The Pearl's Edge

Healing at a Distance - Part 2

Chapter 16

"Sam, I can't go to the apartment right now I need to see Sonny," said Jason sitting in the passenger seat of Sam's car.

"What! Right Now? You just got back theirs so much we need to talk about," said Sam. She didn't want to share him with the rest of the world just yet. Monopolizing all the time that they so clearly needed. She wanted him to know about Danny. She needed to know if he still loved her. Why he married Sabrina?

"I want you to tell me everything and anything and I'll be here to listen to it all. Right now I've been gone for a year and away from everything I know."

"It hasn't been a year."


"Jason you've been gone for three years."

He let that information sink in. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had been frozen for two years away from Sam and Danny. How much had he really missed? So much can happen in a short amount of time. People can change so quickly after all he did he got married. "Even more reason to see him. He's not just my friend or my employer he's my family."

"Alright, I'm coming with you though." They arrived at Sonny's and found Milo on duty standing guard at the front door.

"Hey, Sam how's Danny? You here to see the boss?"

"I am Milo, I have a good surprise for him," she said and pointed toward the car. That was cue for Jason to get out.

"Wow, talking about coming back from the dead. Is that the real Jason Morgan?" asked Milo surprised.

"Yes, it is we're going to surprise Sonny."

"Mrs. C as well because she's in their visiting with the boss as well. Good timing huh?"

Sam wasn't so sure about that. She looked back at Jason for confirmation that he still wanted to go through with it. Although, she had no doubt that Carly would be glad that he was alive. She was volatile at best and it maybe better to meet her later on one on one.

"Perfect timing. Can you let them know Sam's here but don't mention me," replied Jason. He wasn't nervous before, but now that he knew Carly was in their his pulse raced a bit. Milo walked in ahead of them to introduce them.

"Sorry, to interrupt boss, but you have guests. Sam's here with Jason."

Carly looked at him puzzled, "You mean she's here with someone named Jason." She down to have pizza. She grabbed a napkin and wiped any food crumbs off her mouth and hands.

"Well, invite them in," said Sonny thinking nothing of what Milo said. Thinking the boy just heard wrong. He could trust Sam not to bring in enemy to his door.

"Thanks, Milo for ruining the surprise," said Sam entering the room.

Sonny laughed and got up to give Sam a welcome hug, "You have to forgive Milo."

"What surprise?" piped in Carly curious about why Sam had showed up this time of night.

"Me," said Jason standing in the doorway. He watched as shock and then recognition flashed across their faces. Carly dropped the plate that was resting on her lap with a loud clang. She ran toward Jason and stopped just in front of him. As if not sure how to proceed or what to say. "I'm glad I'm still the only one who can make you speechless. I'm not going to break, you can hug me."

She hugged him tightly with a force that made him stumble back. Through sniffles she asked, "is it really you?"

"Yes it is," he said to her but looking at Sonny who hadn't said anything.

Sonny walked forward and placed his hand on Jason's shoulder giving it a firm squeeze. "Nice to have you back." You could hear the emotion in his voice. He knew what it meant for the man to show vulnerability especially in their business. It was nice to know anyway that he did love and miss him.

"You going to let someone else get a hug Carly," said Sonny noticing that she hadn't let go of him. Not that he really cared he found it strangely endearing.

"Oh, sorry," she laughed stepping back to let Sonny have a few minutes with him. They all sat on the couch with Sam choosing to stand.

"What happened to you?" asked Carly not wanting to waste anymore time she wanted to know what happened to her best friend. What kept him away for all this time?

"I'm not quite sure. I know that Victor Cassadine was up to his neck in all this."

"Victor Cassadine? What would he want with you?" asked Sonny.

"I woke up in a hospital surrounded by doctors and security guards. No memory of anything I kind of freaked out tried to get away. The guards restrained me and a doctor came along stuck a needle in my arm and next thing I knew I was out. Victor Cassadine was their the whole time."

"Is that how Sabrina fits into all this was she holding you against your will with Victor?" asked Sam. This being the first time she had heard the story as well. She was curious how Sabrina got involved.

"Of course not," he said not meaning to sound so harsh but he felt like he had to defend her honor.

"Who is Sabrina?" asked Carly listening intently to his story.

"Sabrina Santiago was my nurse," said Jason not sure he should say anymore about the extent of their relationship.

"You mean Felix's friend?" asked Carly.

"You know him?" asked Sam.

"Well, yeah i consider him a friend. I met her through him she seemed cool. You mean she has something to do with your disappearance," she asked Jason livid.

"Carly, let the man talk and don't jump to conclusions," said Sonny interrupting knowing if he let her continue she'd only get more hysterical.

Jason was glad for the save with Carly. "When I woke up the second time there was no one in the room, but her." He paused remembering her standing by the window with the sun behind her looking like an angel. The sight of her was the only reason he didn't resist when he woke up. She had this calming effect over him. "She helped me make sense of what was happening to me. She told me what they told her that I was a John Doe with amnesia that was frozen and I was cured by some doctor that retired. The only cure was running through my veins. So they needed to run tests to remake it to help other patients. Cassadine made it seem like he was in it for the money like he'd make millions off of pharmaceuticals once the cure was synthesized. Knowing what I know now money wasn't the issue."

"I don't care what the issue was. You're here now with us," she went in for a kiss, but he turned his head and it landed on his cheek. She wasn't sure if that was on purpose or if he jut misread the signal. After all this time could he not be attracted to her anymore. Maybe he doesn't want their old life back.

"Sam can i get some time alone with you Carly and Sam. I'll be ready to go after this."

"Yeah sure," said Sam knowing it wouldn't be fair for her to say no. Even though every bone in her body was screaming against it. "I'll wait in the car."

They waited before saying anything. Sonny was the first to break the silence. "It doesn't matter what he wanted with you. Me and the Cassadines don't travel in the same circles, but I will do everything in my power to make sure he pays for it," said Sonny his voice raising visibly angry.

"That man needs to pay for everything he did to you!" said Carly agreeing with everything Sonny just said. "Let Sonny handle it and you rejoin your family. Just tell us everything you know. I know Sam wouldn't forgive us if we got you mixed up in all this."

"I'm already mixed up in this," he said.

"Look I don't want to cause any problems between you and Sam. Especially when you just got back. I know you want revenge, but let me handle it alone," said Sonny sincerely.

"Listen to him," replied Carly placing her hand encouragingly on Jason's knee.

"Its to late for that. . .I mean me and Sam are already facing a problem," said Jason thinking of Sabrina wondering how she was coping with everything.

"I didn't just get my memory and decide to come back. I've been dating Sabrina for a year. I came back to get married cause she has friends here. If I hadn't seen Sam my memories never would have come back and I'd still be with her."

"Sounds like you almost regret remembering Sam?" said Sonny thoughtfully.

"Of course he doesn't. He knows the only person right for him is Sam. Poor Sabrina was just a place holder until he got his memory back," said Carly strongly.

Jason was surprised at her reaction considering her and Sam never got along. She never truly approved of her.

"Since, when did you start being Team Sam?" laughed Sonny finding it all just a little ironic.

"Don't laugh we're not best friends by no means but I have learned to tolerate her for the sake of Danny and Jason who wasn't here," said Carly with a small smile.

It was so nice to hear the friendly banter and be apart of their lives again. It brought back good memories. "I want my old life back, but now i feel like I'm mourning the life I could have had. . ." he trailed off not wanting to finish the sentence. He wasn't ready to admit that he wanted a life Sabrina.

"Tell me about Sabrina?" asked Sonny.

He smiled thinking to himself he wasn't sure where to start. "She came into my life-like this beacon of hope. It was us against the world. She taught me how to enjoy life again. I wanted to give her a hug that would put all those broken pieces back together. Then I realized I never wanted her to leave my arms. This beautiful wounded bird. So I proposed and married her." His mind slipped back to the memory of the first time they had slept together Of the tragedy she shared on their first date through choked tears. The snacks they ate in that hospital bed watching movie after movie.

"Are you sure what you are feeling for her is not just gratitude?" asked Carly skeptical.

"She's the most beautiful person I have ever met. She has been through so much tragedy and still manages to smile every morning. This bubbly personality that makes you want to smile back. I got to see that everyday and I fell in love. I'm in love with her and every little thing about her. I didn't know her sooner but I wish I had. But I love Sam too and can't dismiss everything we've been through."

"Sam loves you and she went through so much without you. Stay with her she needs you. Felix will take care of Sabrina."

"Look, you just got back you're being pulled in different directions. Go back home and experience why you fell in love in the first place. After that if Sam is not in your future just tell her and go back to Sabrina. We will all understand and respect your decision," said Sonny.

They all sat silently. Each knowing this was a decision that could change his future and not one that Carly or Sonny could make for him.

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