The Pearl's Edge

Healing is Mutual

She got to Jason's room this morning to find no change. She wasn't worried as she believed that Mr. Cassadine was a man of his word. So she went about her normal routine. Opening the curtains to let some sun shine in she realized he wouldn't have much of a view. But on a clear day like today without a cloud in the sky it almost doesn't matter.

"Who are you?" asked Jason removing his oxygen mask so he could be heard clearly.

"My name is Sabrina and I'm your nurse here," she said moving closer to his bed. "You really should put your oxygen mask back on."

"I don't need it. Tell me how long have i been out?" he said sounding a little out of breath.

She grabbed his mask from him softly." Breath in. . .I've been here a month so about that long. I don't know how long you were asleep before then." She was being cautious with him. If Mr. Cassadine was right she didn't want him to have another break down on her watch.

"What's wrong with me why am i still here?" he asked with a little edge to his voice.

She sat down in the chair next to the bed measuring what she should say next. But she was never one to lie. "Your recovery is a miracle and if we find out what happened. We can save even more people. The good thing is we know what happened its just a matter of reproducing it."

"Why can't I remember my name or my parents or anything?" said Jason showing no outward emotions but his stomach felt like it was doing flips.

"It's because of the accident. We're not sure what happened to you and with no identification we don't know your name. Your memory may come back later or it may never resurface its up to your body to heal now," she said wanting to cry for the man who woke up to a different world.

"So I'm like a John Doe or something? he asked.

She grabbed his hand with both of hers. "You're Jason, Jason Morgan. It's a name the doctors gave you. But im sure if you like it, you can keep," she said giving him a small smile. "I'm kind of partial to it myself."

"Can you leave me alone please? I just need time to think."

"Oh, yes of course," said Sabrina feeling awkward and fumbling a little as she got up.

"Oh, Sabrina," said Jason calling after her just as she opened the door. "Jason's a good name."

"Alright, I'll come back and check on you later. . . Jason," said Sabrina. She closed the door behind her and almost wanted to give herself a pat on the back. Epiphany would be proud of her extraordinary bedside manner just now releasing that bad news. But the fact that he didn't react at all is that a symptom of the amnesia. As she walked down the hall she figured she'd grab lunch and notify the doctor of her patients current status. Wait a sec when did they get security guards in the hallway?

Week Later:

"How's my special patient doing?" asked Sabrina cheerfully bringing in his lunch tray.

"You mean only patient," said Jason amused.

"That too. So how would you like to start Physical Therapy?" said Sabrina.

"Do you think the great Mr. Cassadine would give you permission?" said Jason. Mr. Cassadine is the only visitor he gets outside of Sabrina. He only spoke with the man a few times, but he doesn't like what he sees. Always the same question, Do you remember anything? Followed by strange innuendos about his potential. The guy just creeps him out. His gut feeling is telling him that Cassadine may just want more than some magical cure. But can he count on his gut feelings when it could have been what caused the accident in the first place. Doctors come and go silently all hours of the day and they look through him and not at him. In only a weeks time Sabrina had become his closest friend. She just allows him to be himself or at least try to figure it out. But he can't do that behind these walls.

"I'm not sure if he will approve," said Sabrina not wanting to get his hopes up. "But this needs to happen and i am willing to fight for it with you. You're not just their lab rat you're a person. Your not going to be in this hospital room forever! I promise," said Sabrina knowing she would do what she could to make sure he had a normal life outside of the hospital. Something her baby would never have.

"Then yes I want out of this bed," said Jason.

"You want what?" gasped Victor appearing behind Sabrina. No one had heard him come in. "Ms. Santiago i need to speak to you in private."

"Look I can explain what you heard," said Jason.

"I don't need to hear anything from you," said Victor not even bothering to glance over at him. "Explain," he said to Sabrina once they had entered the hallway.

"I want him to begin physical therapy," said Sabrina wondering if she was about to be fired.

"Was that all. No matter, he can start right away. You will be teaching him," said Victor.

"What did you think we were talking about? Wait, what do you mean I'm teaching him? I'm not qualified for that. I could end up doing more harm than good."

"I trust your abilities. I suggest you do your research. Or he can lay in that bed another year makes no difference to me."

"What is this really about? How can you so easily jeopardize his health in such away?

"To many people are involved in this project as it is. If what were doing gets out. We lose our advantage and all the work we've done up till now."

"oh my god, that's all you care about," said Sabrina who knew he was greedy but not to this extent.

"This can't be legal. I'll take my complaints to the FDA," said Sabrina outraged.

"This is my hospital and if you don't want to work here your disappearance can be arranged. after all Ms. Santiago who would miss you."

She didn't know what to say. The truth is if she died tomorrow there would only be two people at her funeral felix and Juan. But she wouldn't dare give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry or thinking he was right. "Youre not going to get away with this."

"Guards escort Ms. Santiago back to her home. She is leaving work early she has some research that needs to be done."

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