The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 19

"I'm bringing them both back this time. No matter what," said Stefan.

Caroline peered into his eyes her hands on either side of her face, "I know that."

"But I don't," said Jeremy appearing behind them.

Stefan turned to see Jeremy standing in the living room with a bow and arrow, "You left her once. I don't think it's in your best interest to do it again."

"You know I mull over every decision I make a thousand times to ensure that it's the best one. My intention was never to leave her. I'd always go back for her."

"Talk is cheap."

"Come on Jeremy be easy this is Stefan we're talking about. I'm sure he will do what's best," said Alaric entering with the witch at his side.

"Let's just get this started shall we," said Stefan looking a little deflated.

"Any reason we had to do this at night?" asked the witch.

"Because my mom had to work this morning and I couldn't get anyone to watch Emma who wasn't already here," replied Caroline rolling her eyes as she crossed her arms in front of her.

"You could've asked Elena to do it," commented Jeremy.

"Do I even have to dignify that with an answer?" said Caroline eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but all that will change when Damon and Bonnie return."

"Hmmm, I'm not so sure about that," replied Alaric.

"Neither am I. Which is why I preferred to do it at night. Easier to hide any damage he might do," stated Stefan.

"Like kill a bunch of people," sighed Jeremy.

"Ow," said Stefan looking down at the witch who had just pricked his finger.

"Set your watches," said the witch. "Down to business."

The spell didn't take long now that everyone knew what to expect. The only difference this time is that Stefan remained on his feet although obviously unconscious.

"Stefan, help," cried Bonnie standing protectively in front of Damon.

He turned to see her staring at some sort of monster that was cowering on the floor in pain. "We don't have much time I'm using magic and he's getting use to it."

Stefan went to Damon and pulled on the chains that burned his hand. He recoiled in pain, "Dammit, why can't things just be easier."

He took off his shirt and wrapped it around the chains and pulled them from the ceiling. Damon collapsed into his arms physically unable to stand. The alarm on Stefan's watch went off. "Bonnie grab on to me now."

She wrapped her arms around his neck just as the monster came alive. They were gone in a blink of an eye.

Stefan awoke to see everyone staring expectantly at him. He looked down but he didn't see Bonnie or Damon.

"What the hell happened?" barked Jeremy.

"I had them both. I had them both securely in my arms," said Stefan looming at his hands in disbelief.

"Listen," cried Caroline. "She's here."

Stefan flashed to the hallway with the others trailing behind to see Damon sinking his teeth into Bonnie's neck.

Jeremy raised the bow and shot it narrowly missing Damon's head, "Let her go, Damon."

He looked up blood dripping from his mouth and covering his chin as he glared at them angrily.

"Arretez ce qui a l'intention de me blesser," chanted Bonnie forcing Damon back as he hit the wall hard.

Damon glared at her hatefully as if he didn't even recognize her. "Damon its me Bonnie."

"She has her magic back," whispered Caroline to no one in particular.

He snarled and snapped at her in response. She had no doubt that if he could get his hands on her that he would kill her.

"You brought back this monster," screamed Jeremy at Stefan.

"He wasn't like this when I got them," replied Stefan not taking his eyes off Damon who looked absolutely ferrel.

"He's just hungry. He doesn't seem to remember anything least of all how to manage the hunger."

"In that case, theirs only one solution for that," said Enzo appearing at the front door with a cheerleader in his arm. "Hello, friend. there's definitely more where this came from." Enzo took off and Damon used Bonnie's temporary distraction to take after them.

"We have to find Damon and kill him before he slaughters the whole town," said Jeremy stepping forward.

"You're not going to do anything," said Bonnie erecting a force field. "I'm going to find him myself." She took off out the door.

"I don't agree with what Bonnie did, but she is right about one thing," said Stefan addressing Jeremy.

"Oh, yeah and what's that Stefan?" said Jeremy

"You're not laying a hand on Damon. We're going to find him and restrain him until we can figure out how to get him back to normal."

"Did no one else see that she just put us on house arrest for Damon of all people?" asked Caroline her voice raising.

"How could that escape my notice," said Jeremy.

"On the plus side she seems fine without any side effects. Where ever she's been she's been eating good because she put on some weight," commented Alaric. Everyone turned on him giving him a disapproving look.

"Really? That's what you notice Alaric. Typical male chauvinist," said Caroline rolling her eyes.

"Sorry," he shrugged putting his hands in his pockets.

"You want out of the bubble just step aside," said the witch who had been standing always behind them.

"By all means," said Stefan clearing the way.

Enzo threw the girls unconscious body into the back seat where he was sure Damon was to follow. He'd drain the girl dry before too long. Just in time for him to get Damon to the woods. Where more fun awaited. He parked his car near the woods next to a UHaul truck. "You're done mate," he said pulling Damon out of the backseat.

Damon pushed back not happy with the interruption. He was already starting to look better as his eye had healed and a couple of the burn marks were gone. "Don't worry mate there's more where that came from."

He went to the UHaul truck and opened the back. Where he stashed the high school homecoming football team and their cheerleaders. "I betcha this was a game you wish you had won."

"Please, sir let us go," begged one of the cheerleaders.

"I wanna play a game, luv. It's called run before my friend here kills you," said Enzo holding back a snarling Damon.

The teenagers looked at each other dumbfounded.

"You only get 60 seconds before he tries to tear off my hand then I let him go," said Enzo growing board with their hesitation. He waited until the truck emptied out before counting. "1. . .2. . . 60."

He let Damon go and watched as his friend tore into the neck of one victim after the other, "Have at it mate kill the lot of them."

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