The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 11

"Is everything ready in there?" asked Stefan finishing the blood bag and throwing it in the trash.

"Yeah, I'm actually excited to see, Bonnie again," said Caroline fishing the bag out of the trash.

Stefan laughed.

"You look at me crazy now, but Emma is coming back tomorrow. She doesn't need to stumble into any surprises," said Caroline throwing the blood bag into a black bag she planned on taking out back later.

"Right, I forgot. We've been living like newlyweds the last couple of days," he said kissing the back of her hand. "Is everyone here?"

"Yup, right on time. Well everyone accept Elena and Enzo. Although, I got the feeling that Enzo was going to try to come by later."

He snorted, "It's freaking amazing that he actually has to sneak away from Elena. If I was him though I wouldn't rush. Damon is going to flip once he finds out what happened between the two of them."

"I'd love to give you two more time, but I don't think Damon and Bonnie can wait much longer," said Alaric appearing in the doorway.

"No, you're right. The sooner the better," said Stefan taking Caroline's hand and leading her back into the living room with the others. Stefan gave a slight nod to Jeremy as he took his spot next to the witch.

"Don't cross the pentagram. No matter what?" stated Caroline. By now they all new the rules, but she had a bad feeling about this. And she was going to do her part to ensure that Stefan made it out of this safe.

"You're not going to have much time. I'm not sure how long I can hold the psychic connection with you."

"How long do i have?" asked Stefan.

"60 seconds."

Everyone started arguing and talking over each other. No one noticed Stefan pull out his phone and set the alarm.

"A full minute. To grab two people," yelled Alaric.

"Well, he better hope there standing next to each other."

"Oh you've got to be kidding me," said Jeremy running his hands through his hair.

"Can't we just try again?" asked Caroline her brow furrowed.

"Yeah, of course. In a week."

"Why so long?" asked Jeremy.

"We're bringing two people back from the dead. It's not a trip to Disneyland. I need a full week to summon that kind of power again."

"Maybe, we shouldn't do this," commented Caroline. "Just until we know more about this spell."

"No, it's already done," said Stefan a hardness to his voice. Pressing the start button on his phone.

Alaric looked down at his watch and set his timer.

They watched as she cut Stefan across the palm of his hand. Bawling his hand up in a fist she squeezed the blood out into the center of the pentagram. Holding on to Bonnie's necklace with the other hand.

"Blood to Blood I summon thee.

Course unseen across the skies

Come to us who call you near

Come to us and settle here

Blood to Blood I summon thee

Bring back Damon and Bonnie"

Stefan reappeared in front of the boarding house. He walked towards the door just as Damon was walking out.

"Buy the ice cream with the pecans in it," yelled Bonnie from somewhere inside.

"Not again," said Damon rolling his eyes at the sight of Stefan.

"I don't have much time. Grab my hand and let's go," said Stefan reaching out for him.

"Wait, why can I hear you?" asked Damon looking behind him at the doorway. Should he call for Bonnie he thought.

"I'm taking you back. But you gotta grab my hand, Damon."

"Let me just go, get Bonnie," he said turning back towards the hallway. "Bonnie come quick."

Stefan's phone rang.

"You actually get reception out here," smirked Damon turning back.

"It's not a phone call," said Stefan gravelly. "I'm out of time."

He grabbed Damon's arms forcefully pulling him towards him.

"I'm not leaving without her, Stefan!" yelled Damon punching Stefan in the face throwing him off center. He turned to run and fell on his face as Stefan grabbed his foot. "Bonnnnnnnie."

"Damon," screamed Bonnie coming out into the hall.

Her frightened face was all he saw before everything went black.

"Dammit," screamed Stefan jumping up and throwing the shoe in his hand threw the window. As the glass shattered and fell to the ground like rain. He collapsed to the floor out of a mixture of hurt and exhaustion.

"What happened?" cried Caroline coming up beside him and encircling him in her arms.

"I had him in my hand and I lost him. I don't know where he is now, Care," said Stefan his voice trembling. Tears coming down his face.

She looked up at the others astonished. What do they do now?

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