The Vision's Theft

Damon and Bonnie 5

"You want me to leave YOUR party. Celebrating YOUR accomplishment, to chase after your friend," said Mason. "What's really going on here?"

"He's upset over losing Elena. I'm his only friend here and I'm worried about him. Can we just call this party a success and go look for our friend," said Bonnie grabbing Mason's hand.

"Our friend, he's not my friend, Bonnie. Especially now after my girl is in tears over his drama," said Mason pulling Bonnie into a hug.

Bonnie stepped back determined to make him listen. "He only has the two of us. I know you don't know him very well, but you will. How would you feel if I left you?" said Bonnie. She was doing her best to convince him, but she was also wasting time. Damon could be leaving town as they speak.

"Okay, people party's ending early. Sorry for the inconvenience," said Mason ushering people out.

Bonnie felt so relieved. Maybe Damon was right about one thing she wasn't giving Mason a fair shot, but she was going to fix that right after they find Damon. She wanted him to be safe she felt responsible for him. One thing was for sure living in this new world wouldn't feel right without him.

Once everyone was gone Mason asked, "Okay, which way do you think he went?"

Bonnie thought for a minute, "I'm not sure. You go left and I'll go right and if we don't see him in the next two hours. Will meet back here."

"Wait, now we're separating too. Bonnie I'm only doing this for you. What am I supposed to do if I find the guy?" said Mason.

"Don't worry about it, just call me," said Bonnie kissing him and grabbing the car keys rushing off.

"I'm not a therapist," he said yelling after her as he locked their apartment door.

Damon got in his car and just drove not looking back. He was going a hundred miles in a thirty-five mile zone and not a cop in sight. Didn't surprise him though, they wouldn't be needed in this creepy twilight zone. He took a swig from his flask and continued on. He didn't have a plan and he wasn't sure where to go. He just knew if he was going to have any semblance of a life it had to start with him leaving town. He ended up staring at the sign that said Leaving Mystic Fall's Virginia.

It was a quiet evening and Damon was the only car on the road. He hadn't seen another person for miles now and that was the way he wanted it. But what he didn't know was that he wasn't alone. The man in white had appeared blending in with the shadows to watch and wait to see what Damon's true intentions were. There is no leaving Mystic Falls.

But Damon hadn't gone five feet before he saw the sign again. He didn't immediately think anything of it until he past it a third time. That's not possible he thought. No matter how hard he tried for the life of him he couldn't move beyond the sign. He got out of the car and opened the trunk of his car and got the jack out. He threw it on the road next to the sign. He got back in the car and drove passed it until he saw the sign again and right next to it the jack he dropped. Their was nothing beyond the fucking sign. He wasn't really going anywhere. Dammit he thought hitting the steering wheel over and over in frustration. This is just great he thought of course grams wouldn't want her to leave such a perfect environment.

He grabbed a bottle of Tequila from the backseat and slammed the car door closed in frustration. Sitting on the hood of the car he took a swig. Stared at the road that to the naked eye seemed to stretch on forever. Instead it seemed to seal his doom. "Too Elena and just another promise i couldn't keep," he said aloud pouring a little of the liquor on the ground and taking an even bigger swig. Who would have thought that they'd end up like this. Maybe she'd leave him for Stefan one day after she realized being with him was too dangerous. He didn't think he'd be the one to leave her though. She's out their broken now and it's because of him. It feels wrong to be happy, it feels wrong to let go! He realized at that moment that he really didn't want to be there at all without her.

He threw the now empty bottle into the grass and got back into the car. The bridge wasn't too far from city limits and it ended up being a short drive there. He parked the car haphazardly at the beginning of the bridge blocking the entrance. So no one could ride past specifically Bonnie. He climbed the ledge and grabbed a side beam feeling the rust under his fingertips. The water below him looked dull and lifeless.

The man in white followed him to the bridge. He made no move to intervene as it wasn't his place. Just to watch and wait and fix anything that maybe out of place. Although, this had to be a first he thought. They both saw the headlights, but it was the man in white who would shrink back into the dark.

Damon looked up to see bright headlights, but he wasn't worried they weren't getting through. Maybe they'd see the blockade and just turn around. Of course he wouldn't be that lucky he thought seeing Bonnie exit the car.

"Don't do this!" shouted Bonnie. She knew she should let him go because that's what he really wanted. But she didn't want him to go away she didn't want to forget him. She felt safer with him in her life.

"Enzo use to say that promises were just lies with pretty ribbons tied around them," said Damon looking back on the memory fondly. "promises are worst than lies, Bonnie. Because you just don't make them believe; you also make them hope; for something you were never sure you could do," said Damon.

"Just talk to me about it," she said shaking her head, "What's wrong?"

"I promised her I would come back," he said tears filling his icy blue eyes. "In the past I've broken promises for the pleasure of breaking them. This promise meant everything, maybe if I was a better person I'd a been able to keep this one."

"I knew I was dying I got time to say goodbye, but you didn't. You can say goodbye to someone and still not want to let go. You didn't know and their was no lie in that."

"Damon," she whispered coming closer to the edge never glancing away from his blue eyes, "you have a chance to let go of what you were and become what you thought you never could be. We both do. I don't want to be here without you. So stay here with me and will go through the ups and downs together."

"I can't live without her."

"What if you don't come back," she said crying unable to hold back her tears.

"The pain inside just won't go away," he said ignoring what she said and looking over the water.

"You're not giving it time," she said her lips quivering. She could barely make out his face through her tears.

"I don't have time," he said before he jumped.

"Oh my god, Damon!" she yelled running to the edge, but she didn't see him anywhere.

She woke up in bed and Mason was beside her. She burst into uncontrollable tears because she'd really lost him.

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