The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 14

"Were going to try this again?" asked Stefan standing in the pentagram.

"Ready if you are," stated the witch.

"Wait, are you sure this is safe?" asked Alaric.

"We've done this once before. I think it's important for everyone to see what the process is like so there are no surprises on D-Day," replied Caroline.

"What's D-Day?" asked Jeremy.

"The day we bring back Damon," offered Stefan.

"And of course, Bonnie too," added Caroline shooting Stefan a pointed look.

"Right," replied Jeremy rolling his eyes. Glad that he came. He trusted Caroline to bring Bonnie back. However, he wasn't so sure about Stefan.

"Where's Emma?" asked Alaric.

"I told my mom to watch her. She'll be spending the week with her until all this is sorted out," explained Caroline.

"Remind me again, why you two decided to be parents?" asked Jeremy. He would never understand what Caroline saw in Stefan. As far as he was concerned Stefan showed his true colors after Damon left.

"We going to do this or what," asked the witch growing a little antsy. It was a serious ritual they were attempting here. They all could show a little respect she thought. She waited until all eyes were on her before continuing. She pricked Stefan's finger and let the blood droplets fall in the center of the pentagram.

Caroline cringed. It's so hard to get blood off of hardwood. She was going to be scrubbing the floor for days.

"No one cross the pentagram once he passes out," said the witch as forewarning.

"No problem," said Jeremy snidely.

The witch pulled Bonnie's necklace from her pocket and began chanting.

"Let the object of my affection.

Become more than a dream.

As i cause the unseen to be seen."

Stefan collapsed to the floor and just like that he was gone. He righted himself and found himself standing in a hospital waiting room. He saw Damon immediately standing at the reception desk. He tried to call out his name, but wasn't sure he could be heard.

The nurse got up to leave and Damon turned around nonchalantly leaning against the desk. He stood up straight as soon as he saw him, "Stefan."

"Sir, here's the information for your next appointment?" said the nurse tapping Damon on the shoulder.

Stefan coughed and sputtered he was back home now on the floor. The witch beckoned for the others to come closer.

"How you feeling, man?" asked Alaric helping Stefan stand up.

"Fine, just a little out of sorts," said Stefan.

"What did you see?" asked Jeremy.

"He was at a hospital."

"Oh my god, is he hurt?" asked Caroline.

"He seemed fine."

"What about Bonnie?" Is she fine or was she the one that was hurt?" asked Jeremy throwing out one question after the other.

"I didn't see Bonnie. She could be fine."

"Or she could be the one that was hurt. Damon's a vampire what would he be doing at a hospital if it weren't for Bonnie," exclaimed Jeremy.

Everyone was silent. There was no way they could argue against his logic. He was right.

"We can't jump to conclusions. It may not be anything serious," offered Caroline rubbing Jeremy's arm reassuringly.

"No, she could be badly hurt and we don't know what kind of care she is receiving."

"What we know is that Damon is doing whatever he can to help her. And we know this because he's at the hospital with her," stated Alaric.

"That's supposed to be some sort of consolation. Damon's not a doctor and he's not exactly in touch with his sensitive side. She's hurt and she's scared and all she has is that cold hearted bastard beside her."

"He's right," stated Stefan. Everyone turned to look at him. "He's not a doctor, but he does care about her in his own way. He's not just going to stand by and watch her die."

"That's not good enough," said Jeremy grabbing the witch's arms forcibly, "You're going to bring Bonnie back now."

"I can't," she sputtered, "I'm not ready yet."

"Alright, Jeremy let the girl go your scaring her," said Stefan putting his hand on Jeremy's shoulder.

"Fine," said Jeremy holding up both hands in surrender.

"Maybe, you can send Stefan back again. So he can check on things gather some more intel," suggested Alaric to the witch.

"Yeah I can do that I just need a couple of hours. This stuff stuff does take something out of you," said the witch rubbing her arms.

"Here, let's go to the kitchen. I'll make you something," said Caroline putting her arm over the girls shoulder and walking her out of the living room.

"When is D-Day exactly?" asked Alaric.

"Okay, let's all stop calling that and at least pretend that we give a damn about Bonnie who could be dying as we speak," yelled Jeremy.

"Jeremy, that's not fair of course we care. We want them both back safely," said Alaric.

"In two days time hopefully they'll both be standing here in the same place we are," said Stefan putting his hands in his pocket. "In that time, Jeremy he'll take care of her."


"I think we're filling refreshed now," said Caroline coming back in with the witch.

"This is the last one I'm doing today. I think I need to start turning my attention to the real deal," she said smiling sympathetically towards Jeremy.

She took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind. Pricking Stefan's finger and watching the blood fall. The spell this time seemed to go a lot easier. Stefan fell to his knees this time not completely falling over. She hoped that was a good thing.

Stefan woke up, but he seemed to still be in the living room. Everyone was gone except him.

"Bonnie, bring out the popcorn," said Damon coming in and placing a two liter of pop on the coffee table. Damon looked up to see Stefan standing in the corner. "Why do I keep seeing you everywhere?" he yelled.

Stefan gasped. He was back on the floor in his time.

"What did you see?" yelled Jeremy.

"She's fine," offered Stefan standing up.

"You know this for a fact you saw her?" asked Jeremy.

"No, I didn't see her. I just saw Damon."

"So how do you know she's fine?" asked Alaric before Jeremy got the chance.

"Because they were both at home. That rules out all the worst case scenarios like cancer and a gut shot wound."

"Are you making fun of me?" asked Jeremy.

"No, just making an observation."

"I'm still confused, if you only saw Damon. How do you know she was even there?" asked Alaric.

"I heard him call her name. I still don't think he could here anything from me though. Suffice it to say he seemed pretty confused."

"That's good news then. That means our favorite witch is getting stronger. At least you could hear his voice," offered Caroline as some consolation to the others.

"Care's right. Everything is going to go perfect," declared Stefan.

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