The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 4

3 Weeks Later. . .

Damon thought it be best to hang back and observe Mason from afar. Sometimes that meant watching him with Bonnie. He hasn't talked to Bonnie since he decided to go on this weeks long stake out. He didn't want her to distract him. Plus if he found anything threatening he wanted to be able to handle it on his own without her intervention. So far he was coming up with a lot of nothing. Mason's whole life was very vanilla and a little boring for Damon's taste. Guy only receives calls from Bonnie and frat guys. Bonnie was fitting in nicely at school and it was good to see her laugh and smile again. She decided to join the cheerleading squad and he didn't have to guess at whose idea that was. Mason turned out to be quarterback of the football team. Later that night Damon follows him back to the dive bar where he meets up with Bonnie. Bonnie spots him at the bar and they lock eyes. Hi he mouths to her with a slight smile.

"Mason, I'm going to go get us some drinks at the bar," said Bonnie

"Don't worry about it. I'll get it," said Mason.

"Our team won today. So I'm buying the first round of drinks," she said patting his shoulder and walking toward the bar. "Where have you been?" she asked Damon coming up behind him.

He turned around to face her, "I've been around."

"What have you been up to?" she asked gesturing for the bartender to come over. "Can I get two beers?"

"What does it matter to you? I thought I was a monster for hurting Mason," said Damon sarcastically.

"I don't like what you did, but you proved your point," said Bonnie matter-of-factly.

"Little tidbit about our new home," said Damon taking another sip of his drink, "nothing dies here." He paid for his drink and decided to call it a night.

"Wait, you can't say something like that and walk away. What do you mean?" said Bonnie a little perplexed by this new information.

"It's not some big mystery Bonnie. Mason died and came back and a flower I plucked from the ground came back. Hell, you can't kill a fly in this world without it coming back. This world is perfect for you Bonnie and I assume maintaining that level of perfection takes a little effort. Which means everything that dies just resets sort of speak."

"Does that include us?" asked Bonnie quietly.

"I'm not sure actually. Enjoy your celebration. You're actually kind of cute in that cheerleading outfit," he winked walking away before she could ask anymore questions.

She chased him into the parking lot, "Come to my party tomorrow night. I'm celebrating getting a new job."

"Where are you working?" asked Damon curious.

"Just a coffee shop. Will you be there?"

"Yeah sure," he said getting into the car.

Next Day. . . .

Damon knocked on Bonnie's door a little nervous about attending a party. That would probably include a lot of Mason's frat boy friends. Those guys tended to be assholes and completely full of themselves. However, they did tend to draw the hottest college girls to their parties. Que the cute blond who just answered the door. He paid her no mind looking for Bonnie who was no where in sight until she decided to approach him.

"What are you drinking?" asked Damon.

"Tequila," she yelled to be heard over the loud music.

"I want what you're having," he said simply.

"I'll go get you one," she replied.

Oh this one was going to be easy he thought. Right now he needed uncomplicated. He looked around the room and searched for a familiar face, and saw Mason's face glued to some sports game. No Bonnie in sight. The place actually looked great it had Bonnie written all over empty beer bottles littering the tables and every inch of free space only made the place look trashy. The girl came back from the kitchen with his drink. He downed it in one swallow.

"Sweetie, I think I'm going to need the bottle."

He quickly became the life of the party. Rallying up the guys to play random drinking games. Dancing until he was dizzy with the same girl not even bothering to ask her name.

"What are you doing?" asked Bonnie clearly outraged.

"Dancing, ĵudgey," sighed Damon, "What are you doing? Staring."

"Hey, Damon glad you're having fun," commented Mason coming up behind Bonnie.

"Mason," he said curtly he thought the guy was clean, but that didn't mean he wanted to be best friends.

Bonnie grabbed his arm and pulled him outside to the balcony where they could have a quiet place to talk. "Mason, give us a minute please," she said angrily.

"What's your problem, Bonnie?" asked Damon his temper rising.

"You shouldn't be at my party getting drunk with some skank."

"And where should I be?" he asked seriously still pissed.

She was about to snap back with some biting remark about his immature behavior and stopped herself it was a loaded question. What she said next could send him spiraling out of control. She thought for a moment and considered the question choosing her next words carefully.

"With me."

Taken aback a little by her answer his eyes searched her face for a hint that she was lying. Not seeing anything he turned his attention to the view over the balcony. "We're a team I get that. We could've traveled the world together Bonnie. Hell, we could have tried out for the amazing race. But you choose the one place in the world that reminds us of everything we've lost. That reminds me of Elena."

"Where is all this coming from?" asked Bonnie surprised to hear all this coming from him.

"You chose this place for the same reason you're doubting Mason," said Damon.

"I know you're hurting. . ." she started before getting cut off.

"You want to know what I think?" asked Damon his icy blue eyes digging holes into her. "I think you want something to be wrong so you don't have to move on."

"You've trapped me here for that same reason. There is no place here for me. This last few weeks have made that obvious. When I got here I wanted to protect you. But you don't need protecting Bonnie. What you see is what you get Mason's a good guy."

"You don't know that," shouted Bonnie.

"But I do Bon-Bon," he said pulling out his flask and taking a drink. "I followed him those days I stayed away from you. Not a hair out-of-place kids so boring it's not even funny."

Bonnie looked through the window at a smiling Mason chatting up his buddy. She turned her attention back to Damon to find him staring at her. Her eyes were turning red from the tears threatening to spill over. She bit her lower lip willing herself to be strong and not cry in front of Damon.

"We are a team and I need you. Not because we can't move on, but because we belong here," said Bonnie determined to convince him she made the right choice.

"I like the confidence Bonnie. I don't share it, but I like it," he said moving to leave.

"Where are you going?" she shouted after him, but he was already in the living room. She didn't move a muscle scared he would rush out the door if she did.

"I don't want to be here without Elena," he said opening the front door. The tears she was holding back flowed freely now.

"What does that mean? Were are you going?" she screamed through tears rushing to the front door, but he was already gone. What she couldn't say that she wanted him to understand was that she didn't want to be their either without him. She just felt safer knowing he was near. The house grew quiet taking notice of the obvious drama, but not understanding what happened.

"Everything's okay everyone keep partying," he said closing the front door. "Bonnie, what happened did he say something to hurt you. Do you need me to find him and kick his ass?" he said playfully hoping to lighten the mood.

"No, but I do need you to find him," she said wiping the tears from her face giving him a look that said there was nothing that would change her mind.

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