The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 18

"What about the baby?" asked Bonnie rubbing her tummy instinctively.

"This isn't a trip to your local donut shop. I can't promise that you're going to be safe let alone your baby. You could both die or just one of you," he said looking down at her stomach.

"If Damon was here he would tell you that we don't subscribe to ifs and maybes. Just tell me how to bring him back."

"I can't because no one has ever come back. If I let you go this world goes bye bye and I never see you again," said Mason reaching out to caress her face.

"Don't," she cried shrinking away from his touch. "Damon would say that their is always a first for everything and he's usually the first," said Bonnie teary eyed.

"This isn't Earth either," said Mason stoically.

"If I were Damon I wouldn't even make a plan. Plans go awry its probably just best to wing it. So just tell me how to get down there?"

"Damon says, Damon says!" yelled Mason slamming his hands down on the table frustrated. "You're alone now and Bonnie and you have someone else to think about other than yourself?"

"Up until recently Damon and I thought I was just carrying some weird bog beast," snorted Bonnie.

"Bog Beast?" asked Mason quizzically.

"It doesn't matter. All I know is that I could just be pregnant because you decided that the puppets in your little fish bowl needed something else to do."

"Be realistic Bonnie. What sense does that make? I care about you deeply I'd never wish another mans child on you. The baby's here now; the first of its kind there's got to be a reason for that," said Mason standing up to touch her stomach lightly.

"So what's your solution?" she asked glaring at him darkly. He dropped his hands. "Is your solution that I just go back to normal. Walk amongst the robots like I don't know what they are. Like I don't know where he is. Come home alone to an empty home and deliver a baby that may or may not even be real."

"We've talked about this she/he is very real."

"And what happens to Damon," she asked waving away his words. "He's down there right now burning and being tortured. Do you realize how quickly the days here turn into months and the months turn into years? What am I doing in all that time Mason that even compares to half of what he has to endure."

"Giving birth and being a mom."

"I never thought i'd ever be a parent neither did Damon. We loved each other before this baby. He'll love me after," said Bonnie standing up straighter with each word.

"You sure about that, Bonnie?"

"He was never ours anyway. We never even bought any baby things." She knew she was lying, but she had to say something to get him to come to her way of thinking. In actuality Damon had just bought a crib for her upstairs that he hadn't even begun to set up. That he'd never set up for her.

"It's a boy?" asked Mason with one eyebrow raised.

"No, we decided not to find out. I just call it that sometimes because calling the baby it was starting to get a little weird."

"I don't want you to hate me. I just want the best for you."

"I don't hate you I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence," admitted Bonnie hesitantly.

He nodded as if he understand touching her head gently, "I'm going to give you the only thing that might help you. Help you both."

"What's that?" she asked hopefully.

"Your magic." He touched the palm of his hand to her forehead and a blinding light appeared from his hand. She closed her eyes to protect herself from the blinding light.

She opened them again to see the man dressed in white appear in the kitchen. It was the same man that appeared in the forest to greet them. The pots shook and the cabinet doors opened and closed violently. He began multiplying rapidly as the wind in the room picked up blowing her hair in her face.

"I'm sorry for this," said Mason pushing her roughly into the portal he had opened up behind her. He couldn't wait a moment longer. They were here and she was out of time. He hoped that one day he might see her again with or without Damon.

Bonnie screamed as she was hurled into the dark abyss free falling. She stopped screaming when she realized that she had been falling for quite awhile. Just then she hit the ground with a thud landing on her side. She rolled to her back and moaned in pain. Her eyes hadn't adjusted yet to the darkness as she looked up at where she had just came and saw that their was no light or opening to be had. She sat up remembering where she was, "Damon."

"Damon," she yelled standing up rubbing her aching arm. "Don't worry baby will be alright."

"I'm not so sure about that," said a dark voice coming out of the shadows in front of her.

She gasped the man appeared with skin the color of ash and soot. Open wounds all over his body that seemed to be pulsing fire. As if he didn't even have normal blood. His eyes glowing a sickly yellow.

"Stay away from me," said Bonnie taking a few careful steps back.

"You probably want me to say that I wish I never had to do this. But i'd just be lying," he sneered a fireball appearing above his right hand.

He flashed her his crooked yellow stained teeth with sharpened edges. He seemed to be naked wearing little more than a loin cloth that covered his privates and butt. "Don't do this or I'm going to be forced to hurt you."

"That would be a first," he laughed hurling the fireball at her.

She ducked and managed to avoid the first one. She held up her hand and quickly chanted, "Elementa coniungamus turn ignis in glaciem."

He screamed out in pain as the fire that permeated his body slowly liquified turning into water. She wasted no time running in the opposite direction. She kept her hands out In front of her scared she might run head first into something. Her vision had adjusted a little bit, but the only thing it confirmed was that she wished they hadn't.

Hundreds of men and women were chained to the wall. Reaching out from the shadows for her. Wanting to drag her in; some begged for help. They were all in sad states each injured to varying degrees. Their clothes torn and covered with dirt, blood and grime. "Oh my god," she cried out covering her mouth with her hand. A man appeared at the end chained to the wall from the neck like a dog. Only because his arms and legs were already gone and so was his eyes.

She ran keeping her eyes straight ahead trying desperately to turn a blind eye to the pain that was gripping her heart. She came to a door and swung it wide open. She screamed the room seemed to have no bottom as it was filled with thousands of human body's hanging from meat hooks.

She turned around as the chains began to rattle and the chained body's moaned and groaned. There was no where for her to go and he was coming. He ran towards her was how it was going to end. Without her ever seeing Damon again she looked away and covered her stomach.

"You're going to be fun. Almost as fun as Damon," he whispered His breath reeking of rotten eggs as it crawled over her skin.

He shoved her sending her spiraling over the edge. He laughed eerily as Bonnie grabbed on to one of the rakes. Slamming the heavy metal door behind him.

Sweat trickled down the edge of Bonnie's nose. She wasn't going to be able to hang on for much longer. As her fingers began to ache and slip. She was nose to nose with a women who was either dead or simply unconscious. She looked down as their was literally no where sturdy for her to swing her feet. She wasn't exactly in prime position to balance on a beam.

She looked back up into the open eyes of the women in front of her. She screamed as the women didn't have any pupils only the whites of her eyes. She shrieked and let go falling again this time past rows of bodies of men and women. "lux lucis, sicut pluma."

She sighed in relief as she started to float thanks to the spell she remembered. If she ever saw Mason again she would owe him a debt of gratitude. She hit the floor gently partly because of the spell, but partly from the soft cushion she landed on. She saw a door at the end and got up to walk towards it. She opened the door and a warm inviting light shun through. She looked behind her to see the cushion were dead bodies. Her stomach began to churn and she threw up on the ground wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

She walked through the door closing it behind her. The walls were bare and held no clue as to what would lay ahead for her. The hallway stopped and broke off into an opening. She approached the room with cautious.

She covered her mouth and sobbed uncontrolllably upon seeing him it was, "Damon."

He looked up groggily at her with his one good eye upon hearing his name and struggled pitifully against the chains that bound his wrists to the ceiling overhead. "What's the matter you look like someone just shot a panda bear."

"Oh," she exhaled as if she had been holding her breath this whole time. She went to him and enveloped him into a hug.

She pulled back after hearing his sharp intake of breath. "Are you're ribs broken?"

"Just one or two," he replied lightly not wanting to worry her. He swallowing hard his mouth dry, his lips dried and cracked.

She walked around him her hands brushing lightly against his wounds. She kissed his back letting him that it didnt matter. He had third degree burns all over his chest and back in the shape of a hand. She stood in front of him caressing his cheek lightly.

"Don't quit. You're already in pain. You're already hurt. Get a reward from it. We're going to see this to the end," said Bonnie slapping his face to keep him awake. He seemed to be losing consciousness.

"Don't worry Bonnie, I'm very into the idea of growing old and gross with you," replied Damon snapping awake.

"Not much of that happening here," said the monster appearing in the doorway.

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