The Pearl's Edge

Making Caring Visible

Chapter 6

"Thanks Mark for helping me with these books. I thought I was going to have to make 2 trips," said Sabrina stopping to rebalance some textbooks on her hip.

"No, problem. What do we have here?" he asked running his hands along some of the book bindings.

"Don't snoop," she said trying not to laugh as she tried to grab the books from him without dropping her own.

"If I was snooping which I wasn't. Did I see a book called Expertise in Physical Therapy?" inquired Mark with his eyebrow raised.

Sabrina sighed maybe asking Mark to help was a bad idea. He was her friend and getting him involved with this hospital anymore than he already was is not fair. She has nothing to lose by helping Jason. Mark has a girlfriend and a family who loves him. "No, that's not what you saw," she said giving him a look of warning.

"I'll set these down by the door," said Mark, "I know the drill you can't come in."

He turned around to walk away, but thought better of it. "The doctors here walk around this place like drones no sense of right and wrong. Don't even get me started on the security guards. Sabrina just be careful, look out for yourself."

Before she could reply he walked away. But she supposed it was a good thing anyway. She's just not sure how freely they can speak with the guards in the hallway being vigilant. She wants him to know that it means something to her that he cares. She hasn't even been that great of a friend to him. I mean what's a good guy like him doing stuck in a place like this.

"Oh Sabrina, your back, when he dragged you out of here. I wanted to chase after you guys," said Jason as soon as she entered the room. "I got so furious that he wouldn't listen and I couldn't do anything about it I even managed to wiggle my toes."

"That's good," she said dropping the books at his side on the bed. "Because were going to be learning together.

"What's this?"

"Physical therapy books," she said sounding more cheerful than she felt.

"Are you qualified as a physical therapist?" he asked wondering what was going on.

"No I'm not. He's to worried about the discovery getting out. He's a dangerous man whose use to getting his way and if you want to get better were doing it together."

"Okay," said Jason flipping through the first book, "Where do we start I trust you?"

If it wasn't for Sabrina he'd probably go insane a long time ago. She promised him that he would get better. unbeknownst to her he was going to make her a promise that he wasn't going to leave her in this god-forsaken hospital when he was ready to go. He owed her that much.

7 Months Later

"Look, im tired and you can't make me do it anymore," screamed Jason. They had been at it almost 7 months now and it seemed like he was barely making any progress. They just started their session, but considering how things had gone he deserved a chance to rest and try it again tomorrow.

"You're not even trying. You think because there are a few road blocks in your way you don't even have to try. Everyone wants you to fail!" she said frustrated. "They don't even want to give us a room or you a certified teacher. But you're not doing this for me you're doing it cause you have to. And Oh, by the way I can yell too!"

She watched him standing with the help of the railing. They had gotten so far but now everything seems stalled. She was learning this as they went. Was she the one hindering his growth. She got up from where she was sitting and walked so that she was only three steps away. She held out her hand to him, "please walk to me." He grasped her hand and even she had a moment of apprehension.

He took one unsteady step forward and then two and tears welled up in Sabrina's eyes. Everything they've worked for culminates in this one moment. And just like that it was over. He lost his balance and fell forward on top of her pinning her to the floor. Knocking the wind out of her, but that wasn't the only reason she couldn't breath.

"Were those tears for me? he asked wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

"Yes," she said her gaze never wavering from his eyes.

He brushed his hand across her cheek and lowered his lips to hers until they barely touched. Wondering if this was the right thing to do. But he knew it was. He enveloped her lips in a fiery kiss that he never wanted to wake up from.

"Don't do this," said Sabrina who had tears in her eyes but not of joy but hurt.

"I apologize, if i was out of line," said Jason wondering how he could have misread the signals. Feeling like a complete fool for ruining their friendship. He rolled over unto his back to give Sabrina room to stand.

"I'm going to help you get back to the bed. Will start fresh tomorrow okay," she said never once looking at him. Even as she grabbed his arm and looped it over her shoulders barring most of his weight. She sat him on the bed and made sure he was comfortable and just left. No goodbye, not even a glance back.

He couldn't believe it did he just alienate his only friend.

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