Thundarr The Barbarian in The Wrath Of Crom

Chapter 7

That night the ten adventurers ride out across the desert. This time Glasya is riding on the back of Thundarr's horse, her arms wrapped around his muscular torso and her head resting on the back of his shoulder. Conan glares at them as he rides, which the succubus notices and causes her to smile to herself. Gideon is riding on the back of Princess Ariel's mare today, his arms wrapped around her slender waist and talking in her ear as they ride, causing her to giggle like a school girl. Jezmine glares at the two of them as they ride, which does not go unnoticed by the incubus. Delilah rides behind Zula this night, which does not sit well with Grey Wolf. He glares at the two of them as the blonde sorceress wraps her arms around Zula's powerful torso and rests her head on the back of his shoulder. The she-demon sees this and smiles to herself. Her queen's plan was coming along beautifully.

Ookla can sense the tension between his companions, but for the life of him he can't figure out what is bothering his friends. Whenever they stop for a rest, he tries to continue his coaching of Zula and Jezmine on understanding the mok tongue. However neither of them seems to be interested in learning anymore. They seem more interested in what their companions are up to with the three new arrivals. Ookla tries to talk to Thundarr about what's going on, but the blonde barbarian seems more interested in talking with Glasya than in talking with his oldest and dearest friend. He tries to talk to Ariel, even though she can barely understand him, but the sorceress is too busy making googly eyes at Gideon to be bothered. The mok then taps on Conan's shield to try and talk to the baby phoenix, Needle. Needle flies out of the shield and lands on Ookla's shoulder.

"What big smelly oaf want?" asks the magical bird.

Ookla points out the couplings of companions and the strained feelings between their friends. While Needle can't understand a word Ookla is saying, he can see the daggers in the looks that Conan, Grey Wolf, and Jezmine are giving Thundarr, Zula, and Princess Ariel. He also notices that their three new companions aren't completely oblivious to this tension, and are in fact rather enjoying it.

"Oh no," says Needle, "Bad magic. Bad magic!"

Ookla grunts, with an upwards inflection at the end indicating it was a question.

"Needle magical creature," says the phoenix, "Can sense magic in the air. Can tell good magic from bad magic. Conan. Tiger Prince. Grey Wizard. They all under magic spell. Bad magic!"

Ookla grunts again, with a similar inflection as the first, indicating another question.

"Won't listen to Needle before!" says the phoenix, "Definitely not listen to Needle now. Need a wizard to break the spell. A good wizard. Need to find The Hermit!"

Ookla roars at the tiny phoenix. Needle has been around Ookla long enough to understand the fact that Ookla is simply talking to him, and is very excited or agitated (kind of hard to tell which is which), although the magical bird still can't understand one word of the mok's language. Still, he can guess what the big hairy beast is trying to say.

"Yes! Yes!" says Needle, "Needle go find good wizard! Get Hermit to break the spell!"

With that the little phoenix flies off to try and find this reclusive wizard, leaving a very worried mok behind to try and make sense of things. The day passes uneventfully, if uncomfortably. The tension between Ookla's companions is so thick it could be cut with a knife. The party sets out again at sunset, once more heading towards The Hermit's dwelling. Ookla watches with concern as Princess Ariel once again rides with Gideon behind her, all the while shooting smug smiles at Jezmine, who glares back at the happy couple. Conan glares at Thundarr as Glasya rides behind the blonde barbarian with her arms wrapped about his muscular torso. Thundarr grins back at Conan, only fueling the barbarian's jealousy even more. And the sorceress Delilah rides on the back of Prince Zula's horse, her arms wrapped comfortably around the dark skinned warrior's muscular abdomen. Grey Wolf glares at the two of them as they ride. Zula sees this and smiles at the elemental wizard, fueling his jealousy even further.

As the sun begins to rise in the east, Ookla starts howling at the others in his bestial tongue. The others all stop their mounts.

"What does that hairy beast want now?" Conan asks in an irritated tone.

"Ookla says we must find shelter," says Thundarr, his voice dripping with venom, "and soon!"

"Why?" asks Grey Wolf, "What does he know?"

"A storm," says Thundarr, "Closing fast. He can sense it on the winds."

"Bah!" says Conan, "Superstitious nonsense!"

"It's not nonsense!" exclaims Ariel, "Ookla's senses are far keener than any human's. If he says that there's a storm coming, you can bet your last coin that a storm is coming."

"Very well, mok," says Conan, "Then where shall we seek shelter?"

Ookla scans the desert all about them. He sniffs the air, first east, then west, then north, and then south. After a moment’s contemplation, he spurs his equart into a gallop towards the north. His nine companions follow close behind the mok. Soon, Ookla leads the party to a rocky outcropping with a large cave in its side. As they approach, the mok dismounts his equart and leads it inside. The others get off of their horses just as the wind is beginning to kick up. They lead their mounts into the cave, one by one, until the last of them enters the cave just as the sand storm hits them. Thundarr ignites the blade of his Sunsword to light their way. Princess Ariel adds to the illumination by conjuring a light spell. Grey Wolf and Delilah do likewise.

The adventurers find themselves in a large cave with three additional tunnels leading deeper into the earth, plus the entrance they had just stepped through. They tether their horses in this first chamber, and then begin to explore their shelter.

"I will check this tunnel," says Thundarr, pointing towards the passage to the left of the entrance. "Ariel, you take that tunnel," he says as he points towards the center passage, "And Grey Wolf can take that last passage there," as he points at the tunnel to the right of the entrance.

"Have no fear, Thundarr," says Gideon, "I shall keep Ariel safe."

Jezmine glares at the sorceress, and Ookla growls in suspicion. Thundarr ignores his friend's warning and heads off into the darkness of the tunnel. Gideon draws his rapier and joins Princess Ariel as she heads into the dark tunnel, lighting the way with her magic. And Grey Wolf enters the last tunnel, using his magic to light his way.

Thundarr walks through the dark tunnel. After several minutes it opens up into a cavern, slightly smaller than the main cavern at the entrance. The floor is quite sandy, and would make for a comfortable place to sleep. As he turns around to head back to the group, he comes face to face with Glasya.

"Lords of Light!" Thundarr exclaims, "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you," says the succubus, "I wanted to see you."

"What of the others?" asks Thundarr.

"We are far from the other cavern," she says, "No one will hear us."

"Hear us do what?" asks the barbarian.

"This," says Glasya, and she envelops Thundarr and kisses him passionately.

The blonde barbarian returns the demon queen's embrace threefold. Glasya undoes the clasp of her cape and let's it slip to the cavern floor. She unbuckles Thundarr's heavy leather belt and tosses it aside. Thundarr unbuckles Glasya's sword belt and lets her weapon clatter to the floor. She peels off Thundarr's fur vest, pulling it down his muscular arms until it falls by their feet. He quickly undoes the clasp of Glasya's chain mail bustenhalt, tossing the armor aside with a 'thump'.
Glasya turns away from the barbarian and spreads her discarded cape out over the ground.

As she's kneeling on all fours, Thundarr can no longer control his desire. He grabs the succubus from behind and throws her onto her back. He lays himself on top of her and kisses her deeply. She returns his embrace enthusiastically. Thundarr starts working his way down her neck, kissing her shoulder, and stopping at her perfectly shaped breasts. He gently kneads them with his strong, calloused hands. He sucks hungrily upon her nipples, which are stiff and erect from her arousal. He continues on, kissing his way down her muscular, washboard stomach, until he reaches her chain mail clad groin. Thundarr undoes the clasps on the succubus' chain mail loincloth and peels away the piece of armor. Tossing the armor aside, Thundarr pulls his own fur loincloth down around his knees. He lowers himself onto the she-demon and thrusts his manhood inside her.

Glasya lets out a moan of pure pleasure as she feels Thundarr's manhood moving inside her. She wraps her legs tightly around the barbarian's waist and moves her hips, synchronizing their pelvic thrusts with each other. She digs her nails into his back as he brings her to climax, creating long scratches from his shoulders to his spine. She then grabs Thundarr's bare buttocks, pulling him into her encouraging him to thrust faster, harder. Thundarr's skin glistens with sweat as he thrusts his pelvis faster and faster. His breath comes in gasps until he lets out an animalistic grunt. His whole body seems to spasm as he releases his climax inside the Queen of the Succubi. He collapses in her arms, quite spent, and they lie there together in a lover's embrace.


Meanwhile, Princess Ariel and the 'rogue' Gideon explore the center tunnel. Ariel uses her magic to light their way. The incubus has his rapier in one hand, poised to strike anything that might dare to threaten them, and a lit torch in his other hand, adding illumination to Ariel's light spell. The tunnel leads them to a small cave, roughly a third of the size of the chamber where they left the horses. There are many large stones scattered about, as well as soft sand all about the cave floor.

"This place should make a fine latrine, should we be forced to stay here a while," says Ariel.

"Oh?" says Gideon.

"It's isolated," explains the sorceress, "We can duck behind those boulders for extra privacy, if more than one of us has to go at once. And the ground soil is fairly loose. Perfect for burying our excrement, so we won't stink the place up."

"Always the logical one," he says, "I have a better reason for seeking privacy."

"Oh?" asks the sorceress, "What might that be?"

"This!" Exclaims the incubus, and he throws the sword and the torch aside, grabs Ariel in a tight embrace, and kisses her passionately.

Gideon slides his hands up Ariel's bare back and unties her leotard behind her neck. As he is pulling the top of her leotard down to her waist, Princess Ariel unbuckles Gideon's sword belt and tosses it aside. She then unclasps his cape and lets the garment fall to their feet as she pulls his blouse up and over his head. Gideon stops kissing the sorceress for a moment, and quickly lays his cape out on the cave floor. When he turns back around, he finds that Princess Ariel has removed her leotard completely. She throws herself into the incubus' arms and the two of them collapse onto the garment. Gideon kisses his way down Ariel's neck, her shoulder, and works his way down to her breasts. There he stays, kissing, licking, and caressing her breasts. He sucks and nibbles on her nipples, making them stiff and hard with desire. He licks and kisses his way down her smooth and flat belly, stopping to tongue her navel. Ariel laughs out loud as the incubus' tongue tickles her. The demon licks and kisses his way further down, until his face is right down in her crotch. He spreads her silky smooth thighs and licks her labia. The sorceress moans as the rogue incubus sucks on her clitoris. She reaches out with one hand and digs her fingers into the dirt as she fights the urge to scream out in pleasure. With her other hand, she reaches down and grabs Gideon by the hair, pulling his face more tightly into her groin. The incubus pulls his skin tight silk pants down to his knees. The demon thrusts his manhood into the sorceress, causing her to moan with pleasure. Ariel grabs Gideon's buttocks with both hands and pulls his pelvis into her with every thrust. Gideon thrusts faster and faster, driving Ariel to greater and greater heights of pleasure. Suddenly, the demon just stops.

"What's wrong?" Ariel asks him.

"Nothing," replies the incubus, "I just thought you'd like to try another position."

"Like what?"

"Turn over," he tells her, "Get on all fours."

Princess Ariel does as she's asked. Gideon gets behind her and places the tip of his manhood between her butt cheeks. He grabs her by her bare shoulders and thrusts his hips forward, driving himself into her rectum. He drives his manhood into her again and again. Ariel groans with every thrust of the incubus' pelvis as he sodomizes her. He drives himself into her again and again, moving faster and faster, until they both cry out as they climax simultaneously. They collapse together onto the cape, spooning together in a lover's embrace, quite exhausted.


Elsewhere, Grey Wolf follows the tunnel into an adjoining cave, lighting the way with his magic staff. This cave is roughly half the size of the main chamber. In the center of the cave is a fountain, fed by a natural spring. Grey Wolf inspects the spring. The water looks nice and clean. The wizard scoops some up in his hand and sniffs it. It doesn't smell contaminated. He drinks a small mouthful, enough to tell if something is wrong with the water, but hopefully not enough to be lethal if the water is somehow contaminated. He doesn't taste anything wrong with the water. If forced to, they could stay in these caves for some time. Grey Wolf turns to leave and is startled as he nearly walks right into the sorceress Delilah.

"I'm sorry," says Delilah, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"What are you doing here?" Grey Wolf asks her.

"I missed you," replies the succubus, "I wanted to see you again."

"Next time don't sneak up on me like that," says the wizard, "I might have harmed you accidentally."

"You're right, I'm sorry," she says, "So what did you find?"

"A natural spring," he says, "I'm pretty sure it's drinkable. We could stay here for some time if need be. This water is likely what Ookla smelled earlier."

"Ah, I see," says the she-demon.

"Let us return to the others," says Grey Wolf.

"Why?" Delilah asks, "It's so beautiful here, with the light reflecting off the water and all."

"To tell the others what we've found."

"They can wait," she tells him.

"Wait for what?"

"For us to do this," and she grabs the elemental wizard in a passionate embrace and kisses him deeply.

Grey Wolf returns her embrace with great enthusiasm. Delilah undoes the clasp of Grey Wolf's enchanted cape and throws it onto the floor. She then pulls his shirt off. Grey Wolf slips the noodle thin shoulder straps of Delilah's dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Her gown slips down to her waist, and the wizard slips the garment down over her hips and let's it fall to her ankles. Delilah undoes Grey Wolf's breeches and pulls them down to his ankles. She then points at the wizard's cape and casts a spell upon the garment, causing it to spread out nicely on the floor. The wizard and the sorceress lie down onto the cape together, wrapped in a lover's embrace. The kiss each other passionately, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Delilah begins kissing her way down Grey Wolf's neck, across his shoulders, and down his muscular chest. She nibbles on his nipples, bringing the man from Xanthus to greater levels of pleasure. She licks and kisses her way down his washboard abdominals until she gets to his crotch. There, she wraps her lips around Grey Wolf's manhood and bobs her head up and down as she sucks on his male member. The wizard lies back, completely absorbed in the oral pleasures he never imagined were possible. The succubus then pushes Grey Wolf's legs up until his knees nearly touch his shoulders. Once he's held in that position, she buries her face in between his butt cheeks and starts to tongue his butt hole. Grey Wolf can't believe what is happening to him. He didn't even know that a woman could do that, that a woman would do that. Delilah lowers his legs and straddles his hips. She slips his manhood up inside her. She grinds her hips, bounces up and down, drives him up inside her over and over. Grey Wolf let's her take control. He grabs her by her hips, thrusting his pelvis up in synchronous rhythm with her bumping and grinding. They both moan in pleasure as their bodies intertwine in the most intimate of ways. Grey Wolf's body is slick with sweat. He's so enraptured in the moment, he doesn't even realize that Delilah isn't even sweating. They move together faster and faster, until they climax simultaneously. She collapses onto the wizard, and the lie there together in a lover's embrace.

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