this point. If he came back tomorrow I'm not even sure he'd want her. Let's go we left Emma with Jeremy long enough."

Caroline hated to admit that he might be right about Elena. Stefan could give up on her, but they grew up together she couldn't. "Yeah we don't want all the video games to rot her brain," said Caroline not really listening to the conversation. How is she going to help her friend?

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