The Pearl's Edge

How We See Each Other

Chapter 21

Carly knocked on Sam's door and didn't immediately hear anyone. She knocked harder, "Jason, its Carly open up." Waiting a moment she knocked again.

Sam took a deep breath and opened the door, "Well, I definitely didn't miss this. Yes, Carly what do you need this time?"

Ignoring her condescending tone Carly brushed pass Sam and entered the room. "Despite what you may think Sam I do apologize for the intrusion."

"We talked about this before I died Carly. About barging in and not giving me and Sam our space," said Jason. He wasn't actually mad if only because Carly barging in for him was just a sign that things had gotten back to normal in his life. His memories had fully surfaced he remembered their arguments and all the times Sam was made to feel uncomfortable. Even though Carly didn't do it on purpose it was just her way.

"I'm not trying to monopolize all your time it's actually an emergency," said Carly wishing they would stop ganging up on her long enough to let her talk.

"It's always an emergency with you Carly," snapped Sam.

"I actually had second thoughts about telling him this information for your sake, but now not so much," said Carly shrugging.

"Oh, don't do me any favors Carly," said Sam slamming the door behind her and going to sit on the couch. Like always Carly had perfect timing. She had just asked Jason to be honest with her about their relationship. He was never one to talk about his feelings, but if they were going to move forward they needed to have the talk. She was even going to suggest that they go on a date to jumpstart things.

The bickering back and forth was getting a little old thought Jason, "Quickly, Carly just tell me what happened."

"It better not be anything related to Sonny or the business," piped in Sam.

"Why, would I bring any of that up of course Jason needs to rest and recuperate. Sonny feels the same way and would never rush him into anything," replied Carly.

"Carly, again why are you here?" asked Jason trying to draw her attention away from Sam and back to what brought her their in the first place.

"Jason, I just came from the hospital Sabrina's been hurt."

"What happened?" he asked quietly.

"I don't have all the details. I was with Felix when they told him she had been admitted. I just know it seemed serious."

"Wow, i can't believe it. I hope she's going to be okay," said Sam nervously. "I'm going down there. Will you go with me?" said Jason to Carly.

"Oh, Jason you don't have to worry about me. I'll go with you," said Sam stepping up.

"I couldn't ask you to do that," said Jason thinking how awkward the situation would be for them both.

"No, I'm your wife and you care about her I want to support you."

"Stay here with Danny. Let him know that his daddy hasn't gone anywhere and will be back tonight." He walked up to Sam and grabbed both of her hands, "His mom needs to know to that I'll be back and will finish our conversation."

"Okay," said Sam squeezing his hand lightly as confirmation.

Jason grabbed his coat and left with Carly. All Sam could do was watch, but this is Jason if he says he will be back. He's coming back, right? Why wasn't she so sure?

Back At The Hospital. . .

"Epiphany, what room is Sabrina Santiago in?" asked Jason with Carly at his side.

"Mr. Morgan I wasn't aware you knew Ms. Santiago? I can tell you that she's stable, but were only letting family members in to see her," said Epiphany. It was the one time that she wished they didn't have that rule. Sabrina won't be getting many visitors outside of Felix. She bent the rules a little by putting him on the rotation as her nurse when actuality he was just there to support her.

"He is her family. Jason is her husband," said Carly.

"You know you people have really pulled some stunts to get in and out of the hospital in the past. This one really takes the cake. Pretending to be that poor girl's husband," said Epiphany outraged at the nerve they had to all in out lie.

"Patrick Drake can verify that it is true," said Jason.

Still not moved by that declaration Epiphany checked Sabrina's charts to see if any notes had been made. "I don't know anything about husband, but you are listed as her emergency contact. Follow me I'll show you to her room. Mrs. Jax will have to wait outside."

"Oh no, that's fine, I'm just here for support anyway," said Carly.

"Drake went on lunch, but I'll page him. He'll want to talk to you about her progress."

"What can you tell me about what happened?" asked Jason.

Epiphany stopped, "I don't know how to say this, but she tried to commit suicide. She slit her wrists and took some pills."

Jason's eyes brimmed with tears.

"This is her room," said Epiphany, "this is the note that came in with her. You don't have to read it now. Whenever you're ready." She handed him a yellow police envelope marked evidence. "That's my girl in there to and I'm praying for her," she said patting Jason on the shoulder and returning to the front desk.

"Maybe, you should wait a few minutes before going in. Felix looks like he needs a few moments alone with her," said Carly looking through the window at a very distraught Felix. Looking back at Jason she asked, "Do you want me to read it?"

"I don't know if I should," said Jason thoughtfully.

"You don't have to. You can hand it over to Felix it might be for him anyway," said Carly.

"Somehow, I doubt that she would do all this because of something Felix did," said Jason firmly.

"I think I want to read it alone. Maybe you should go in and comfort Felix. Don't worry I'll handle Epiphany," said Jason.

"Yeah, but this isn't something you should have to go through alone," said Carly.

"I left her, Carly and didn't even look back. She deserves this time from me and I am going to read it alone," said Jason seriously.

"Alright, but come grab me if you need anything," she said making her way to Sabrina's door. She entered the room to see Felix with his head down on the bed. Her heart ached for what he must be going through. "Felix," she said lightly.

He sat up a little startled. "Carly."

"How are you holding up?" she asked.

He got up and hugged her, "She might not make it."

Carly knew there was nothing she could say to make this better for him. She just wanted him to know that she cared and he wasn't going through this alone. She grabbed a chair and placed it next to his. "Sit," she ordered, "we're going to wait together. She's stronger than you think." She held Felix's hand giving him an encouraging squeeze. With his left hand Felix reached out and held Sabrina. Each saying their own silent prayer for her recovery. Carly looked out the window briefly at Jason hoping he'd be okay.

It was a short letter, but she had managed to say so much. His leaving her left her wounded. A wound that hadn't fully closed after the death of her son. It must have been a double blow for him to leave in the same manner as Patrick. When she opened her heart about Patrick he originally thought the guy had been cruel and more than a little selfish. Yet, he managed to do the same thing to her. He'd always regret that moment he thought. He walked to the window and peered in at her sleeping form. The color gone from her face her skin looked pale and clammy. A tear rolled down his face to see Sabrina once vibrant left to simply fade away. He hadn't seen Carly come out of the room to hug him from behind.

"I left her because all my memories were of Sam. My past was with Sam. I wanted to give what we had a chance. Now I am left to think what if i just jeopardized my future?"

"I am sorry that Sabrina is laying in their right now," she said turning Jason around to face her. "But you are good for Sam and Sam is good for you."

"I'll never forget that me and Sam never broke up I was taken from her unfairly. But just because she missed me doesn't mean she needs me back in her life. She's a strong independent woman whose moved on and raised a beautiful son. I think we need to accept that bad things happen and continue living."

"You mean continue living with Sabrina?" asked Carly.

Jason turned back to the window and peered in at the women he loved. He didn't know how to answer Carly's question. His mind flashback to how they met and how good they were together and how she cried when he left.

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