The Vision's Theft

Elena and Stefan 3

Stefan had already thought of a plan to bag the witch. He just wasn't sure how much of that plan to let Caroline in on. A plan that led him to walk through the sliding doors of a hospital and into a waiting room. He grabbed the first nurse that crossed his path. The women wore a name tag that said Ms. Santiago.

"Hi Ms. Santiago I need chloroform. Who has it?" he asked compelling the nurse.

"Dr. Lee is the only doctor on duty with access to the anesthesia room," said the nurse mechanically.

"Where can I find him?"

"He's with a patient in room three."

"Thanks for the help. You can forget we had this conversation now," he said walking away in the direction of room three. He walked past rows and rows of people sitting in shabby grey waiting room chairs with the smell of disinfectant in the air. Unbeknownst to them their was also another smell in the air one of blood. Open wounds that hadn't yet closed. Enough to drive a young vampire insane. Luckily, for them he had years of experience. He reached room three in no time and more than a little impatient. Prepared to bust into the room and direct the doctor's attention to more urgent matters. The second voice immolating from the room froze him to his spot. He decided instead to blend in with the background and listen a little longer.

"Emma, you're going to be sick for a long time," said someone who Stefan could only assume was Dr. Lee.

"Will I be going to the home now?"

"You may be too sick to go home. I'll still have the nurse call Mrs. Johnson and ask. I'll come back and let you know."

An Asian man appeared from the room looking to be in his late 40s in a white lab coat. He hung the chart on the door and beckoned for a nurse to join him. "Yes, Dr. Lee."

"Call Mrs. Johnson again the girl is dying of cancer. It be nice if she could spend her last six months at home."

"I'll try, but she wasn't really responsive the first time. Giving me the I run an orphanage not a hospital speech."

"We may have to transfer her to another facility. Let that be the last resort try one more time and let her no we can't keep the girl." The nurse took some notes on a yellow sticky note and walked off. That was Stefan's que to step forward.

"Dr. Lee," said Stefan stepping out of the shadows, "I need you to bring me a bottle of chloroform now. I need you not to get distracted with anything else until I get that bottle." Stefan watched as the compelled doctor rounded the corner. He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't resist seeing the child in the room. He was a little stunned upon entering the child resembled Caroline. Blond curls framed her hair and the prettiest blue eyes stared back. If it wasn't for her pale sickly looking skin you would think she was fine. Caroline would have been a great mom something she now would have to miss out on. Something he no longer thought about for himself.

"Hi, what happened to you?" said Stefan sitting in the chair next to the bed.

"I got sick and I'm not getting better," she replied close to tears.

"What if I said I could give you something that would make you all better, but it tastes kind of nasty. Would you drink it anyway?" asked Stefan.

"I take icky medicine all the time, but it doesn't work," said Emma sadly.

"This will." Stefan bit into his finger tip and offered it to her. She didn't hesitate she trusted him he thought was it simply because of her innocence. He pulled his finger away and the hole healed up quickly. "I gotta leave, but feel better okay."

"What's your name?" asked Emma before he could leave.


"Will you come back and see me, Stefan."

"Oh, sweetie, I don't think I can," he said watching the door. The doctor should be back any minute now. "But I'll try, Emma. Now I've really gotta go." He was back in the hall just in time to see Dr. Lee round the corner. He handed him the bottle and Stefan wasted no time in compelling the doc, "You're not going to remember I was even here."

Stefan jumped in the car throwing the bottle into the passenger seat. Missing Emma in the window who stared out at him. He decided to make one more stop just to be safe at the gas station to buy rope and duct tape. He called Caroline who said that they should just meet back up at the club since the witch hadn't made a move. He walked in and spotted her sitting at the bar.

"So, what's going on?" asked Stefan to Caroline catching sight of their witch on the dance floor with some big burly guy.

"My shirt is what's going on," she said turning around to show her blouse that was covered with a big brown stain.

Holding back laughter Stefan asked, "What happened?"

"I told some douche guy to go fuck himself. He accidentally spilt his drink on me," she said frustrated. "So let's go talk to her already or I'm leaving."

"Okay, why don't you go clean off in the bathroom. Make sure it's clear. The girl will come in later and you just grab her. I'll follow close behind," he said leaving out the chloroform part.

"Fine," said Caroline just happy to get this over with as she headed to the bathroom.

He knew from the conflict brewing between the girl and her aggressive dance partner. That she'd be excusing herself to the bathroom pretty soon to get away. He looked towards the women's bathroom and saw three women come filing out. Just in time for their target to push her partner and head for the bathroom. He hung back and watched her go in. Listening with his special hearing he waited until he heard a struggle. He walked in to see Caroline holding the girl from behind. Her left hand covering the girl's mouth and her right holding her across the stomach preventing her arms from swinging.

He grabbed a towel and brought out the chloroform soaking it.

"What is that?" asked Caroline surprised.

"Chloroform, move your hand."

She did as she was told, but her expression was clearly of disapproval. The girl screamed, but Stefan was sure it wasn't loud enough to be heard over the music. She was out in seconds after breathing in the stuff. The girl collapsed as if sleep and Caroline picked her up in her arms.

"Why do we need that when we could have just talked to her?" asked Caroline an edge to her voice.

"You want to give her time to repeat some spell that turns us all into toads."

"Okay, fine maybe you're right, but we could have just compelled her," said Caroline stubbornly.

"When have you ever met a witch whose blood wasn't thick with vervain?"

"Okay, fine Stefan we needed the chloroform."

"Don't take my word for it why don't you taste her and see," he said with a little more attitude than he intended.

"I think I'll skip that pleasant experience," she said sarcastically, "How are we getting out of this bar with her like this?"

"We're taking our drunk friend home. She passed out. Their more likely to believe that story with you by my side?" said Stefan.

"Where do you want to go next?" she asked.

"Home," he said simply, "but I think I'm gonna make a stop first."

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