The Pearl's Edge

A Front-Row Seat

Chapter 3

"I'm not going to beat around the bush Sabrina. What we offer that is like no other is not the doctors or fancy medical equipment. It's the patients! We push the envelope and save lives when the rest of the world has given up!" says Victor enthusiastically.

She had already been on the tour for 30 minutes of which Mr. Cassadine was suspiciously absent. Leaving the chore up to the receptionist Mark who was professional, but surprisingly funny. Cracking jokes at the asinine rules of the facility while simultaneously keeping it informational. Mr. Cassadine quickly dismissed Mark as soon as they reached the third floor. Quickly, launching into this rant that has her wondering what she has gotten herself into. And why she hasn't high tailed it back to the hotel yet?

He handed her a key card, "It's better that i show you as talk can sometimes mean nothing. Try room 317."

She could have asked why or said no but her gut feeling was telling her this wasn't up for debate. She swiped the card and pushed open the door with no fuss. Half expecting some green monster out of one of Brad's favorite horror movies. But what she got was quite different and a little underwhelming for the big show he was putting on.

"It's a man. . .possibly sedated. What am i looking at?" asked Sabrina looking perplexed.

"What you are seeing is the first man ever awakened from cryogenic stasis. In laymen terms Mrs. Santiago he was frozen," said Victor proudly.

Sabrina looked back at the patient not completely believing her eyes. "Wow, he's a miracle! Are you sure that's what happened? Is it even possible?"

"Well, you are correct in one assessment. He is a miracle. Doctors are working on duplicating the serum used to revive him. Sadly, there was only one and its coursing through his veins," said Victor sounding a bit angry.

"Well, im sure the doctor kept notes or detailed records," said Sabrina knowing what such a discovery would mean for the scientific world.

"Yes, but it will take some time to decipher. The head doctor running the team has. . . since retired," said Victor rubbing his forehead out of frustration.

"Okay, but what does this have to do with me. I mean why are you telling me all this," says Sabrina feeling like she's being inducted into the secret service.

"Because Ms. Santiago your his nurse," exclaimed Victor very matter of factly.

"What! Why?" she said looking back at the patient as if seeing him for the first time.

"This place has everything he needs to become healthy. Everything we need to rerun the proper tests to ensure a duplicate serum. Making sure others too can benefit from this new discovery. But this facility is sterile and lacks a personal touch. You graduated top of your class so you come highly recommended. He needs his own brand of care outside of what this hospital can offer," says Victor giving her his best sales pitch. Hoping he wont have to use deadly force.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Cassadine that you would consider hiring me," said Sabrina the wheels in her mind turning wishing she had more time to think and he hadn't just sprung the proposal on her. "But I have a life back in port Charles," she contemplated walking closer to the patients bedside. "What's his name?" said Sabrina strictly out of curiosity.

"He came in as a John Doe, but some of the doctors have taken to calling him Jason. Jason Morgan," said Victor .

"Two first names well that's unique," she said starting to wonder if this Jason Morgan would be cold to the touch. She reached down to hold his hands surprised that they were warm. "Jason," she said her voice barely above a whisper wondering if this opportunity an innovative medicine is just what she needed to jumpstart her career. But before she could say anything more. She pulled her hand away and she felt him grab her.

"I think he wants you to stay," said Victor finding it hard to control his satisfaction at the new turn of events.

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