The Pearl's Edge

The Secret's Out

Chapter 23

"Why would Sonny care about little mousey Sabrina? I wasn't aware that they even had any dealings together," said Ava surprised.

"They don't, but Sonny maybe related to her in someway," said Julian.

Neither of them saw Elizabeth round the corner. Hearing Sabrina's name she hung back and strained to hear.

"In someway, could you be more cryptic. I mean come on the girl's Puerto Rican for god's sake," said Ava rummaging in her purse for a candy bar. They were waiting for her doctor to come back with her prenatal vitamins. It was taking longer than expected and she was getting hungry.

"I don't know all the details obviously. Those are kept close to the vest. Just that they are family," said Julian.

"So what! Why does that even matter? It's not like he knows about it," said Ava thinking the whole thing was a waste of time.

"What are you doing?" asked Felix coming up behind Elizabeth.

"Being nosy," said Elizabeth cringing a little.

Felix glanced around the corner to see who her efforts were directed towards. "Save yourself the trouble. You do not want to get involved in whatever those two have cooking up. I actually came up to join you in the church."

"Yeah, sure. Lead the way," said Elizabeth. She wasn't sure what she heard. Or if she did hear what she thought she heard. What should she do about? Was there anyone who could handle Ava and Julian without getting hurt?

"Finally, the doctor you had us waiting long enough. Don't you think?" said Julian.

"My deepest apologies, sir," said the doctor.

The doctor started to rattle off directions for Ava. Half of which Julian stopped listening to. It was Ava's job to take care of her baby not his. The doctor dismissed her and he walked her to the elevator.

"Any theory on why he thinks this is an appropriate punishment? I mean he's rolling the dice here. That man may never find out about Sabrina. Right now she's just some poor nurse that he'll hear about on the news," said Ava.

"I think that's the idea. If he ever finds out it will be too late. He would have missed her whole life," said Julian.

Ava thought for a moment and laughed, "I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the girl's father. I mean the guy does get around."

"Obviously," said Julian glancing at Ava's pregnant belly.

"Alleged father," said Ava annoyed.

"Are we done here?" asked Julian.

"Yes, Julian we're done. Go complete you're little errand," said Ava waving him away and pressing the button for the elevator.

Julian appeared at the door of Sabrina's room and saw only one person at her bedside. He couldn't tell who it was, but he should be able to reasonably talk his way out of any sticky situation. He walked in and Jason Morgan was the one staring back at him. He recognized the man from the photos in Sam's apartment. He'd know him anyway because he made it his business to know all of Sonny's associates former or otherwise. "Jason Morgan," he said.

"Who are you?" asked Jason standing up not liking to be surprised.

"Julian Jerome," he said holding his hand out for him to shake.

"Sam's father," said Jason shaking his hand.

"So she told you about me?" asked Julian a little surprised. Wondering what if anything he knew about him.

"The important things," said Jason shrugging, "Thank you for saving Danny's life."

"I love that little boy. I'd do it again in a heartbeat," said Julian sincerely.

"So much so that you'd be willing to have some of your bone marrow stored if he ever needed it?" asked Jason curious to what he'd say, but already knowing the answer.

"I don't plan on going anywhere. So there's no need for me to store anything. I'll be here to help him as long as he needs me," said Julian.

"I'm back now and I'm going to get tested. Including storing marrow if they need me too," said Jason.

"That's great," said Julian who already knew what that really meant.

"So your get out of jail free card is almost expired," stated Jason.

"Isn't it a shame you're back from the dead and already back in the mob. Sam must be heart-broken. How would your wife feel if she knew you were threatening to kill her father," said Julian.

"I didn't threaten you I just made an observation. Now get out of here," said Jason.

Next Day. . .

Elizabeth was finally granted a day off and she couldn't be more relieved. The events of yesterday and everything she heard kept running through her mind. She just wanted some time alone to think. She wasn't going to get that at the hospital. The boys were away at school and she found herself walking towards the metro court. She didn't always agree with the women's methods, but she'd know what to do. When it came to the Jerome's and Sonny she was in over her head. Normally, she would just go to Jason with this information, but that wouldn't be fair. He just got back with Sam she'd be wrong to rope him into this new drama.

"Hi, Olivia have you seen Carly around?" asked Elizabeth making a beeline for the women.

"No, she's been so busy organizing this blood drive. She's been running around here like a chicken with its head cut off," said Olivia stopping to give some busboy directions.

"She's organizing a blood drive. Why?" asked Elizabeth.

"One of Jason's friends that um. . .Sabrina Santiago is her name, she's really sick with a rare blood type. Do you know her she works at the hospital?" asked Olivia curiously.

"Yeah I do actually. I wasn't aware that Jason knew her too," said Elizabeth quietly.

"Yeah, I'm not sure how either. A lot about his return is still a mystery to me. I haven't had a chance to talk to him or Sonny," said Olivia.

"Yeah, me neither," said Elizabeth. She heard that he was still alive from Sam when she called to check on the status of Sabrina's condition. The only thing stopping her was the knowledge that he was sitting by his friends bed side, Sabrina. Sam wouldn't go into details about how the two met. She didn't want to pry considering Sabrina's current condition.

"Sweetie, just check the ballroom. I really have to go now," said Olivia rushing off.

Carly was in the ballroom with a bunch of people hustling about her.

"I wanted this up and running an hour ago. People put a move on it, time is of the essence," yelled Carly.

"Carly, can I speak to you for a minute?" asked Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing here? I really don't have anytime right now."

"It's just that I didn't know you were doing a blood drive," said Elizabeth.

"Yeah, well, it's not up and running yet as you can clearly see," said Carly gesturing around.

"I'd love to get tested. I don't have the same blood type as Sabrina, but at least I can help someone else," said Elizabeth.

"Well, that's great. Unfortunately you have to come back in an hour," said Carly ready to walk away.

"You know who also should get tested, Sonny or Molly," said Elizabeth casually.

"Good suggestions I guess. Molly is underage and would need Alexis permission so I don't think that will work. Sonny hates needles," said Carly laughing, "I know you'd never think because he's such a tough guy."

"Well, subtle won't work," said Elizabeth more to herself than Carly.

"Elizabeth, if you're trying to say something just spit it out," said Carly annoyed. Goody good Elizabeth was not going to distract her from helping Jason and Sabrina.

"Fine, yesterday in the hospital I overhead Julian and Ava talking," said Elizabeth hesitating.

"Those two are always plotting something, but since they were at the hospital. I can only imagine that they were talking about baby stuff. I am the last person who would care. That is unless she's not pregnant," asked Carly joyously.

"She is definitely still pregnant," said Elizabeth rolling her eyes.

"Then I am not interested. Getting this blood drive up and running is what's important. Not your latest drama!" said Carly raising her voice.

"Carly, Sonny's related to Sabrina. I'm not sure how, but he could be the one to save her life," said Elizabeth.

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