The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 13

"Did you hear what I said?" exclaimed Caroline, "You can come out from under Enzo's grubby little hands."

"I don't think so," said Elena. They had been arguing in the parking lot of Enzo's apartment building for ten minutes now.

"I can't believe you are not jumping for joy over this news," said Care.

"Maybe because you aren't giving me a reason to be. All I am hearing from you is maybe this and if that," said Elena annoyed.

"Honestly, its the only solid lead we have had since they left us."

"That's where your wrong, Care. They didn't leave us they died," said Elena sadly. "They aren't coming back because something always stops it."

"What something?" said Caroline exasperated.

"What always happens. Something interrupts or breaks down or god forbid goes wrong."

"It sounds like you're just afraid to hope."

"I'm being realistic, Caroline."

"Enzo is ten times worse than Damon. If that's even possible," pleaded Caroline.

"Anybody capable of being loved is capable of being saved," said Elena thinking of Enzo. He loved once and she can use that to help him be a better person.

"If there is even a possibility that he will get his best-friend back you don't think he'd drop you like a bad habit."

"I guess I'd be worried if they were actually coming back. But since there not I'm good. I've moved on unlike Stefan."

"Stefan, is helping his brother and Bonnie," asked Caroline not wanting to allude to how she really felt about things.

"Meanwhile, he completely ignored how you felt. What was it you were trying to sell me? Oh, moving on is good. Looks like you got what you wanted sort off," said Elena deliberately trying to hurt her.

"I'm sure Enzo is listening in somewhere. If I was him I wouldn't want to be a Damon substitute. Never thought sloppy seconds was his style," said Caroline her words just as biting.

"Care, you are out of line and I think it's time for you to leave."

"Fine, Emma probably misses me anyway," said Caroline jumping in her car and speeding off.

Elena opened the door and waited for the elevator. Her stomach was churning how much had Enzo actually heard. She wasn't worried about Caroline she'd apologize to her later and there relationship would be fine. She wasn't sure about hers with Enzo. She stepped off the elevator and knocked on the door. There was no answer and the place was quiet. She tried the knob and the door was open. She entered to see him standing on his porch looking off into the distance. His jawline tight as he leaned over the railing. She knocked on the sliding door window before opening it.

"She's right you know. I want you to get everything you're looking for. Damon potentially coming back that's your dream come true," said Enzo. If he was truthful with himself he missed his friend as well.

"We're never getting Damon back. You know, that, don't you?" asked Elena coming up behind him and wrapping her hands around his waist. Laying her head on his back. "Will let him go together."

"She doesn't know what its like," he said quietly, contemplating everything he had overheard.

"How do you mean? She lost Bonnie too," said Elena turning him around to face her.

"When you lose somebody, really lose, every candle and every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a whole in your life where that somebody you care about use to be. You'll never be completely free of the hold he has on you," said Enzo sternly.

"With your help I'll let him go," said Elena.

He enveloped her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. He wasn't so naïve he thought rubbing her back. If Caroline and Stefan thought of away to bring his boy back then he believed them. But after what she said he decided to just enjoy these last few moments with her. It goes with out saying that he would lose her as soon as Damon reentered the picture. Still their is no way to prepare to lose the girl he was growing to love and his best friend at the same time.


Caroline arrived back at Stefan's to see the witch already setting up shop in the living room. "Where's Emma?"

"I asked Jeremy to babysit He has her. Alaric couldn't do it he has class tonight, but wished us good luck," said Stefan cutting her off from entering the living room. "How did things go with Elena?"

"Not well at all," said Caroline.

"So not only will I have to help my bro pick up the pieces of his missing life. I will also have to make sure that he doesn't go on a murder spree once he finds out about Elena?" said Stefan not looking forward to that part.

"Or you could just not bring him back," laughed Caroline awkwardly.

"Do you hear yourself? Your feelings about my brother aside he's with Bonnie," said Stefan.

"No, you're right," she said folding her arms in front of her chest, "forget I said anything. What do you need me to do?"

"Nothing. Just be supportive," he said cupping her face in his hands.

"I'm always supportive," she said pouting.

He kissed her and led her back to the living room. "Why is she drawing a star on the floor?" whispered Caroline.

"It's a pentagram. Wards off evil," said Stefan.

"Why is that even necessary?" asked Caroline suddenly worried about how dangerous this spell might be.

"Care, I'm going to need you to trust her and not interrupt," said Stefan. Moving to stand near the witch in the center of the star.

"You can't just say that. Why what's going to happen?" asked Caroline her voice raising.

The witch pulled out a knife and pricked Stefan's fingers. Droplets of blood fell to the ground. He rubbed his finger and just like that the wound was gone. He pulled out a necklace from his pocket and handed it to the witch.

"What are you doing with my necklace? It's the only thing I have of Bonnie," yelled Caroline furious that it took it without her permission.

"Or you could just have Bonnie," said Stefan.

"Sssh I need to concentrate," said the witch holding Stefan's hand.

"Let the object of my affection.

Become more than a dream.

As I cause the unseen

To be seen."

Caroline let out a scream as Stefan collapsed to the floor.

"Don't cross the circle," yelled the witch sensing that Caroline was only seconds away from picking him up and whisking him away.

Stefan stood up but he wasn't at home. He was in a parking lot of a grocery store. He saw Damon putting bags in the trunk of his car. He yelled out to him, but nothing came out. Damon looked up and saw someone in the distance.

"Stefan?!" he cried before the apparition disappeared.

Stefan took a deep breath, blinking rapidly, trying to catch is bearings.

"Are you alright?" screamed Caroline anxious kneeling by the circle. Trying her best not to step over it.

"Did it work?" asked the witch biting her lower lip.

"I saw my brother and I think he saw me," said Stefan.

"That's great," said the witch clapping her hands together relieved. "So when do you want to see him again?"

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