The Pearl's Edge


Chapter 13

"Thanks for agreeing to come with me Patrick," said Sam. If things did go wrong it would be nice if she had backup with her she thought. She had a gut feeling that Nina Clay was hiding something.

"Yeah, no problem Sam it's the least i could do after everything you've done to help me find who ran us off the road. I still have my license and my gh ID. Hopefully, that will be enough to get us through the door."

"Last time I was at Creighton things didn't go quite as planned. But i know they didn't get a good look at me. So that will work in our favor as well."

Mark watched the two guests as they approached his desks. Creighton didn't receive many guests that he didn't already know."Can i help you?"

"Yes, I'm doctor Patrick Drake."

"Of course Drake," he exclaimed getting up to shake Patrick's hand, "It's an honor to meet an esteemed neurosurgeon such as yourself."

"Why, thank you and you are?"

"Mark Cohen, I am the facilities manager here," he said proud of his accomplishments in spite of some of the unscrupulous behavior of its doctors. "And who is this?" he asked pointing to Sam.

"This is Epiphany Johnson, my personal assistant. We booked a tour of your hospital. We heard a lot of great things about it. Truth be told, i am interested in changing hospitals."

"I'd be happy to show you around. I would just need to see some ID first," said Mark.

"ID seriously," joked Patrick.

"Nothing personal, we had a security breach this morning. So we have to step up our privacy of our patients come first." I don't know if it counts as a security breach if they were trying to get out not end Mark thought to himself.

"No Problem," replied Patrick handing him his ID.

"I forgot mine at home," said Sam casually.

"You will have to wait here, but Mr. Drake you can follow me."

"As you can see here everything is state of the art," said Mark disappearing behind a door with Patrick.

Sam watched them leave making sure the coast was clear. She wouldn't be able to check any rooms, but the computer may hold better records anyway on Nina. This is the part where she wished Spinelli was here. But hopefully what she remembers about hacking will be enough. The computer is password protected and she would only have two tries before tripping the alarm. The first attempt failed miserably and she was starting to sweat, but she got lucky on the second try.

She decided to check the deleted folder first, thinking anything good would be their. She saw nothing with Nina Clay's name on it. Their was a deleted folder marked old CT schedules. Clicking on it she was turning up empty but before she closed the program out completely. She saw his name, Jason Morgan CT Room 10pm - 12pm.

"You want to tell me what you think you're doing?" asked Mark. Patrick had entered behind him and was mouthing the words sorry. Mark pushed her out from behind the computer. Hoping whatever damage she'd done wouldn't resort to him losing his job.

"No, you answer my questions! Why do you have Jason Morgan in your database?" she yelled.

"I'm calling security," said Mark he didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't the one to deal with it.

"No wait!" said Patrick wanting to say something to help Sam. "Jason Morgan was her husband and he died. If you know anything about what happened. Please tell us."

"I'm not at liberty to give out-patient information. Or comment on something you may or may not have seen. So you and Epiphany Johnson can leave on your own or be escorted out."

"No, im sorry I can prove it. I carry a picture of us together in my pocket. Please, take a look," said Sam sounding desperate.

Patrick wondered if Jason was here if Robin was too. When he talked to her last he had asked for a divorce. She had made it clear that she was staying to help and it wasn't about Jason anymore. She wanted to see her work through to the end. He thought it was selfish putting Jason before him, Emma and her family. But he was willing to stick it out because he loved her and he thought they belonged together. He was wrong because whether it was Jason or her career something would always come first. She didn't come back or call when Gabriel died. He went through that pain alone and it wasn't even important enough to warrant a call from her. He can't be married to someone like that anymore. He still wanted her to be safe for emma's sake.

Mark took the photo it was the same man he saw in the car with Sabrina. "Poor Sabrina."

"What whose, Sabrina?" interrupted Patrick.

"He was here, but he's not anymore. I don't know anything about his case so don't ask. What I do know is he loves Sabrina. Sabina Santiago and their getting married."

"Where?" asked Sam and Patrick simultaneously.

"I don't know, they hitched a ride out-of-town somewhere."

Sam bolted for the door not even checking to see if Patrick was behind her.

"Does Doctor Robin Scorpio-Drake work here as well?" asked Patrick.

"I remember a doctor by that name use to be here before Sabrina arrived think she transferred or something," thought Mark was she another part of this puzzle.

"To what hospital?" asked Patrick becoming a little impatient.

Mark hesitated, "Mr. Drake my job is not to follow every doctor or nurse that leaves the hospital."

"Sorry, understood," he hit the desk in frustration and decided to catch up with Sam who must be going out of her mind now. But Mark stopped him at the door before he had chance to leave.

"Can you give Sabrina a message for me. Can you tell her I'm sorry," said Mark directing his attention to Patrick he knew this could only end badly for his friend. "She's innocent in all this."

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