Thundarr The Barbarian in The Wrath Of Crom

Chapter 14

Each of the seven adventurers enters a tunnel carrying a lit torch. Even Thundarr carries one, even though his Sunsword provides more light than any mere torch could ever produce. Grey Wolf takes off his magical cape, and casts the spell which turns it into a flying carpet. He lifts Jezmine and Princess Ariel up to the tunnels up above the four down below. Princess Ariel takes the tunnel on the right, Jasmine takes the tunnel on the left, and Grey Wolf takes the tunnel in the center, so that if either of them runs into trouble, he'd be able to get to them and offer his help sooner than any of the others. Thundarr takes the lower tunnel on the center left, while Conan takes center right. Zula takes the lower tunnel on the far right, and Ookla takes the one on the far left. Soon, the cave behind them is dark and empty, with the lights of the travelers' torches quickly disappearing down the tunnels. No sooner do the last slivers of torchlight leave the main cave than three dark, winged, figures enter.

"Which way?" asks Glasya.

"The barbarians went down those two tunnels there," says Gideon, pointing to the two center tunnels, "The ladies went up above."

"No mistakes this time," says Glasya, "This time we finish it!"

"Their souls will be delicious," hisses Delilah.

"Don't get ahead of yourself," Glasya warns, "These are mighty foes. We've seen them best undead, slavers, yetis, even giants."

"It was the interference of that meddling old wizard that kept them from being destroyed earlier," argues Delilah, "That won't happen again."

"Never the less," says Glasya, "Take no chances. Nothing fancy. Just feast on their souls."

"Yes, My Queen," agrees Delilah.

"As you wish," adds Gideon.

"Then go!" orders Glasya, "And may the fires of Hell go with you."

With a few simple flaps of his wings, Gideon flies up to the tunnel where Princess Ariel had disappeared. He takes a few steps inside the tunnel, and then bursts into flame. When the flames subside, he has assumed the form of Thundarr. They're absolutely identical, right down to their Sunswords. Glasya steps into the tunnel where Thundarr had entered. Like Gideon did just seconds ago, she too bursts into flame. As the Hellfire subsides, the Demon Queen has assumed the form of Princess Ariel. Delilah follows Conan. The succubus bursts into flames and assumes the form of Jezmine. Then they follow their intended targets. Moving swiftly and silently, Gideon soon catches up to Ariel. The sorceress is moving cautiously, keeping an eye out for any possible traps. So absorbed in her search is Ariel that she nearly jumps out of her skin when the incubus touches her shoulder.

"Damn it, Thundarr!" she cries, "You startled me! Don't sneak up on me like that next time!"

"I'm sorry," says the incubus, "I thought you heard me."

"What are you doing here anyway?" she asks.

"My tunnel was a dead end," lies the incubus, "So I figured I'd come here to keep you safe."

"That's very thoughtful," says Ariel, "But I'm a big girl and can take care of myself."

"I also wanted to apologize," says the incubus.

"Apologize for what?"

"For letting Glasya seduce me. I never meant to hurt you like that."

"I never said that you hurt me," she says.

"I know. But that doesn't mean that you weren't hurt. I know I was under a spell, but I can't help but feel guilty."

"But why should I . . ." she begins to ask.

"Because we both know I've been wanting to do this for a long time," and he kisses her.

Ariel resists at first. Unsure if this is really happening or not. But this is Thundarr. His touch. His scent. Everything about him is just so right. And she has to admit to herself that she has wanted this. She's wanted it for years. So she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back. The incubus unfastens the ties of Ariel's leotard behind her neck, allowing the garment to slip down to her waist. The sorceress undoes the incubus' belt and throws it aside, then pulls his fur vest down over his muscular arms and lets the garment fall to their feet. The incubus kisses his way down her neck and breasts. He kneels down before her, takes hold of her leotard, and pulls it down to her ankles. She steps out of the garment and leans against the tunnel wall.

"I have wanted this for so long," she moans.

"You and I both," says the incubus, "I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you."

Then the incubus buries his face into her crotch. He licks and sucks on the most tender and sensitive of her body parts. She grabs his hair and lets out a moan of pure pleasure. Then he starts kissing his way up her body. He stops and hovers at her navel, flicking his tongue at it and causing her to giggle as he tickles her. Then he kisses his way up farther, licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Then they kiss again. Princess Ariel reaches down and pulls down the incubus' fur loincloth. The garment falls to his ankles and he steps out of it, kicking it away as he kisses the sorceress. He takes her by the thigh and brings her leg up around his waist. Then he thrusts his manhood deep inside her. Ariel moans again into the incubus' mouth, with pure sensual pleasure, as she's penetrated. Then they begin to move rhythmically together.


At about the same time that Gideon catches up with Princess Ariel, Glasya catches up to Thundarr. As silent as Death, the succubus slips up behind the blonde barbarian. She touches him on the shoulder, causing a surprised Thundarr to whirl about and nearly take her head off with his Sunsword.

"Demon Dogs!" he says as he realizes his apparent mistake, "What are you doing here?"

"My tunnel was a dead end,” the succubus lies, "I thought I'd come down here and give you a hand."

"You should know better than to sneak up on me like that Ariel," says Thundarr, "You could have been hurt."

"I know, I'm sorry," says the Demon Queen, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"Well, I'm glad you are with me," says Thundarr, "I didn't like the thought of you exploring these tunnels all alone."

"I must admit, I was relieved when my tunnel ended so abruptly," says the demoness, "I didn't like being separated from you either."

"Then why were you so eager to do so?"

"Because I needed time alone," lies the succubus, "Time to think."

"About what?" Thundarr asks.

"About what happened," she says, "What I allowed to happen. About how I hurt you."

"Hurt me?"

"By letting Gideon seduce me," she says.

"How does that hurt me?" he asks.

"Because . . ." says the succubus, “Because I think I wanted you to be the one to seduce me. And I think, deep down, you wanted that too."


"Don't you?" she asks, "Don't you feel the connection between us? The energy?"

"I have always known there was a connection between us," says Thundarr, "But I've never been able to describe it before."

"I've known it from the moment I laid eyes on you," says the succubus, "I always known you were special. Why do you think that I helped you escape from my stepfather's citadel? So that you and I could be together. So that we could be happy. So that I could do this."

And the succubus, in the form of Princess Ariel, kisses Thundarr. Thundarr is unsure as to what to make of this. It isn't completely unexpected. He pretends to be oblivious to her attraction towards him, but truth be told he feels the same way. He just doesn't want to appear weak in front of others by admitting it, even to himself. But he wants this. By The Lords Of Light, he has always wanted this. So Thundarr kisses her back. The succubus in the guise of Princess Ariel unbuckles the barbarian's belt and casts it aside. Then she pulls his vest down his arms and tosses that aside as well. Thundarr reaches up behind her neck and unties the strap to her blue leotard. The Demon Queen pulls her leotard down to her ankles and steps out of the garment, kicking it away from her and her prey. She unties the drawstring holding up Thundarr's fur loincloth, pulling it down to the barbarian's ankles. Thundarr kicks the loincloth out of his way. The succubus turns around to face the wall. She reaches back and takes hold of Thundarr's manhood, and gently guides it into the warm folds of her delicate cunny. The barbarian takes hold of her by the waist and thrusts deep within her. The Demon Queen moans in pleasure. Thundarr thrusts again and again, picking up speed each time. The succubus grinds her hips rhythmically, moving her body with every thrust.


Delilah creeps down the tunnel Conan had entered. With uncanny stealth, the succubus in the form of Jasmine slips up behind the Cimmerian. Her footsteps are silent, she makes not a whisper of a sound as she approaches. Gently, the succubus lays a soft hand upon Conan's shoulder. With startling speed, the barbarian whirls about swinging his Star Metal sword. The succubus drops to the tunnel floor, just in time to avoid having her head separated from her shoulders.

"Crom's breath!" exclaims Conan, "Jezmine! What are you doing here?"

"Being attacked by you apparently," says the succubus who looks like Jasmine.

"Why aren't you in one of the tunnels up above this one?" asks the barbarian.

"It was a dead end," says the she-demon, "So I figured I'd come and give you a hand."

"You should know better than to sneak up on me like that!" scolds the Cimmerian, "You could have been killed!"

"I guess I'm lucky that you were aiming for the head of someone your own height then," says the succubus.

"Well then, be more careful," he says.

"I shall," agrees the she-demon.

"Why did you come down this tunnel?" asks Conan, "Why not help Grey Wolf, or one of our new friends."

"Two reasons," says the succubus, "First, I figured most of them could all take care of themselves if they got into trouble."

"And second?"

"Second, I've been wanting a chance to do this," and she kisses Conan on the lips.

"Wha . . .?"

"I've wanted to kiss you since the first time I laid eyes on you," says the she-demon in Jezmine's voice, "That and so much more."

"But what about our friends?"

"We'll have time to find The World Wand and get them home," she says, "I just want to make you mine. Right here. Right now."

She kisses Conan again. This time the Cimmerian kisses her back. He must admit, he had thought of this quite a bit since he had met the acrobat. But his quest had always got in the way of him being able to express his feelings for the girl. But now that he knew that she felt the same way . . . The she-demon takes Conan's fur cloak and throws it on the ground. Then she takes his shield and tosses that aside. Conan begins unlacing the leather thong of her bustier. As the succubus is nibbling on Conan's nipples, Needle gets up out of the barbarian's shield.

"Why you go wake Needle?" asks the baby phoenix, "Needle was having nice dream about pomegranates!"

Then he sees Conan and Jezmine being intimate together. Needle senses immediately that something is wrong here. He senses the evil emanating from the succubus, and realizes that that is not Jezmine.

"Conan! Conan!" squawks the phoenix, "That not Star Girl! That not Star Girl!"

Conan looks over at Needle in confusion. Then he looks down at Jezmine's face and sees that she's glaring at Needle with pure hatred. That was completely unlike the acrobat. She liked Needle. She might have become annoyed with him for interrupting them at such an intimate moment, but she would never glare at the phoenix with suck malevolence and contempt. The Cimmerian immediately shoves her away, draws his Star Metal sword, and drives it through her heart. Delilah screams as her disguise evaporates, revealing her true form. Her body is consumed by Hellfire as the tunnel fills with the stench of brimstone.

"You haven't seen the last of me, barbarian!" she warns as she fades away, "I'll be back! You've only banished me for a hundred years! I'll have my revenge! If not against you, then against your children's children's childr . . ."

And Delilah vanishes, back to Hell where she belongs.

"Needle! Come!" says Conan, and he runs back down the hall from whence he came.

"Needle do good!" says Needle, "Needle saw bad magic and warn Conan!"

"Yes Needle!" says Conan between heavy breaths, "But now we must help our friends! There were three demons! Remember?"

"Needle remember! Needle remember!" says the phoenix, "Oh no! What if other demon is with Star Girl right now?"

"That's why we have to find out where the other two demons are!"

The two of them exit the tunnel into the main cavern. Conan looks desperately from one tunnel to another.

"They could have gone anywhere!" says Conan.

Needle flies up to the tunnel Thundarr went down. "Needle sense bad magic this way!" he says.

"That's probably Glasya," says the Cimmerian, "That's the tunnel Thundarr went down to explore. What about the other one?"

Needle looks around some more. "Bad magic this way!" says the phoenix at the mouth of the tunnel Princess Ariel went down.

"That's where Princess Ariel went!" says Conan, "Damn! I don't think I can reach them both in time!"

"What Conan do? What Conan do?"

"I'll go help Thundarr!" decides the barbarian, "You go see if you can find Grey Wolf! He may be able to banish Gideon if I can't get there in time with Thundarr!"

"Right! Right!" says the phoenix, "Needle help! Needle find gray wizard!" and he flies into the middle tunnel.

"Crom's speed, little friend," says Conan, then he runs with all the speed he can muster into the tunnel after Thundarr.


It doesn't take Needle long to find the wizard Grey Wolf. The air wizard from Xanthus is taking his time, despite riding on his magic cape, to ensure that he didn't overlook any possible clues or set off any traps. He is truly surprised when Needle comes flying at him at full speed squawking madly. He is immediately concerned, for Needle rarely left Conan's side except for the direst of emergencies.

"What has happened, my little friend?" asks the wizard.

"Demons!" says Needle as he tries to catch his breath, "One of them pretended to be Star Girl! Was tricking Conan! Needle warn him. Conan banish her with his sword!"

"The same demons as before?" asks Grey Wolf.

"Yes! Yes!" says Needle, "Conan banished Delilah! Glasya and Gideon still out there!"

"We'd better find them, and fast," says Grey Wolf.

"One in tunnel with Thundarr," says Needle, "Other in tunnel with Ariel. Conan already helping barbarian!"

"Then we shall help his sorceress," says Grey Wolf, "Come!"

Grey Wolf and Needle fly at great speed in order to try and get to Princess Ariel in time to save her from the incubus.


Conan runs down the tunnel where Thundarr had disappeared, praying to Crom that he was not too late. He could hear the sounds of moaning coming from up ahead. Apparently Glasya had Thundarr under her spell. Though exactly what she had in mind, he couldn't be certain. Before it was her plan to seduce them and make them fight amongst themselves, killing some while simultaneously destroying the morale of others. Whatever she was planning this time included seducing them while disguised as people the friends cared about. But why, he does not know.

Thundarr is lying on his back on the tunnel floor, as the woman he believes to be Princess Ariel is writhing on top of him. Never in his life had he felt such pure ecstasy Never in his life had he felt such pure passion. He looks into the face of Princess Ariel, and she appears to be completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment herself. She moans in pleasure as she grinds upon him. What Thundarr does not realize, is that it is not his love making that is making her moan. Wave after wave of his life force is being drained away, an action which succubi find incredibly pleasurable. And due to their enchanting natures, so do their victims, right up until the point where they expire. Conan runs around the bend and sees what is taking place. He can actually see the energy flowing from Thundarr into the demon wearing Ariel's face. Wasting no time, the raven haired barbarian runs up behind the succubus and drives his Star Metal sword into her back.

Thundarr is lying on his back, staring lovingly into the face of Ariel, when suddenly she throws her head back and screams as the blade of Conan's sword bursts out of her chest, right between her breasts. She stands up as Thundarr scrambles backward in shock. His shock increases as Glasya resumes her natural form in a burst of Hellfire and brimstone.

"Demon Dogs!" cries Thundarr.

"You've not won anything!" hisses the Demon Queen, "I'll be back! "I'll . . ."

"Yeah, yeah," says Conan as he twists the blade of his sword in her chest, causing her to scream in pain mid-sentence.

"That . . . wasn't . . . Ariel?" says Thundarr, thoroughly confused.

"Nay," says Conan, "It looked like she was draining the life out of you. I saw a white glow radiating from your body and being absorbed by hers."

"If she had been allowed to finish?"

"I know little about demons, my friend. But I think, most likely, you would have died."

"Wait!" says Thundarr, "If that was Glasya, then where is Ariel?"

"Likely with the demon called Gideon right now," replies the Cimmerian, "I sent Needle to find Grey Wolf and go save her."

"We must go to her!" says Thundarr, "At once!"

"We shall leave as soon as you are dressed, my friend."

Thundarr tries to get up, but falls right back over again.

"Lords Of Light, let them reach her in time."


Grey Wolf and Needle race down the tunnel in order to find Princess Ariel. They see her and what looks like Thundarr, both naked, wrapped in a passionate, intimate embrace. Princess Ariel's back is pressed up against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist, as the demon wearing Thundarr's face thrusts his pelvis again and again. The wizard and the phoenix can both see a white glow emanating from Ariel's body and being absorbed by the incubus. Ariel's head is resting on the strong shoulder of who she thinks is Thundarr. Her arms are loosely wrapped around his neck. She appears to be practically unconscious.

"Grey Wolf!" says Needle, "Hurry! Princess Lady almost out of energy!"

Grey Wolf points his magic staff at the phony Thundarr and blasts him with a burst of magical energy. It hits the demon full force, throwing him some distance from the sorceress. Grey Wolf quickly goes to check on Ariel. She's out cold, but she's still breathing. Grey Wolf covers her naked body with his magic cape. Then he stands up and faces the incubus. The demon doesn't even bother reverting to his natural form, even though he's been found out. He grabs the hilt of his Sunsword from its bracer and ignites the blade. Grey Wolf's surprise shows on his face, and the fake Thundarr laughs.

"Come wizard," says Gideon, "Match your magic against my Hellsword!"

"I will send you back to the fiery pits that spawned you," growls the wizard.

"You first," says Gideon in Thundarr's voice.

The demon charges at Grey Wolf. He waits for the last possible second before ducking under the demon's swing. Gideon turns back around and holds his Hellsword ready to attack again. Then the blade of Conan's Star Metal sword bursts out of his chest. Gideon returns to his natural form and his body erupts in flames as he is being banished back to Hell. He opens his mouth to vow vengeance, but Conan twists the blade before he could even utter a sound. The incubus returns to Hell in a burst of Hellfire and brimstone. Thundarr staggers over to Ariel's side, weak from his encounter with Glasya. He kneels down next to her, and then clutches her unconscious body in his arms. Needle lands on his shoulder and looks at the sorceress with a worried expression on his face.

"Is there anything we can do for her?" asks the barbarian.

"Needle not know," says the baby phoenix, "Needle sorry we not get here sooner."

"Perhaps she just needs rest," says Conan.

"We may be able to help her back in my city of Xanthus," says Grey Wolf, "But first we'll need to find this World Wand, to get you home."

"Aye," says Thundarr, "We will be needing that to get her home."

"I promise," says Conan, "that we will do all we can for her."

"And I promise," says Thundarr, "that Wrath-Amon shall suffer dearly for sending those demons after us."

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