The Pearl's Edge

In Darkness

Chapter 18

Trigger: Suicide (warning)

"Elizabeth, what are you doing here in pharmacy?" said Sabrina startled to see her there. "A technician wanted the day off and Dr. Obredht has me pulling double shifts. Anything I can help you with?" asked Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is the last person she would want to run into at the pharmacy. If she gives Liz the prescription she may have a lot of questions she can't answer. She'd just have to solider on and bluff her away out of it. "I'm here to fill a prescription," said Sabrina handing her the bottle.

"Sure," she said taking the bottle, "these are for Xanax it's a pretty strong prescription. I know we're coworkers, but we're friends too. You can talk to me about anything."

"Really anything?" asked Sabrina skeptically.

"Yes, of course," said Elizabeth truly concerned about her friend.

"It seems to me that you proved what kind of friend you were when robin returned on the day of Patrick's and my wedding. I didn't see you at all after that. Could it be because like everyone else I didn't exist to you their was only Robin."

"That's not what happened," said Elizabeth in disbelief.

"Tell me, where you being a good friend to me by telling Robin that her and Patrick belong together and that Sabrina will eventually get over it. Meanwhile, never bothering to even stop by."

"That's not what I said. I am your friend and of course I care about you."

"Just save it, I need my prescription please," snapped Sabrina gesturing toward the bottle.

"It will be an hour," said Elizabeth saddened that their relationship had gotten this bad without her notice. Maybe Sabrina was right she wasn't being a very good friend. But she could change that starting today.

"I'll wait over here for it," said Sabrina sitting in one of the waiting room chairs.

"Look I'm sorry I didn't know how you felt about things. Robin had just returned after being dead for years. At the time I felt like she needed my attention," said Elizabeth as sincerely as she could muster.

Sabrina stayed silent seething on the inside. But she wasn't going to argue anymore that wasn't the solution. The hour went by fast especially with Elizabeth overcompensating by rattling on about Dr. Obredht and not being able to see the boys. Acting as if a whole friendship can be repaired in one conversation. But it wasn't completely unwelcome it got her mind off Gabriel and Jason.

"Here you go. You're almost out of refills so you may want to set up an appointment with Dr. Collins here in Port Charles."

"Thanks Elizabeth, and I'm sorry for blowing up at you," said Sabrina. No reason their last conversation together had to be a bad one.

"I'm sorry too and please call if you need to talk."

Sabrina nodded and headed down the hall looking for the stairwell. What she hadn't expected was for Jason to be at the other end of the hall talking to Michael. It was impossible for her to get to the stairwell without them noticing. She stayed hidden and could vaguely make out their conversation.

"I'm so glad you're back life hasn't been the same without you," said Michael.

"Your mom did some bragging and told me you're running ELQ now. Looks like you're doing pretty good without me."

"I thought you would be mad that I didn't go into the business," said Michael a little nervous about his answer.

"The only thing that me or Sonny wanted was for you to be happy away from the business," said Jason.

"That's a relief, but how much did mom tell you about why I'm working at ELQ?" asked Michael eyeing the door to a patients room.

"That my brother is alive, but in a coma now. That you were able to develop a relationship with him before he was shot," replied Jason.

Sabrina listened in and she could have sworn that he even sounded different than she remembered. She wanted to run to him and fall into his arms, but that wasn't her place anymore it was Sam's. She had to make a run for it.

"Sabrina," yelled Jason he wasn't sure if he saw her or if it was just his imagination.

"Sabrina who?" asked Michael trying to follow Jason's gaze, "I didn't see anyone."

"Sabrina Santiago."

"The nurse, what about her?" asked Michael curious.

"It's a long story," said Jason not wanting to get into it just then.

Out in the parking lot Sabrina allowed herself to finally take a deep breath. She ran down the stairs and since she hadn't had anything to eat she exerted more energy than she had. It felt like she was ready to pass out. There were too many close calls for comfort at the hospital, but she made it back to her apartment unseen.

She went in the bathroom and turned on the faucet drawing a lukewarm bath and skipping the soaps and perfumes. She went through her closet and changed into the pink silk pajamas that Felix got her for Christmas. She took her hair out of the pony tail and brushed out any kinks. She was as ready as she was gong to be and a calm washed over her that she hadn't expected. She saw the tub fill to the top but didn't bother to turn the faucet off.

She started taking the pills 5 at a time washing them down with a glass of water. She was mesmerized watching the water from the tub spill onto the floor and creep closer to the door. She unconsciously stepped back as if the water might burn if she touched it. Not paying attention she dropped her glass on the floor and watched as it seemed to break in slow motion. The crash brought her out of her stupor and she walked across the glass not worried if it cut her feet or not. She jumped in the water with her clothes on and the pill bottle gripped in her hand. But her muscles started to relax and the bottle floated on the surface. Her chin was barely above water level when the bathroom door opened.

"What are you doing here?" mumbled a groggy Sabrina starting to take in water.

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