The Pearl's Edge

Getting Better

Chapter 22

"Jason, thank god you made it," said Patrick approaching them.

"You're not off the hook," said Carly tabling their discussion after seeing Patrick coming toward them. Jason is living in a fantasy world if he thinks Sabrina is right for him more than Sam. There is no way Sabrina can handle the mob lifestyle.

"When Sam said you were out with Danny. I thought it be at least another couple of hours. Right now time is of the essence," said Patrick seriously.

"You called Sam earlier today?" asked Carly.

"Yeah," said Patrick." Jason that means she. . ." said Carly trailing off.

"Don't Carly not now!" said Jason trying his best to hold back his anger. "What's Sabrina's condition?"

"She slit her wrists we were able to stop the bleeding and close up the wound that's the good news," said Patrick.

Jason took a deep breath steeling himself for whatever comes next, "What's the bad?"

"Because she slit her wrists in the wrong direction her blood should have easily clot and the wound should have closed up. She overdosed on Xanax as well so it stopped her blood from clotting and as a result she lost a lot of blood," said Patrick.

"What does that all mean? Does she need a blood transfusion?" asked Jason.

"Yes, but the hospital doesn't carry her rare blood type. If we don't find a match within the next couple of days her organs will fail one by one. She won't be eligible for the transplant list either. You can replace one, but if their all failing theirs no use," said Patrick.

"What's her blood type?" asked Carly.

"O negative. With Sabrina not having any family the odds of us finding someone with her blood type are even worst," said Patrick.

"Is that why she's not awake," asked Jason tears brimming his eyes.

"It's really not. Honestly, I don't know why she's not awake right now. Maybe she just needs a reason to live," said Patrick quietly. He desperately wanted to be that for her. He never got to have that conversation with her. He wanted her to know that he chose wrong. That she feels alone right now, but with him and Emma in her corner she doesn't have to be. He didn't choose the right person, but together they can create the right relationship.

"I don't even know where to begin to help her," said Jason sadly looking through the window at her.

"Maybe, I do," said Carly.

"I don't want to play any games with you right now. So if you know anything spit it out," said Jason.

"I'll hold a blood drive at the Metro Court. I'll enlist Olivia's help to really get the word out and put our best foot forward. Will find someone, Jason," said Carly.

"Why, would you do that, Carly? I can tell you right now if Sabrina dies. I am not going back to Sam for you or anyone else," said Jason.

"What about Danny?" asked Patrick.

"Danny won't lose a father again. My love for my son is undeniable, but my love for his mother has changed," said Jason thoughtfully. "When Sabrina wakes up I'm going to "

"That's funny, cause I plan on telling her the same thing. Looks, like you'll have some competition," said Patrick.

Jason snorted, "No, I wont."

"You arrogant bastard," said Patrick thinking nothing about Jason's personality had softened.

"You destroyed her life," said Jason, "it's no secret."

"You're right, will rebuild it together. But you almost ended her life. You only get one. Now we have to pray that someone else will save her," said Patrick disgusted.

"Okay, guys break it up now's not the time for a pissing contest while that girl struggles for her life," said Carly standing between the two men who had come dangerously close to coming to blows.

"No, Carly let them finish," said Felix coming out of Sabrina's room, "neither of them can fix there minds on something that's not themselves. They didn't think of her when they left her at the altar. When they passed her in the halls as if she was invisible. But she thought about them every time the phone rang, or if there was a knock on the door. In the midst of all that her son dies. I hate that I am the friend whose always their with her and none of you are their with me."

Silence greeted Felix and it couldn't have been a better answer. If he had to choose none of them would be good for her. "Would someone please stay with her. I need to grab something to eat or I wont last much longer. Sometimes I feel like, even if I leave for a few minutes she'll slip away when I'm not looking."

"Will take care of her Felix, don't worry about it," said Carly watching him head toward the elevator.

"Carly, you should go get things together for the blood drive. I'll stay here with her," said Jason. "Yeah, I have to go pick up Emma from school and get her settled at home. I'll be back to check on her status later and spend some time by her bedside," said Patrick. Hating to admit defeat especially to Jason he was reluctant to leave, but Emma is the only person who comes first before Sabrina.

"Well, it's settled then. Call me if you need anything," said Carly giving Jason one more hug before heading to the elevator.

"Oh, Felix I have been so scared to show my face in Sabrina's room since she got sick," said Elizabeth catching Felix outside the cafeteria doors.

"What are you talking about?" said Felix confused and a little too tired to deal with another drama.

"I was the one who filled Sabrina's prescription only hours before her overdose. She had a valid prescription, but I should have known what she had planned," said Elizabeth depressed. "We had gotten into this big argument before about me not being a good friend especially when Robin got back to town. I just wanted to help her."

"Listen, Elizabeth take a breath, you may not have been there always. But you were their when it counts. Deep down past her pain she saw that too," said Felix. "If you want to help just pray for her now. That's the only thing any of us can do."

"I'll light a candle for her at the church. I think I'm going to go their now," said Elizabeth giving Felix a comforting hug.

In Another Part of the Hospital. . .

"You really need to bring more guards with you when you come to these doctor appointments," said Julian Jerome.

"Sorry, if my doctor's appointments inconvenience you Julian, but two guards are good enough. Besides you're here with me," said Ava Jerome.

"When we should be at home discussing strategy," said Julian quietly.

"What's happened now that our esteemed boss wants us to take care of?" asked Ava anxiously.

"I'm supposed to be checking on the status of Sabrina Santiago. That's really why I'm here," he said looking around making sure no one was listening.

"Why, in the world would he care about Sabrina? That's Carlos-ex right. Is this some sort of retaliation? Carlos has been out of the picture for months now," said Ava.

"This isn't about Carlos. Every move that guy makes is about Sonny," replied Julian annoyed.

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