The Pearl's Edge

Enemy of My Enemy

Chapter 25

"Elizabeth, I'm glad I ran into you," said Sonny approaching the nurse's station. "I want to give blood for Sabrina we both are O negative. While you're at it I'd like a DNA test done."

"So Carly told you then," commented Elizabeth.

"Look everything that comes out of the Jerome's mouths are lies, but on the slightest chance that this isn't one of them. I'm not just going to let her slip away."

Elizabeth took him into the room and took two vials of blood. "We have to run the test first to see if your blood is compatible. That and the DNA test if I put a rush on both should be ready in an hour."

"I appreciate you telling Carly everything you overheard. I know you took a big risk there."

"I did it for Sabrina," said Elizabeth.

"Hey dad, mom told me you might be down here is everything alright?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, just donating blood."

"But you hate needles," said Michael surprised.

"There are a lot of things I don't like to do, but you do them anyway for a good cause," said Sonny. He didn't want anyone to know about Sabrina until it was confirmed.

"I'm happy you said that because I need another favor," said Michael taking a deep breath. "Can you come talk to A.J? Just talk no fighting or arguing."


"I was expecting a little more resistance than that," said Michael wearily. Did his dad have something up his sleeve.

"I think it's time we hash things out one way or the other. You definitely don't have to worry about me fighting a man in his hospital bed either."

"He wants to talk to you privately. So I'll just be out here, but please no matter what's said try to control your temper," pleaded Michael.

"Everything will be fine, Michael," said Sonny. It had to mean something that A.J. hadn't turned him in yet. The man always had an angle though to come out looking better an Michael's eyes. He entered A.J's room and it was obvious that the man was making a full recovery and believe it or not he was relieved. It was Sonny who spoke first. "I'm sorry for what happened at Ava's I know now that you were innocent and just framed. I made a horrible mistake."

"I never thought the great Sonny Corinthoes would be capable of admitting when he's wrong. Doesn't matter because I don't accept your apology. You're not in jail for that horrible mistake and I take it that Ava isn't either?" said A.J. disgusted.

"No she's not, but what's your end game here? I would think you'd rush to tell Michael what a horrible thing I've done. Make no mistake about it you've done horrible things in your life this just wasn't one of them."

"I want Ava's head on a platter that's the only way you avoid jail time" stated A.J frankly ignoring Sonny's usual rant.

"You want me to kill her?" asked Sonny.

"No, I'm going to tell the cops that Ava shot me. You get a free pass this time and only because Ava's a bigger problem."

"I like it, but theirs one problem. Ava's pregnant with Morgan's baby. I don't want that child being born behind bars. So you have to keep your trap shut for the next nine months.

"I understand that could be Michael's niece or nephew. So I'll conveniently have amnesia for the next nine months, but after that all bets are off. If she doesn't fall you will."

"Deal," said Sonny shaking his hand.

"Is everything okay?" asked Michael thinking this would be a good time to interrupt.

"Yeah," they both said simultaneously.

"Uhhh Dad, Elizabeth is looking for you out in the hall," said Michael watching Sonny leave. "Should I be worried about what' s going on between you to?"

"No, we just finally understand each other," replied A. J.

"Test's confirmed what you already know your blood is a match for the transfusion," said Elizabeth.

"And the DNA test?"

"You're a match, you are her father."

"How quickly can we start the transfusion? I already alerted Patrick he's prepping her now. If your ready?"

"Let's do this. I have a daughter I need to get to know."

After the Surgery. . .

"Everything went good she could theoretically wake up any minute now," said Patrick addressing Jason and Sonny waiting in the lobby.

"Theoretically?" questioned Sonny.

"The rest of her recovery is up to her. She has to want to be here," replied Patrick.

"Can we see her?" asked Jason.

"Not right now. Maybe give her some time to rest and recuperate," said Patrick.

"Is that you're professional opinion or do you just not want me in there when she wakes up?" asked Jason

"It's my professional opinion," said Patrick standing his ground.

"What's this about?" asked Sonny stepping between the two men.

"Patrick here claims to love Sabrina. I think she's just some consolation prize now that Robin's not around."

"Patrick, I respect what you do for a living. But Robin is your soul mate that's who you belong with. Yeah you guys maybe going through some problems now, but that doesn't give you the right to casually move on to my daughter. It's not fair to Sabrina or Robin," stated Sonny.

"That's not what this is!. . .wait what do you mean daughter," said Patrick stunned.

"Test results came back today. I'm Sabrina's biological father," said Sonny proudly.

"I get it of course you don't approve of me. Why would you when you can have your daughter married off to your first in command."

"That's not what this is," said Sonny.

"News flash, it's not up to either of you. It's amazing you've had this news all of a couple of hours. Yet you're already claiming to know what she wants," said Patrick furious.

"I don't think I said that," said Sonny remaining calm.

"Just a little piece of advice though while you're having your little father daughter reunion. You may not want to start with pick Jason over Patrick."

"Why not?" asked Jason.

"Cause the truth of the matter is Jason you're the replacement. I think deep down you know it and that scares you. I'm still her doctor and you can see her in an hour," he said walking away from them both.

"That guy is so arrogant it's not even funny," replied Sonny sitting back down in the chair.

"Yeah," seconded Jason. He thought about what Patrick said though. Because of everything they'd been through he wanted to believe that Sabrina loved him whole heartedly. Still, theirs the possibility that he only filled the space that Patrick left empty. Sabrina may not actually want him. He sat down next to Sonny quietly and waited. Maybe he should prepare himself that this wont go the way he wants.

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