The Pearl's Edge

All or Nothing

Chapter 4

"I'm familiar with involuntary movements of people in comas and yes even sedated," said Sabrina not falling for that innuendo. They had moved back into the hallway to continue their discussion as she felt she had already made up her mind and didn't want to waste anymore time. She had to admit though the grasp even startled her.

"You must want more for yourself then cleaning bed pans and just being another nurse of hundreds. This is your opportunity to be apart of something bigger than yourself. To concentrate your efforts on quality care for a patient who needs it," said Victor.

It's no secret that she's just another nurse at GH, but she's never thought about it that way. She loves her job and the people she's worked with. Made life long friends even. But she's also gone through public embarrassment both by Britt and then when Patrick left her at the altar. She went back to work anyway and held her head high like she didn't hear the whispers or see the looks of pity. Now that her child is gone how does she walk pass that room. Do her rounds on the maternity floor? She's still has panic attacks. She can't even see a baby least of all hear one. She cant recover their, all alone with nothing but her memories. Patrick has his daughter to take care of. She has been leaning on Felix so much he doesn't even have his own life.

"Why is he sedated anyway?" asked Sabrina wanting more information before she agreed to change her life.

"He awoke briefly after he was revived. Irritable and confused and he took that frustration out on innocent doctors. It took three security guards to subdue him. Once things had calmed down we were able to check him. He has acute amnesia he can remember things like how to brush his teeth but not is identity. He did not take the news well. He got lucky that Jason Morgan had amnesia and it definitely played to his favor. Although the events were true its nothing his guards couldn't handle. For the job he needed Jason for he didn't need him to be awake. Not yet anyway.

"Well it's completely understandable that he would react that way. Losing your memory and not knowing who you are. It's a lot to come to terms with," said Sabrina realizing that she could be his advocate. Especially since it was becoming clear that the doctors only saw him as a lab rat. Mr. Cassadine being a business man only sees a meal ticket. There is no reason at least to her that they should have kept the man sedated for a whole month maybe more for one incident.

"I'll take it. But you have to wake him up?" said Sabrina using the only leverage she knew she had.

"I'm throwing you a bone here! Any nurse would kill for this position and the success of this project is riding on more than you can imagine," he yelled losing his temper. He really didn't need her at all but thought he'd offer her a job as somewhat of a penance for being the cause of her child's death. Not that he has a reason to be guilty the innocent are usually the first casualties of war. "No one can know that he is here before the research has been properly analyzed and a duplicate serum produced."

And if he were conscious he probably wouldn't approve of being held hostage in his hospital room for experiments thought Sabrina but she wouldn't voice that concern aloud. But anything is better than the life there condemning him to now, eternal sleep. "How long do you plan on keeping him this way?" asked Sabrina feeling powerless to help him.

"As long as it takes," said Victor thinking it was time to escort her out. He took a calculated risk and he's willing to recoup any losses.

"I'll be responsible for him. He needs to be conscious and you need your discovery. I get it. I will do everything in my power to make sure he stays here until it's done. If I don't you can fire me," she said with all the conviction she could muster.

"Would you stake your life on that Ms. Santiago?" asked Victor feeling the best threat in her case would be an indirect one.

Feeling uncomfortable with the question, but not wanting to shy away for fear of changing his mind. She awkwardly cleared her throat and faced him head on, "Yes."

"I'll let the doctor know he is to get no more sedatives. He will be awake in the morning. You may want to ask Mark for an earlier shift," said Victor. As he watched Ms. Santiago leave he made a mental note to put two guards in the hallway.

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