The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 16

before Stefan's Arrival. . . .

"I think it's time that I was honest with you," said Damon sipping on a glass of orange juice and setting it on the coffee table.

"Oh no, coming from anyone else those words wouldn't scare me so much," said Bonnie her brows furrowed as she moved to sit next to him on the couch.

"I've been seeing Stefan a lot lately every where I go," said Damon the words coming out in a rush.

"What do you mean? As in really hear?" she asked her mind whirling over this information. Not sure if she was happy about it or sad.

"No like some sort of ghost. He's here a few seconds and then he's gone," said Damon reaching for Bonnie's hand.

"So you've seen him here in the house?" she asked somewhat confused.

"Not, just here, but everywhere," said Damon exasperated.

Bonnie was starting to worry. How could he keep such important information from her? She thought they were past keeping secrets from each other was she wrong. Did he think she couldn't handle the truth because of the baby. "How long has this been going on?"

"I don't know since you told me about the baby," said Damon leaning his head back on the couch.

"Then it makes sense that you're only seeing him because of the baby," pondered Bonnie.

"What?" he asked looking up at her quizzically.

"Just hear me out," she said playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

"Maybe this whole being a father thing is getting to you more than you know. It's sounding like you wish you could still talk to your brother about it. The baby I mean," said Bonnie sympathetically.

"You really think that's all this is," said Damon squeezing her hand reassuringly.

"I think so," she nodded brushing her hand across his cheek.

"I don't want you to think that him showing up means I don't want this baby."

"Of course not. But it does mean you need to talk to someone."

"If the next thing out of your mouth is therapist. I'm going to throw up this mornings breakfast," replied Damon.

"Nooo, but you could you use a guy friend maybe," she replied unsure herself.

"In this land of make believe no thanks. Why don't you tell me instead what you need?" he asked needing to change the subject.

"I could use some ice cream," replied Bonnie making a mental note to talk to him more about this later.

"I can't believe you're having weird cravings already."

"There is nothing weird about ice cream," she laughed.

"Ice cream at 10am is a little suspicious, I just could've sworn I had more time to buy proper running shoes," said Damon throwing on his leather coat.

"I promise I won't be that bad," she said standing on her tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Promises, promises," he said teasingly kissing her on the forehead.

He watched as she waddled her way to the bathroom. He was really starting to love that walk. He opened up the front door to see his brother standing in front of him.

"Buy the ice cream with the pecans in it," she yelled from somewhere in the house.

"Not again?" asked Damon rolling his eyes looking on at the apparition wearily. Was he losing his mind was the stress of the baby getting to him that much.

"I don't have much time grab my hand and let's go," said Stefan holding out his hand.

"Wait, why can I understand you perfectly?" asked Damon searching the hallway behind him for Bonnie.

"I'm taking you back, but you have to grab my hand Damon.

"Let me just go get, Bonnie," he said turning to leave the hallway. "Bonnie come quick."

Stefan's phone rang.

"You get reception all the way out here?" smirked Damon. Remind me to switch phone carriers when we get back home he thought.

"It's not a call," answered Stefan gravelly. "I'm out of time."

He grabbed Damon's arm pulling him forcefully towards him.

"I'm not leaving without her Stefan," he said punching his brother in the face and effectively throwing him off guard. He didn't have the same strength he had before so he was pretty sure that hit probably hurt him more than it did Stefan. He didn't even have much of a chance to run. "Bonnnnnnnie."

Stefan grabbed Damon's foot sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Damon," screamed Bonnie as she came out into the hall. She held her belly and ran to where he was, but it was too late he vanished. She dropped to the floor wiping furiously at her tears and frantically searched the hardwood. He had to still be here she thought. She put her ear to the floor and whispered his name as if she expected the floor to whisper back. She choked back tears as she sobbed uncontrollably, "Damon, please come back."

A shadow loomed over her and she didn't move. She didn't care because she knew it wasn't him. How could she live in this world without him. "Damon's gone."

"I know, sweetie. I know," said Mason kneeling beside her quietly and rubbing her back comfortingly as she cried on the floor. They had been this way for hours before Mason found the strength to move her. "You have to get up sweetie. I'm sure the baby is hungry right?"

"How did you know?" she asked sitting up wiping at the dried tears on her cheeks.

"I don't know much about babies. I just assume they eat all the time," shrugged Mason.

"No, how did you know that Damon was gone?" she asked more sternly this time.

"You," he said measuring out each word carefully. "Are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe is why what I say next is going to pain you even more."

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