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Music Theory TA


Is it wise for Kristen to be crushing on the Music Theory TA? ©xsun_lightx

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

You watched as he gripped his pencil too tightly. He was always so concentrated on his work. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be gawking at the TA for music theory, but he was just so damn attractive.

He wore a bright, blue hoodie and his dark, chocolate hair fell just above his eyes while the veins on his hands piqued your interest. He sat quietly listening to the instructor discuss the assignments due for the next class meeting.

Class ended and of course, you trailed behind him as you walked home. You found him quite mysterious and alluring but you never had a full-blown conversation with him. He would usually correct your assignments or suggested better ways to remember chords, but it was short and fleeting.

You finally stop in front of your house which so happens to be beside his. You felt as though he didn’t know you existed aside from when you actually asked him for help.

You lazily walked up the stairs towards your bedroom. Throwing off your t-shirt and jeans, you left yourself exposed in a lace, black lingerie set before plopping down on the bed.

Yoongi was very much aware of your presence. In fact, he put much distance between you guys because he felt like a stalker. A pervert.

His very room faced yours.

The blinds were always kept open, but he never intended on spying on you or check you out creepily.

It only happened just two months ago when he moved in and decided to be a teaching assistant for your class. Not that he knew, it was a crazy coincidence that you were a student.

As he unpacked his belongings the day he moved in, your blinds were open. He peered out his window just to see you change into a slutty bunny costume for a Halloween party.

He didn’t instantly look away. His widen eyes couldn’t help but thoroughly check you out through the window. You eventually knocked on his door asking for a sewing kit because you were rushing to head to a party and didn’t have time to look for one.

The white strap that held your lace stocking to your skirt tore and Yoongi’s eyes just lingered a bit too long on the mere problem you needed to fix.

He offered to fix it for you, but you didn’t have the patience since you wanted to impress Taehyung at the party, so you shook your head and said you had to leave because you were so late.

You ran out on him as soon as you got that sewing kit but ever since then... Yoongi would always look out his window just to watch you in your room.

You didn’t know it, but he wanted you.

As creepy as it was, he couldn’t stop himself from looking out the window and go to bed fantasizing about you. Fucking you on a piano before music theory or showing up at your door just to pull you in for kiss.

Well it was the weekend and to no surprise Jimin called just to ask you if you wanted to go to a party he was throwing.

You instantly responded with a yes, knowing full well you didn’t want to be alone all weekend fantasizing about Yoongi.

You really felt like he didn’t know of your existence. That alone made your mood shift, so you decided you wanted to get drunk, have fun, and ease the sexual tension at the party.

One thing was for sure, you wanted to let go and get laid. Most days was torture filled with routine and the same cycle of thoughts of wanting him.

He didn’t make it easy.

Sometimes you even thought he hit on you, when he helped you with assignments. While reviewing chord progressions and time signatures, his hands would accidentally brush up on your thigh, making you squirm. In the end, you figured it was mostly likely the over-analyzation of your constant thoughts, trying to dissect his every move, just because you were attracted to him.

You brush off those thoughts and put on some heels and a tight red, body-con dress that hugged your figure that clung to your upper thighs.

You were far from a slut. In fact, you’ve only slept with one guy and that was Taehyung. You just liked having fun and partying with friends. It was easy to de-stress from being the “model student” when you were hanging out with Jimin. He made everything fun and that’s exactly what you needed.

You ended up getting to the party later than expected because you forgot that your paper was due at 11:00PM. So, you rushed and bullshitted your way through it, before pressing submit.

Jimin opened the door and greeted you with a huge smile on his face. “Why are you so late? You know the party started 2 hours ago. I was worried something happened to you.”

“Sorry I forgot I had a paper due....” you trail off.

“Well never mind that. I want to introduce you to some friends visiting.” He says, as he guides you through the sea of people dancing.

You end up in the kitchen facing 6 guys. And your eyes widen the moment you land on the one you tried to get away from for the night.

“Well you already know Taehyung, but that’s Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok, Jungkook, and Yoongi. This is Kristen, guys.” Jimin yells, hoping you could hear him as the music roars through the background.

Jimin leaves as his girlfriend tries to whisk him away for a dance. You felt abit awkward since you’ve never spoken to any of the guys except for Taehyung but he had his own plans for the night and went off on the dance floor along with Jimin.

“Would you like a drink?” Yoongi asks, but you couldn’t hear him due to the roaring music that echoed along the walls.

He notices your attempt to understand his words, so he inches his way closer. His breath tracing along your ear to your neck.

“Would you like a drink?” He asks once again.

You nod and watch him pour you a glass of vodka coke. You didn’t understand why he was paying attention to you but for that moment, it didn’t matter.

You were distracted. Eyes trained to his v-neck top, moderately showing his chest, while his tight black jeans hugged his thigh muscles.

Snapping out of those thoughts, he handed you the drink, making you smile. You mouthed a “thank you,” before deciding to walk away.

You weren’t sure if you planned on staying with the guys, but you did end up taking a bottle of vodka with some chaser.

In the end, you chose to go upstairs to the guest room, to overlook the view on the balcony.

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