The Pearl's Edge


Sabrina Santiago has known more heartbreak than one can bare. So a trip to New York is just what the nurse ordered. But she finds out the hard way that Port Charles will follow her anywhere.

Romance / Drama
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The Road Not Taken

Sabrina thought to herself, Félix would love this airport. People watching at the Floating rib is nothing compared to this. The airport had so many stereotypical tourists she couldn't believe her eyes. She use to tell him not to stare and make up things but look at her now. Okay theirs the native couple to start with they looked to be in there 60s. The wife obviously wearing a pink shirt that she picked up in Chicago that says I Love Chicago in cursive lettering. They wasted no time though screaming at each other as they stepped off the plane in Spanish.

"I'm going to get the luggage Camilla."

"Wait, I have to go to the little girls room."

"You peed on the plane I've never seen one women make so many trips to the bathroom. At this point it will take us two hours to get home."

"What you can't stand near the door and look out. Wearing that loud checkered shirt I wont lose you."

"What am I looking out for at the airport? Rabid dogs! I'll be at luggage check out," he said throwing up his hands and walking away.

"You're supposed to be looking out for kidnappers Tomas!" she screamed at him and I quickly looked away embarrassed at the scene playing out in front of me.

"I should be so lucky Camilla!" said Thomas turning around only long enough for the world to hear him before continuing on.

As she reexamined her luggage tag for the umpteenth time. As if she expected the name Sabrina Santiago to disappear and another to appear in its place. She imagined that couple visiting their son who now lives in Chicago. Begging her husband for a souvenir he reluctantly got her the t-shirt. But not before arguing over why she always had to pick the most expensive thing in the store.

Not surprisingly though, the people not paying attention to the show were obviously newlyweds. Hugging and kissing by the window thinking about the future. The women's blonde hair picking up the sun almost seems to glow. The guy can't keep his hands off her all smiles and dimples as he leans down to whisper something in her ear. Why is that when you're not in love you seem to see it everywhere. She wonder what their wedding day was like. Complete opposite of mine to be sure. He probably only had eyes for her. They met in college, fell in love, got married and decided to honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I'm sure a few jealous girlfriends was all she had to contend with. Not that they were a threat because he only loved her.

Seemingly, out of nowhere a baby starts crying in the distance.

No, No, No remember what Juan said your mind is just making it up to cope so tune it out.

Growing anxious she rocks back and forth in a attempt to calm herself. In her haze she remembered that she was here with Juan. She glances over still hoping to see him checking in at the ticket counter. But everything became blurry like she wasn't at an airport after all. Is that possible? At the corners of her mind she can only make out the rows of chairs. Where was she and where is drake? Why is he crying so much is he in pain?

"Oh my god I must have fell asleep in the hospital waiting room. I left his room for only a minute and I came back to hear him crying. He must be hungry I'm such a bad mother. Why can't I see him."

She starts banging on the hospital window that leads to drakes room. "mommies coming baby I hear you!" she says frantically. She still can't fully see but explains it away as drowsiness leftover from the nap. Staying up all night with Drake will do that to you. Beginning to panic she trips over something and lands on the floor. Hitting her head on the linoleum she starts trembling and shaking and almost simultaneously it becomes hard to breath. She starts hyperventilating and between gulps of air she manages to whisper Drakes name.

"MA'AM, Ma'am Can you hear me?" it was Camilla looking back at her with a concerned look on her face.

Feeling out of sorts Sabrina looks around to remind herself of where she is. "Yes, yes I can hear you."

"Sweetie, you fell and hit your head. Tripped on your luggage I think. Don't know much about what you were yelling before that though," she said not sure of what to do next.

"You made it out of the bathroom safely," said Sabrina trying to distinguish between what really happened and what didn't.

The women looked around hoping none of the onlookers heard. Wanting to find her husband also now that the girl was clearly lucid. A man with a business suit that Sabrina hadn't noticed before spoke up first. "Ma'am would you like us to go get help? An ambulance maybe?"

"No," said Sabrina quickly almost too quickly.

"Are you sure?" said Camilla. Thinking the women needed some help, but of what kind being the real mystery.

Getting off the floor with the help of the business man. It was dawning on Sabrina that she had had another episode. Picking up her luggage she was thoroughly embarrassed but also saddened the cries did not come from her child.

"No outside of a little headache I'm fine. Must have fallen asleep and had a nightmare. These delayed flights can take forever you know?" she said half heartedly.

Feeling satisfied with her answer Camilla began to walk away but not before bestowing some motherly advice. "Be careful of where you fall asleep hun. Thieves may come along and take your stuff."

"Right," said Sabrina enthusiastically but she had already stopped listening.

The business man kept checking his watch he needed to be somewhere at 11am. He doesn't know what possessed him to stop but the old lady seemed ill equipped to deal with whatever was going on with the pretty young woman.

"Thank you both for stopping. I don't want to hold up anymore of your time," said Sabrina rushing them off hoping they will get lost before Juan comes back.

"oh thanks hun anytime," says Camilla her kitten heels clicking on the floor. Indicating her retreat without Sabrina even turning around. It also helped that the women was yelling giving Sabrina the distinct impression that it was just her normal speaking voice.

"Tomas you missed it I just saved this girls life," said Camilla from across the room.

"Sure, you did Camilla. Look how long you took in the bathroom! Are you ready I got the luggage hours ago!" said Tomas.

"Hours, Are you sure it was hours or are you getting senile in your old age?" retorted Camilla with a huff. Sabrina looked up at her other rescuer.

"oh yeah feel better," said the business man already on his phone and heading in the opposite direction.

Taking a deep breath she started to look around hoping her incident didn't turn her into the circus freak of the week and she wasn't being stared at. The newlywed couple were gone. Good riddance that's the last thing she wanted to think about. Her eyes then set on a pair of brown eyes a mother with her baby who was sitting a few rows over.

"Are you okay? I would have come over but I have my hands full restless baby and all." she said innocently.

Not being able to hold her gaze Sabrina looked toward the window. "Thanks for asking. I'm fine now."

Sabrina quickly turned around not wanting to hold a conversation with the women anymore than she already had for fear she may break out into tears. She wiped a few stray tears from her face and sat up In her chair determined not to let on to Juan that she had another episode.

If he found out he would convince her to stay with family a little longer. She truly does love everyone but the best medicine for her would be to go back to her first love nursing.

She couldn't believe she was actually looking forward to heading back home. She thought as she waits for her flight at Marin International airport to be announced. If im going to physically recover i need to face the music back in Port Charles. Properly grieve my son Drake, apologize to Patrick and get back to normal. Whatever normal is for me without baby drake. Getting on this flight headed back to Port Charles and felix and my job is the right thing to do right now. Right?

"I know your ready to head back and i agree it probably do you some good right now," says Juan handing her a cup of coffee.

"Where have you been all this time?" says Sabrina curiously wondering if he saw or heard anything.

"I went to get coffee, it being so early we both could use the pick me up, but everyone else had the same idea because their was a line. But listen my tour kicks off in New York and i can get you VIP tickets. Come on we can have a little fun and you can let your hair down a little bit prima," says Juan giving her one of his killo-watt smiles.

"I thought that was the whole point of coming back here. To be around family, relax and not worry about everyone else or focus on. . ." She trails off not daring to say his name aloud. Not when their talking about something as trivial as a concert. Something he will not get to enjoy himself one day.

"Honey what you did," said Juan pulling Sabrina into a bear hug, "was cry and never leave your room." "How to this day you can stare at that lime geen paint all day is a mystery!" Sabrina giggled and pushed him away jokingly, "hey you know i like green."

"Okay so if that doesnt convince you. How about this im doing a benefit concert for a hospital in New York. Raising money for research or something like that dont have all the details yet. But its one of the hospitals that granny use to work at," said Juan throwing that in for good measure because he knows she wont be able to resist.

Looking at him curiously, "What hospital?"

"Creighton-Clark clinic i think," said Juan getting up to check the status of his flight. "I dont remember anyone mentioning her working their to me?" replied Sabrina following close behind. "She was only their a short time. She use to tell my dad that working their changed her life," but before he could finish explaining the flight to New York was announced as now boarding gate 317 first in spanish and then in english.

"What do you say prima lets go," pleaded Juan.

Considering that she just had another episode and she thought those days were behind her. Maybe she did need a couple more days to relax. What if she had an episode at work she'd lose her job. Taking a deep breath as if the answer was going to kill her, "okayyyyy, alright ill go. Im only staying for the benefit though and im leaving the next day."

"Alright, but don't be upset when I try to convince you to stay longér," says Juan with an enthusiastic clap of his hands. Genuinely wanting to see his cousin smile even if its only for a little while. Even if it drew some stares from a couple of natives and a bunch of tourists.

"What about my plane ticket its non-refundable remember,"said Sabrina wondering already if she said yes too quickly.

"Dont worry about it teller number 4 is a fan i'll take care of it," says Juan rushing off realizing time was of the essence. "Here take my ticket and meet me at gate 317."

Watching as Juan disappeared into the crowd. She grabbed her carry on bag and headed to gate 317. I guess i better call felix and let him know plans have changed.

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