The Pearl's Edge

Epilogue: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 30

Six Months Later. . .

"Hey Fe," said Sabrina giving him a hug as he entered her house.

"I know it's your day off and you and Jason are having family time. But I hardly see you these days except at work. So I thought I might stop by and see my favorite girl for a few minutes," said Felix sitting on the couch.

"Well, let's fix that come with me and Jason to the park? I got him a gift and it be nice if you were there to when surprised him," said Sabrina excitedly.

"I don't want to intrude on Jason's time with Danny. I'm sure he don't want me butting in on his romantic time. Speaking of the handsome devil where is he," he said looking around.

"You're such a stalker," said Sabrina laughing, "he's getting ready upstairs. We have Danny for a week you're not intruding on anything trust me."

"Alright, sure I'll tag along, but if I'm being a third wheel don't be afraid to say so."

"It's fine Felix, really," said Sabrina putting her hands on top of his, "You're my family."

"Speaking of family how has it been fitting in with all of yours?"

"Awkward, but good. I got three over protective brothers all most instantly that's been good. Carly, has been really helpful almost like a fun auntie," said Sabrina sincerely.

"And your father the mob boss."

"Its was slow progress at first, but one day we had this great bonding moment between us. Our relationship has been great ever since. I really think its safe to stop calling him mob boss now."

"What could have happened that would have made you do a complete 180? We both deplored criminals. Wait, I answered my own question the man upstairs."

"You can't do that. You can't come in here and prejudge him like that. I don't know what he did before, but he's a good man now and no he's not in the mob."

"Okay answer my question when did cavorting with the mob become okay? Is this really just about family ties."

"It became okay when the head of a rival mob faction tries to kill me. It became okay when I got to know these people and learn that not everything is black and white their are gray areas to," said Sabrina getting frustrated with her friend.

"I'm sorry, I don't want you to think you cant come and talk to me about these things. I just want to know where your heads at now," said Felix.

"It becomes okay when you start working for the business yourself," said Sabrina quietly.

"Woah, please explain that! Did they make you kill someone?" asked Felix. Joining the mob was the last thing he expected to here from Sabrina. She was a different person now he thought she had changed for the better. Everyone she met generally seemed to make a good impression on her. What was really going on?

"Okay, stop watching the untouchables. I just help him sometimes if someone gets sick and can't make it to the hospital," said Sabrina casually.

"I love how you worded that it was such a beautiful way to say your a doctor for the mob. Except you not a doctor!"

"Hey, babe you ready to go," said Jason coming down the stairs. "Oh hey Felix nice seeing you again."

"I hope you don't mind I asked Felix if he wanted to come with us," piped in Sabrina.

"The more the merrier. You want to ride with us," he said grabbing his keys off the table and kissing Sabrina on the cheek.

"Yeah sure," said Felix following behind them.

"We have to pick up Danny and then we're off," said Jason.

"Sam I can't find Emma's shoes," yelled Patrick from Emma's room.

"Check Danny's room he thinks it's funny to hide them from her," said Sam getting Danny ready by putting on his jacket.

Their was a knock at the door right on time thought Sam. "Jason."

"Dad," said Danny running into Jason's waiting arms.

"Hey bud."

"What about me?" replied Sabrina playfully. Danny gave her a high five and a small kiss on the lips.

Patrick appeared out of the back room with Emma. Spotting Sabrina at the door Emma ran to give her a hug, "Hi, Sabrina."

"Hi, Emma," said Sabrina squeezing her back, "So is their anything we need to know for Danny this week?"

"No, no appointments or anything," replied Sam a little mechanically.

"We have to go. Felix is waiting in the car," said Jason.

"Right, bye everyone," said Sabrina turning to leave.

Sam closed the door and whined to Patrick, "Is it ever going to stop being awkward?"

"In time yeah I think so," he said giving her a much needed hug. "Just look at us. I thought you were making a huge mistake, but I trusted your judgement. I eventually got passed it and realized that my wife is always right."

"Oh always. I'm going to remember you said that."

"Where are we going," said Emma interrupting.

"To Kelly's just us three for lunch. How does that sound?" asked Sam.

"Good, Can I get a Sunday."

"Why not," replied Patrick approvingly, "will all get one."

"It is such a beautiful day today. Glad you guys convinced me to come," replied Felix.

"Yea, we thought it be a nice treat for Danny and do something a little different," said Jason.

"Hey, I've been looking for you guys everywhere. Michael said you might be here?" said Sonny walking up.

"Hi dad," said Sabrina giving him a hug.

"How's my little girl? I missed you this morning," said Sonny referring to their morning breakfast they have together every Monday.

"Sorry, about that," she said not wanting to admit she skipped it to get some alone time with Jason.

"I need to talk to Jason privately," said Sonny.

"Sure," said Sabrina staying with Danny and Felix while they stepped a little ways away.

"Jason have you thought at all about what I said returning to the business. What does Sabrina think about all this?" Asked Sonny.

"I actually haven't brought it up yet," replied Jason.

"What are you waiting for? Sabrina has proven herself that she can be trusted with basic info about the business. I don't think she will take it as bad as you think she will. If it is though you can tell me no and walk away with no retribution from me," said Sonny patting Jason on the back.

"I'll talk to her today."

"Tell Sabrina I said goodbye. Loved to stay but I'm meeting up with Morgan for lunch."

"What was that all about?" asked Sabrina walking up after Sonny had left.

"I have to make the decision to go back to work and I'm just not sure what to do," asked Jason feeling like he owed her the truth.

"is he putting pressure on you to go back," said Sabrina worried maybe she didn't know everything about the man.

"No, nothing like that. It was just my job. What I was good at," stated Jason matter of factly.

"We have a good life now I don't know if we need the complications that comes along with your job. At the same time I can't tell you no when we both know I'm the one that's been patching up all the guards. So do what you think will make you happy and I'll accept whatever you decide."

He twirled a piece of her hair on his finger, "you're the most important thing to me. Which is why this decision is easy."

"Okay, what are you thinking?" asked Sabrina anxiously.

"Shawn is doing a good job without me butting in so no I'm not going back. However, If Julian Jerome knew that Luke was going to hurt you and did nothing. I'm going to kill him myself with a little help from Sonny. That's the only thing i care about I'm done after that."

"Ava's sentencing trial is today. A.J.'s testimony is what helped put her away. At least that's one Jerome we don't have to worry about. I'm so glad she didn't have my sister while she was in jail. So if you want to bring down Julian I'm all for it. I'll help if you need me."

Jason smiled lifting her off the ground, "I love it when you get all Bonnie and Clyde with me."

"Well I won't be too much help," said Sabrina squealing, "put me down." She pulled Jason back to the blanket that Felix had spread out. "Time to open my gift."

He unwrapped the gift throwing the paper to the side. Inside was a onesie that said Stone Cold Awesomeness.

"Is that what I think it means," said Felix speaking up first.

"Yes, I'm pregnant," said Sabrina excitedly.

"That's great baby," said Jason hugging her. Bonnie would just have to sit this one out they had something great they needed to get ready for.

The End. . .

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