The Pearl's Edge


Chapter 17

"Sweetie, I have to get to work to keep a roof over our heads. You gotta eat something before I leave," said Felix rushing out of the kitchen carrying a hot bowl of oatmeal. He watched as Sabrina wasted away on the couch in her pajamas not saying a word. He was really worried about his girl. He felt powerless to help her I mean the girl just had horribly bad luck in picking men. I mean what are the odds of lightning striking twice in the same place.

Patrick gave him the gist of what happened last night while she slept. He wasn't able to stay needing to get home to Emma, but vowed to be back. Not that it was a fitful sleep either. She tossed and turned all night and seemed to suffer from one nightmare after another. One was so bad she ended up having a panic attack. She was taking everything harder this time around. She wasn't eating or keeping any fluids down. She was beginning to look a little pale, but she didn't have a fever either. He was honestly scared to leave her alone, but didn't have a choice.

"Patrick left while you were sleeping wanted me to tell you he'd stop by today after his shift was over. He want's to talk to you about something important," said Felix trying his best to sound casual and keep the worry out of his voice. He wasn't sure what to do should he try to force feed her. Maybe she just needed time and her appetite would come back on its own.

"What could he possibly have to say to me, Felix?" asked Sabrina her voice sounding hoarse even to her ears. Felix handed her a cup of water sitting on the coffee table.

"I'm not sure, hun but let him help."

She took huge gulps from her cup and cleared her throat before speaking, "I don't want him here. Promise me Felix that you will get him to stay away."

"I thought you and Patrick were on good terms. Why don't you want to see him now?" asked Felix puzzled.

"Felix, you're my best friend and not his. I just don't want to see him please promise me you'll keep him away."

"Alright, alright whatever you say. Just take care of yourself while I'm gone please," said Felix giving her a hug before heading out the door.

Sabrina got up from the couch feeling weaker than she thought she would to look for her purse. She found it on the floor by the window and emptied its contents onto the floor. She was looking for her Xanax. She started taking it back in New York to combat her anxiety and frequent panic attacks. Admittedly, she stopped when her and Jason became an item. She thought she could face anything with him in her corner including her demons. She only had 5 pills left in the bottle and knew she would need more than that to finish the job. That would mean going to get her prescription filled at the hospital. Under normal circumstances she'd be worried about word making it around the hospital, but there was no reason to worry about that anymore. She took a glimpse of herself in the mirror and smoothed out her frazzled hair. Throwing on a pair of flats she headed out the door.

Felix just made it to the nurse's reception desk to check in with Epiphany when he heard Patrick calling him from the stairs. Oh, boy he hated confrontations and just knew this conversation wasn't going to go well. Maybe if he just did a bunch of small talk and then snuck it in their it would go over better.

"I wish I could have stayed over later. How is Sabrina doing?" asked Patrick really concerned. She had fell asleep shortly after they had made it to the apartment. They ended up having no time to talk, but that wasn't the right moment anyway.

"She doesn't want you to stop by the apartment," blurted out Felix so much for small talk first.

"Excuse me," said Patrick unsure if he heard him correctly.

"Don't ask me why because I'm not sure. Just give her time alone to work through all this."

"I want to be their to support her and I genuinely think what I have to say will help," pleaded Patrick.

"What could that possibly be anyway? Not that it will change my mind cause she really doesn't need to see you now. Sabrina really isn't up for any long deep discussions right now."

"Hey, Felix just the person I was looking for. Hope, I'm not interrupting," said Milo in a rush stepping off the elevator to see Felix and Patrick chatting.

"I've got to get to work," said Felix.

"It's important, I'm desperate and need my friend to listen," said Milo.

"Fine, this way," said Felix pushing him towards a conference room, "Patrick stay away and give her time."

"Fine," he said reluctantly agreeing and turning to go to his next appointment.

"What was that about?" asked Milo once they had gotten to the room.

"He wants to see Sabrina."

"Oh, how she taking the whole Jason being back with Sam thing."

"How do you know about that?" asked Felix confused.

"No one told me directly, but I overheard somethings."

"You overheard somethings?" asked Felix quizzically.

"Yeah, I overheard Mrs. C and Sonny talking about it."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot what you do for a living," stated Felix nonchalantly. "So what's going on Milo you aren't sick are you?"

"Theirs this person I have feelings for and I can't figure out what to do about it."

"Okay tell me more," said Felix.

"It's all I can think about day and night," said Milo too nervous to sit he starts to pace the floor. "Someone I really respect told me that I should just come out and tell this person how I feel."

"Sound's like good advice to me," said Felix not quite sure where this was going.

Milo stopped pacing long enough to look Felix in the eye, "that's what I'm doing here."

"So this person works at the hospital."

"Yes and I'd tell'em but things are really complicated," said Milo sounding a little down.

"What kind of complications?"

"My father for instance he wouldn't approve. He doesn't understand certain types of relationships. This person is a different race than me."

"Is the person Asian, African American. . .?" asked Felix.

"African-American," he whispers.

"It's 2014 now and things are different."

"Yeah but you don't know my father he's really old-fashioned."

"Lets stop with the this person stuff right now. Tell me who it is?" said Felix trying to suppress the smile that was spreading across his face.

"Okay, here goes nothing, I Milo have been madly in love with you for i don't know how long." He breathed a sigh of relief, "I said it finally."

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say this."

"Really," said Milo surprised.


"Will you go out with me then?"

"Of course."

"Okay, I'll pick you up at 7 then."


"Hey, do you think I could stop by Sabrina's? Just to check on her and say hi."

"I don't know she's in bad shape right now," said Felix hesitating to say yes.

"I'll stop by Kelly's bring some food I'm sure she will appreciate that."

"She hasn't been eating so I'm not sure she will. It won't hurt to try though," said felix appreciating the gesture he was making.

"No, problem and I'll see you at 7pm?" he asked opening the door to leave.

"I'll be ready," said Felix smiling allowing himself to believe that this was really happening. He was really going out with this sweet, hot guy.

"Hey, was that Sabrina I just saw?" asked Milo pointing to the direction the brown-haired women had fled in.

Felix stuck his head out the door to look but must have just missed her. "Probably not, that girl is not moving from the couch anytime soon trust me. Let me walk you to the elevator."

Sabrina's heart was beating so fast she thought it would fall out of her chest. Seeing Milo with Felix was a close call. Felix would've wondered why she was at the hospital and she knew he'd see through any lie she told. She'd have to be more careful and maybe take the stairs instead.

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