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Living with her


This story is about a man who was deeply hurt by his first love. Harry Stanford is the man who seeks nothing but to love his first love. But as he poured out his love, it still wasn't enough because his loved one left him in tears. Why? because the girl prefers her dream of becoming a fashion designer in america. He was left in tears and that day he did not know how he would start again. Over the years he returned to himself but much has changed, He become cold as ice, The man who had always smiled became serious and above all he had kept his heart shut and never taught himself how to love again. But he never expected a woman to come to his life to change him. A woman who will teach him again how to be happy and to love. But will the woman be the reason to give his heart another chance to love again. Will he be happy or will he be more get hurt. Let see......

Romance / Drama
Marie rose
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


While looking outside the window I was busy listening to music. I felt like someone was opening my bedroom door so I took off my headphone and took a serious look to the person who opened my door. It was my little sister Selena.

"What is it?" I asked coldly but instead of answering me she looked at my drawer near my bed, I noticed where she was looking so I immediately stood up and took the picture frame in my drawer.

Selene look at me while raisinv her right eyebrow. "Do you still love her?" she asked. I know she was referring to the girl in the picture frame I was holding. I didn't respond and I saw how she rolled her eyes. "My God seriously brother! that girl gave you so much pain and yet you still love her!?" my sister said annoyingly. I just ignore what she said instead I asked her what she was doing in my room and there she told me that she wanted me to help her with her science project and besides I have nothing to do so I'll just going to help her.

After we finished her project I went straight to my room and as I satdown in my bed I took the picture frame in my drawer. I smiled, She was still beautiful, her beauty does not fading, Her beautiful smile reminded me of how much I love her. Her smile is the reason why I fall inlove with her. I'm talking about my first love, jessica. We were also a couple for a long time but we broke up. It's been 2 years since we broke up and for 2 years I still don't know why we broke up. I always emailed her but she don't bothered herself to read all the message that I send to her. Yes, I felt a lot of sadness and disappointment. It was sad because I felt that she didn't want to talk to me and was disappointed because I also felt that she had changed and she was no longer the Jessica I had known.

Then after that, I found out that she's dating someone. It hurts because it's just so easy for her to leave me. She broke up with me on the phone but didn't give me enough reason why she didn't love me anymore. My has become miserable and I don't know what to do. I don't care if all the people around me get mad. I couldn't do anything becuase I was so damn hurt. Jessica has been my life since we become boyfriend and girlfriend.

One time my mom saw me in the kitchen and I was drinking alcohol that time. I saw how my mom crying and begged me to fixed my life. I hate seeing my mom crying. She told me that there are lots of girls in the world who will love me and will never leave me. I realized I hastened everything. I thought maybe mom was right I wouldn't be happy if I always thought about the pain. because in this world were we stand there are people who come into our lives who are ready to make us happy but they do not last. So that day I decided to fixed myself for my family and friends and of course for me.

Months have passed I feel like I've moved on to Jessica. A lot has changed for me. I became cold as ice, I was always serious and didn't laugh easily and I never taught my heart how to love again. my heart is like a stone now.


I was distracted when I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door. I fell asleep while hugging Jessica's picture frame. I put the frame in my drawer and quickly went to the door and opened it. It's Selena again.

"What is it again!?" I asked. "Your ugly friend called on the phone" she replied at rolled her eyes. I asked her who called and I noticed Selena's frown as she mentioned my friend name---- Shawn. "What's with that face Selena?" my forehead quivered. I don't know why Selena hated Shawn.

"Just go to Vince's house!" shouted my sister and went to her room and slammed her door. I hissed because of Selena's actions maybe Shawn made fun of her again. Shawn really likes to joke around and I don't know why he always targets my sister. sometimes I thought, maybe Shawn likes my sister but he's not allowed to like my sister. I will surely puch him if he will court my sister.

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