The Pearl's Edge

Attached or Committed

Chapter 14

"Why didn't he come home, Patrick? If he has been alive this whole time did he just stop loving me?" she asked you could hear the hurt in her voice. "I thought we were pass the whole Danny being Franco's father. It's not even true if he had come to me I would've told him that." They had just touched down in Port Charles from the airport and for Sam it was an anxious flight.

"Sam, Danny is a beautiful little boy and anyone who would leave his family willingly is a fool. We don't know what happened here, but I know Sabrina she would never keep a husband away from his family."

"Now that you mention it, what does she have to do with any of this?

"We can ask them both when we see'em. Let's split up cover more ground. You check the hospital maybe talk to Felix. I'll go to Sabrina's house."

"Patrick, promise me if you find them you will call me first thing?" begged Sam.

"Of course Sam, but you have to do the same. I don't know what Jason has her caught up in, but i want her safe."

"Why are you automatically assuming that Jason did something?" said Sam annoyed.

"We are just going to have to disagree on that one. Now is not the time to argue," said Patrick. He had lost Robin twice because of Jason and now Sabrina is caught up in Jason's problems just doesn't seem fair.

"You're right," said Sam, "I'll call you." They walked off in opposite directions both wondering what they were going to find.

Sam got to the hospital in no time determined to find out what had really been happening in the past three years.

"Oh, Epiphany just the person i wanted to see," said Sam relieved.

"Can i help you with something? Are you feeling alright?" asked Epiphany concerned noticing the women was sweating and breathing hard. "Did you just run here?"

"I'm fine, it's an emergency and I am looking for Sabrina or Felix?" she knows she sounded desperate but this was important for her and Danny.

"Their not here they both have the day off today for a wedding. What's going on?" Epiphany was starting to get worried.

"Where, where is the wedding?"

"I'm not sure they said it was private, but they would let me know when it was over. Are Sabrina and Felix in some sort of danger?"

"No, they're not. I didn't mean to scare you. I gotta go," sam didn't wait for more questions. As she waited for the elevator she was already on the phone to Patrick hoping he had more luck. "Did you find them?" asked Sam before Patrick could get a word out.

"No, i knocked, but no answer."

"So, where do we look next?"

"It's a long shot, but we could try the church it's about an hours drive. I'll bring the car around and pick you up."

"Sounds like a plan," said Sam hoping she doesn't run into anyone she wouldn't know what to say. Jason's alive and he's getting married, but not to me.

"When I first got the call that you two were getting married i thought my girl had really lost it," said Felix adjusting his tie.

"And now," said Jason.

"Jury's still out on that one. You know she got left at the altar in this very church," said Felix walking towards the pulpit. "His dead wife walked in and he looked past her. It was the beginning of the end for her. She hasn't had a moment of happiness since, it would seem. You can get over losing a man eventually, but her losing her child will stay with her forever. I don't know why she's marrying you now," he said turning around to face Jason. "What i do know is that i never thought she would smile again after she lost her little boy. She has done nothing but smile and laugh since you guys landed. You seem good for her. She needs something good in her life and she deserves nothing less," said Felix trying to size up this stranger marrying his friend.

"I would fight the world to end her sadness. I met her after she had already fallen in love with the wrong guy. After a tragedy had already stolen a child from her. But I am here now and I want to love her. Her voice is my favorite sound. So I am asking for your blessing to marry Sabrina? She needs it, but I am marrying Bri anyway," said Jason. Letting out his feelings never seemed easy for him. However, he would never get another chance to prove himself to Felix. They were strangers now, but they both cared for Sabrina and wanted her to be happy.

Felix reached out to shake his hand, "You want my blessing you got it. You about to bring me to tears."

"You better go check on her. She needs you."

"After today she will only need you," said Felix sincerely before disappearing into the bridal room. "Hows my girl doing?"

"When i tried this dress on before it didn't seem right. I had to have my mother's dress. But as i look at it now its my fresh start."

"I have to admit you picked a good one. Has a bit of that sexy bad boy edge to him."

Sabrina laughed kinda glad that she wasn't the only one who noticed, "Am i doing the right thing.

Felix stood behind her as she viewed herself in the full length mirror. "Sweetie, you know i can't answer that for you. But why are you doing this? To get over Patrick, the baby because you're not being fair to yourself on either front."

She turned around and sat in the chair next to the mirror. She wasn't upset with him for asking because she wondered the same thing herself. "I stayed in New York because i didn't want to ride by the highway where i had my son. I didn't want to work across from the same room he died in. I didn't want to come back to an apartment that i wish i shared with Patrick. Then I met Jason and for the first time in a while I was just Sabrina. Not nerdy Sabrina, not left at the altar Sabrina, not you miscarried Sabrina and not Patrick's ex Sabrina. I can just be normal and god forbid happy. I can live again because of him and i love him."

"Well, alright then that's all i need to know. Thank god for waterproof mascara. Now let's go get your husband," said Felix holding out his arm for her to grasp on too.

Sabrina was glad she had Felix there to walk down the aisle with her. She didn't think she would have made it with her legs starting to feel like jello. She felt the pull of Jason's stare on her like a magnet drawing her to him.

They reached the front and Felix took her hand and placed it in Jason's and stepped aside.

"We are gathered here today to witness the love and commitment that Sabrina Santiago and Jason Morgan share. This is not just a ceremony but a semblance of a commitment that could never be broken a love that is always mendable. Who gives this women away and serves as witness to this union?"asked the preacher.

"I do," said Felix stepping forward and giving an approving nod to Jason and Sabrina.

Sabrina looked absolutely radiant standing in front of him. The widest smile that he had ever seen that just made him want to kiss her cheeks. But something seemed off he was noticing that she was starting to sweat a little. Restless even standing on one leg than switching to the other. He wanted to ask her what was wrong and if she was getting cold feet, but it dawned on him that he already knew.

"Sir, could we break tradition and allow me to go first?" Sabrina visibly relaxed and it took everything Jason had not to grab her and hold her. Instead he squeezed her hand and whispered, "its okay."

"I don't see why not Mr. Morgan repeat after me."

"I love you for all that you are

(I love you for all that you are)

All that you have been

(All that you have been)

And all that you have yet to be

(And all that you have yet to be)."

"Will you Jason Morgan take Sabrina Santiago to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

Jason listened intently as Sabrina repeated her vows as if he were hearing them for the first time. She could always say no he thought. He could love her more than she cared for him.

"Will you Sabrina Santiago take Jason Morgan to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

She looked back at Felix remembering everything they had discussed only moments ago. The answers to those questions weighed heavy on her heart. This one will change her life forever. She wanted to make the right one.

"I do."

"You are now pronounced husband and wife you may kiss your bride."

Felix clapped enthusiastically as Jason dipped Sabrina and gave her a heavy kiss. People at work are going to flip when they see her happily married he thought.

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