The Pearl's Edge

The Secret Date

Chapter 9

"You ready to do this?" asked Sabrina not wanting to admit she was a little nervous.

"Let's go," said Jason sitting in a wheel chair ready to play the role of the dutiful patient.

As soon as Jason was out of the room the guards on both ends converged on them. "He is going down to CT. Mark put it on the schedule months ago."

"CT is closed this late at night," said John the guard to the left of them.

"That is why it's the perfect time to get his scans done. It will be just us and the doctor and no one to see our special patient. If you look at his schedule you will see that it's on their," said Sabrina glad that she convinced Mark to help her.

"Yeah, I guess we didn't notice it before," said the big burly guard looking at his clipboard. Sabrina didn't recognize him and wondered if he was new. "Are we supposed to be escorting him to his appointments?" said John to his partner.

"I don't know man, but just to be safe we better go."

"No, that's not necessary!" said Sabrina scrambling to come up with something, "You're supposed to watch the room. If you leave it you may diss obey orders besides he won't be gone long."

"We're going or Mr. Cassadine gets a call at home verifying the appointment," said the new guy who was determined to ruin all her plans.

"It was just a suggestion. We're going to be late for the appointment. So let's just go," she said wheeling Jason towards the elevator. She gave his shoulder a squeeze to let him know the plan was still on.

They reached the first floor CT Room with little fanfare. Luckily, for them their was no windows for this room except the ones on the doors. The guards this time decided to post themselves on either side of the door. Mark instructed the janitor to leave a dirty laundry cart in the room and that it would be returned at 12pm. Mark is the office coördinator for the entire clinic. He specifically handles the schedules of the lower ranked office staff and janitorial staff. He runs the hospital like a well oiled machine so im sure the janitor didn't question his request.

Jason jumped into the laundry cart while I piled hospital towels and sheets over him. Now all she had to do was get him out of the room. She should get an oscar for this next performance.

The doors clang loudly behind her, "hey guys janitor left this laundry cart behind. Doc wants me to take it down. It's a little heavy though think you can help me push it to the elevator." Not that she was lying it was easier pushing him in the wheel chair.

"Trying to get us to leave the door Ms. Santiago. No, thanks will wait here. Last time I checked we weren't janitors," said the new guy.

"Take it easy," said John shaking his head wearily at his partner. Who clearly had something to prove to himself or the boss. Either way this job was easy and he just needed to dial back the hostility. "Sorry, Ms. Santiago I would, but not allowed to leave the door."

"That's alright John I understand," said Sabrina pushing the cart towards the elevator. Once in side she scanned for cameras. Seeing one in the corner she faced forward and whispered to Jason, "Don't get up, but we're in the elevator. Almost home free."

The elevator opened to the ground floor. She could hear the hum from the boiler room and general maintenance area. The smells of fresh linen were rafting in from the laundry room to her right. Noticing that the coast was clear she pushed the cart forward out the door and to her car. "Okay get out you weigh a ton."

In the car driving Sabrina knew she'd made the right decision going on this date with Jason. Not just because of their relationship but because she will always remember the look of excitement on his face. He was trying to play it cool, but he wasn't succeeding he hadn't stopped staring out the window since he got in the car. "I don't even know if I have ever been to New York before. If I have family here morning my death."

"I'm sorry I know that there is nothing I or any doctor can do to replace that emptiness. If there is any justice in this world you will be reunited with them again one day," said Sabrina truly believing that he couldn't be alone in this world. He had to have a mother or father maybe even siblings. She just hoped she doesn't lose him when that day comes. They didn't find him with a ring on his finger. So maybe she's just feeling jaded after what happened with Patrick. So she doesn't have anything to worry about at least with that. "Bri, I realized early on that I wasn't your friend. Only because you're my family and no one who comes along can change that."

"Family leaves Jason no one stays, " she said changing the subject quickly, "Besides people can live there whole life in New York and never really see it. Today we're going to see one part of it together. Were here," she said pointing out the window. "Mark knows someone who owns the carnival so we have the place to ourselves. Where do you want to start first?" she said beaming at him.

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