The Pearl's Edge

Let Me Help

Chapter 29

Bonus Chapter: Year later

"Hey Dad, I was just heading to the guest house to change and thought I'd stop by to say hi," said Sabrina opening the double doors. "Oh my god, what the hell is going on?"

Max was laid out on the couch with a gun shot wound to the chest. Milo was using his tie to put pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding. The scene was chaotic, but like always Shawn and Sonny were the picture of composure.

"Look Sabrina go home and forget you ever saw anything. I'll come by and talk to you later."

"Boss, we don't have time for this we need to get him to a hospital now," said Shawn.

"Why isn't anyone doing anything he's just bleeding out here," said Milo desperation in his voice.

"Wait, no you can't," said Sabrina.

"What do you mean we can't this is one of our best guys here. We gotta take care of him. Come on. Boss!" said Shawn.

"Wait, just here me out. Jason's custody case is today. We're living in your guest house if Max come's out of here with a gun shot wound. Sam and Patrick automatically win and Jason and I lose," said Sabrina begging.

"So what you want us to just leave him here to die?" exclaimed Shawn.

"Sabrina wouldn't do that, right Sabrina?" asked Milo looking up with tears in his eyes.

"What are you suggesting I do?" asked Sonny quietly.

"I'm a nurse let me try. I can save him," she said pleading to Sonny, "Milo, you saved my life once you're his brother. Give me a chance let me save his."

Sonny nodded moving out of her way, "Go."

"Sabrina don't let him die," said Milo moving out of her way.

Sabrina worked tirelessly for an hour to take the bullet out and stop the bleeding. During her examination she noticed that he also may have a cracked rib. She patched him up and told him to rest while she gave the others updates.

"I got the bullet out and stitched him up as best I could. He should be fine, but he's got a cracked rib so he'll definitely need to be taken to the hospital. Just to make sure he hasn't punctured a long or anything. When he goes I don't see why anyone wouldn't think he fell."

"Good girl," said Sonny proud to see his daughter in action. "I'm sorry you had to be a part of this. I never wanted any of my children to be pulled into my lifestyle."

"Just tell me one thing was it for me?" asked Sabrina, "Did you kill Luke?"

"Yes, he's gone," stated Sonny.

Sabrina felt a weight lift from her chest. "I shouldn't be relieved, but I am," said Sabrina eyes welling up with tears.

Sonny pulled her into a hug kissing the top of her head, "I'm just sorry we couldn't get Julian."

"What do you mean?" asked Sabrina sniffling.

"Julian swears he had nothing to do with what happened to you. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. Heads will roll for what happened to you. One down and one to go."

"Okay," said Sabrina exhaling loudly.

"Don't you have a court date to get to," said Sonny reminding her.

"Oh shoot yes, is their any blood on my uniform," she said twirling around.

"No your fine," replied Sonny smiling.

"Thanks, wish us luck," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"You won't need it. Sam knows the way things work in our world. Patrick just has her brainwashed right now. It won't last forever," said Sonny confidently.

"From your mouth to her ears," said Sabrina crossing her fingers and running out the door.

"Sabrina, what took you so long? Why are you still in your uniform?" asked Jason.

"I went home to change, but things came up. I'll tell you what happened later. I'm really sorry I'll just explain to the judge I was working late," said Sabrina.

"Court is in session all rise for Judge Adler," said the bailiff.

"This is the custody case of Danny Morgan. Patrick and Samantha Drake are suing for full custody of Danny. They wish to deny Jason and Sabrina Morgan any visitation rights. Okay, I'll hear opening statements from the plaintive," said Judge Adler.

"Hi, your honor Alexis Davis here. Danny Morgan is in the custody of his mother Samantha Drake and has been since he was born. I intend to prove that she has provided him with a loving secure home alone despite the absence of a father. Now that she has remarried it has only served to strengthen her family. Jason Morgan cannot offer Danny that same security."

"Opposing Counsel," said the Judge.

"Yes, Diane Miller here. Jason Morgan has missed out on three years of his son's life through no fault of his own. Now Patrick and Sam. . .excuse me Samantha want him to miss the next 15 years. Since his return he has spent every moment he could with Danny. He has taken every step necessary to make sure he can offer a safe, secure, loving home for his son. I am petitioning the court to allow this man to be a father."

"Ms. Davis call your first witness," said Judge Adler.

"Yes, your honor I call Elizabeth Webber to the stand."

Jason turned around to see Elizabeth take the stand. He grasped Sabrina's hand underneath the table this conversation could go either way he thought.

"Elizabeth, can you state your relationship for the court to both Jason and Sabrina?" asked Alexis.

"I'm friends with both of them. Sabrina and I are coworkers at the hospital."

"Is it true that at one time you and Jason were more than friends and actually conceived a child named Jake who has now passed away?"

"Yes it is," said Elizabeth clearing her throat.

"Can i ask what your custody arrangement was?" asked Alexis.

"Objection, your honor what one women does with her child should have no bearing on this one," said Dianne interjecting.

"I'm inclined to agree," said the judge.

"It speaks to his suitability as a father," pushed Alexis.

"I'll allow it. Continue."

"I had full custody of Jake and Mr. Morgan's rights as a father were terminated," said Elizabeth.

"What made you come to that decision?" asked Alexis.

"We both decided at the time that what Mr. Morgan did for a living was too dangerous to expose a child to. So to keep him safe Jake would stay with me."

"What did Mr. Morgan do for a living?"

"I'm not sure."

"Can I remind you Ms. Webber that you are under oath," stated Alexis.

"I'm not sure, but their were rumors that he was apart of the mob."

"Your witness counselor," said Alexis taking a seat next to Sam.

"How did your son die?" asked Diane rising from her chair.

"He was hit by a drunk driver."

"Was that death connected in any way to Mr. Morgan or his rumored job occupation?"

"No, it wasn't. It was a senseless death."

"Just one more thing. If you could go back in time would you make the same decision you did then?"

"No, I wouldn't," said Elizabeth.

"I'm done with this witness your honor," said Diane.

"You may step down. Call your next witness Ms. Davis."

"Yes, your honor we call Sabrina Morgan to the stand."

"Jason," said Sabrina alarmed not expecting to be called.

"Mrs. Morgan do you have any children?" asked Alexis ready to play hard ball for her daughter.

"No I don't. I did have a son, but he's gone now."

"How did you react to his death?"

"Like any mother would I was devastated, and upset. I left town to get away from all the hurt. That's how I met my husband during a trip to New York," said Sabrina smiling in Jason's direction.

"Is it true that before you left you had a mental breakdown?"

Shocked and not sure how to answer Sabrina looked to Jason and Diane for help.

"Do something," whispered Jason to Diane.

"Um. . .Objection your honor who are we to judge how a mother grieves her dying son."

"Speaks to Mrs. Morgan's state of mind to be a mother. If you allow me little leeway I do have a point," said Alexis.

"Get there quickly, Counselor. Answer the question," said the Judge.

"I did, but that's why I left to get better," said Sabrina trying to hold back tears.

"Did you get better?" asked Alexis.

"Well yeah I'm back at work, married now, nice house, I'm fine," said Sabrina brushing the tears from her face.

"When you got back to Port Charles what were you admitted to the hospital for?"

Her mouth gapped open in shock. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Oh, Patrick how could you?" she said shaking her head. The tears free-falling now from her face.

"I'll ask again what were you admitted for?" asked Alexis more forcefully this time.

Sabrina looked at Diane who seemed to be at a lost for words. Jason was trying to mask his anger unsuccessfully.

"Let me help you out here! I have hospital records that state you were admitted because of a botched suicide attempt! Now is that correct?"

"You asshole," said Jason standing up slamming his hand on the table. "Sam what the hell are you doing with this guy."

"Ms. Miller control your client. We're going to take a brief recess court returns in 15 minutes," said the Judge banging the gravel.

Sabrina wasted no time fleeing into the hallway. Jason followed close behind. "I'm sorry we're going to lose him and it's all my fault," said Sabrina finding it hard to even face him after what happened in court.

Jason turned her around and pulled her into a hug, "it's not your fault not even for a second. It's theirs."

"So let me fix it," said Sam coming up behind them.

"What do you want Sam? asked Jason standing between her and Sabrina feeling protective after that verbal attack in court.

"When we started this yes it probably was more out of revenge than Danny's safety. But we're unbelievably happy right now and Danny can could use both sets of his parents. I'm going to tell my mom we're dropping the case." She turned to leave and headed back into the courtroom.

"You're getting your son finally," said Sabrina happy at the news giving Jason a huge hug.

"I don't think we should celebrate just yet," said Jason concerned.

"Why not this is all we've wanted."

"Yeah, but does Patrick agree with her?"

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