The Pearl's Edge

My Daughter

Chapter 24

"What that doesn't make any sense?" said Carly grabbing her and pulling her some place quiet where they could talk.

"I know, but they were getting this information from some source not sure who, but they seemed convince," said Elizabeth.

"But she's Puerto Rican," asked Carly sure she was missing something.

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious, Carly. Maybe they knew I was listening, but are you sure you want to take that chance," said Elizabeth.

"Who else have you told?"

"I mean it's the Jerome's. I don't want to get anyone else involved to be caught in the cross fire."

"That's good, don't."

"What are you going to do?" said Elizabeth concerned. The women wasn't exactly a pillar of honesty.

"I'm going to talk to Sonny. I mean normally I'd do my own DNA test first, but Sabrina might not have that kind of time," said Carly.

"Okay," said Elizabeth who felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulder's. "What if he doesn't believe you?"

"Oh he's going to believe me. On the off-chance that he doesn't will just show him proof and get that DNA test. We just hope it's not too late," said Carly making her way to the elevator.

"Will you keep me posted for Sabrina's sake?" asked Elizabeth hesitant.

"We may disagree on everything, but if I find a match for Sabrina I'll let you know," said Carly stepping on the elevator as the door closed.

"Sonny, we need to talk," said Carly storming into Sonny's office.

"Carly," said Sonny laughing, "what have I told you about just storming in."

"Oh, its okay it's just Shawn here," she said casually walking in.

"Shawn, can you give us a minute," said Sonny gesturing toward the door.

"No, problem," he said getting up from his seat to leave.

"Oh no, he can stay. We may need him," she said closing the doors to Sonny's office.

"What's this about?" asked Sonny rubbing his forehead Carly did always have a flair for the dramatics.

"I just spoke to Elizabeth downstairs. She was at the hospital and she overheard some information between Ava and Julian that we might be interested in."

"Okay, bring her in will listen," said Sonny sitting at his desk.

"No, she really doesn't want to be involved. So she told me everything she knew," said Carly.

"Okay, so spill it," prompted Sonny.

"They were talking about Sabrina."

"The nurse, Jason's friend whose sick now?" asked Sonny.

"Yes, they were saying that you are related to her and you can save her life."

"Carly, you had to know, that sounds a little far fetch. Maybe they knew she was listening and was just yanking her chain," responded Sonny.

"Yeah maybe they wanted to get a rise out of her," replied Shawn.

"It's not completely impossible though remember Lily Rivera," said Carly.

"Of course I remember my deceased wife, Carly. I also remember that her last name was Rivera, not. . . Help me out Shawn."

"Santiago," he replied.

"Sabrina is adopted. Felix told me that a long time ago. She's never known her real parents. She may have gotten her last name from them," pleaded Carly.

"I know it's not my place boss, but it sounds like its worth checking out. I could do some digging into her background to find out if you want," said Shawn.

Sonny was quiet for a moment he'd have remembered if Lily was ever pregnant and she wasn't. He was tired of the Jerome's jerking him around and this could be just another game. But if Sabrina was his daughter they both deserved that chance. "Okay, Shawn look into it now and time is of the essence here."

"I'll get on it right now," he said getting up to leave.

"I don't know the details of Sabrina's condition maybe I should go see her?" he asked Carly standing up and walking around his desk.

"I think that's a good idea. But there's more you need to know first," said Carly.

"Okay," said Sonny.

"She's unconscious right now and hasn't waken up. She needs a blood transfusion of O negative blood or she's not going to make. That needs to happen the sooner the better."

"O negative," repeated Sonny, "What happen to her how did she end up this way?"

"She tried to commit suicide I don't know why, but if I hazard a guess it was because of Jason," said Carly sincerely.

"Why, because he chose to go back to Sam."

"I think so. You know while you're there donating blood. You may want to get Elizabeth to do a DNA test at the same time," said Carly matter-of-factly.

Sonny smiled before opening the door, "Sometimes you act like you know me so well."

"I do," she said thinking she should go back to the ballroom and finish setting up. "I also know the man whose a good father that would do anything to save the life of his kids. Even the life of a child he's not sure of."

"I appreciate you saying that."

Back at the Hospital. . .

Jason hadn't been home yet, but called to check on Danny. He didn't think he'd be able to control his temper if he saw Sam in person just yet. For now he stayed by Sabrina's side willing her to open her eyes. All those times that Sabrina spent with him at Crighton-Clark it was time for him to return the favor.

"The doctors say if I talk to you theirs a chance you might hear it. So here goes nothing I've never really been good with words. I was so worried about Sam that I didn't see what I was doing to you. For me the past doesn't equal the future anymore. I can remember a thousand things right now about my past, but the memories I hold dear are all of you. So I'm here now and I'm not letting go. A person that loved you truly wouldn't. If you didn't know I do love you."

Sonny peered through the window at the women who just seemed to be sleeping, but was instead dying. He was going to try to change that if he could. He just wanted to see her first. He raked his brain trying to remember all the times he may have spoken to her. Did she have his smile or Lily's? Did she laugh like her? What had her life been like up to this point? It didn't escape his notice that Jason was holding her hand. If that was his daughter truly he was going to protect her.

"Jason," he said motioning him to step outside. "What are you doing here? What does Sam think about all this?"

"I'm with Sabrina cause she needs me to be. She's in the hospital because of me and it doesn't matter what Sam thinks," said Jason annoyed.

"Jason I love you and your my dearest friend, but that could be my daughter in their. So if your intention is to run back to Sam leave her alone now," said Sonny sternly.

"Wait, you're her father?" asked Jason confused. "I've been gone awhile I know, but no one mentioned that to me."

"I just found out today that it's a possibility. I'm actually here to ask Elizabeth for a DNA test. Whether the rumor is true or not I want to help her we both have O negative type blood," said Sonny sincerely.

"You have no idea how happy I am to here that she might just be okay. But I'm still confused how did you hear you might be her father?" asked Jason.

"Elizabeth overheard the Jerome's talking about it. She told Carly and Carly told me."

"You mean Julian Jerome? He doesn't strike me as the honest type," said Jason thoughtfully. Why didn't Elizabeth tell him he wondered.

"No, you're right that's why I have Shawn looking into her background as we speak. All my question's will be answered; once those tests come back," said Sonny.

Before anything more could be said between the two men Michael came floating into the hall absolutely elated.

"Why the huge smile?" asked Sonny grinning at the sight of his son.

"My father's awake and talking. He didn't want to talk about the accident, but that's ok it just feels good to have him back. I thought it be a nice surprise for him if Jason came to see him. He doesn't know your alive yet," said Michael.

Jason looked at Sonny to gauge his feelings on this. He just wasn't sure if that was the best idea right now considering his difficult history with his brother.

"I get it Jason you and your brother didn't get along. But if Dad can put his issues with him aside for my benefit. I'm asking if you could just do the same," said Michael.

"Is that what you do?" asked Jason looking at Sonny.

"It's something I've had to work on really hard, but yes for Michael's sake I am trying to keep the peace. Then the coma happened," said Sonny. Wishing he could really say then I shot him is what happened.

"I wouldn't expect that from you it's actually commendable," said Jason.

"Okay, what do you say Jason will you come with? Dad you can come to if you want?"

"Yeah, Michael I'll come with, but your dad has something important he needs to do now," said Jason.

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