Dealing with Mai

He's My Husband!

"Mai!" voices yelled
"Are you alright sweetie" they yell

"What..." moaned a sleepy Mai, as she slowly came back to reality. Looking around she finally remembered the events leading up to her black out. Jumping half way out of bed she started panicking "Where's Naru ....... Is he OK ...... What happened to him....Where is he?.......Naru.....Naru!"

"Mai!" everyone yells, trying get her to calm down and to stop her from hyperventilating.

"you have to calm down, so we can explain things Mai, please you need to calm down, think of what you doing to your babies?" Ayako said as the others tried to get Mai to lay back down.

"The babies.... What's wrong with my babies! Our babies, Naru!" Mai screamed while grabbing her head, as her vision started to darken due to her shortness of breathe being to much for Mai to handle, the doctors rushed in to sedate her.

As the doctors did this one of the nurses spoke calmly to Mai as the sedatives took affect "Mrs. Shibuya we need you to stay calm, all of this is not good for you babies"

Nodding off Mai mumbled "Naru"

The next morning Mai was stable enough to give a statement to the police. But she only agreed to speak with them if Madoka promised to tell her what happened with Naru.
After explaining to the police that all she remembered was hearing a loud boom over the rain and when she turned around she saw that a car's front in had exploded but that the driver had gotten out afterwards and when she looked back towards her husband he was on the ground, so she ran to him but after that she couldn't remember anything else. So after they left Mai had to wait on Madoka to show up.
Later that day Luella and Martin walked into her room and sat down in the chairs that were already by her bed, due to all the visitor she constantly has.
"...Luella, Martin when did.....? ~sigh~ oh never mind, how's Naru, is he ok, is he awake, no one will tell me anything" Mai asked impatiently.

"Oh… Mai, Sweetie all the doctors said you need to stay calm, Please Honey, No one wants anything to happen to you or the babies!" Luella said holding her hand.

"I'm fine Luella, can you please just help me….. No one will tell me anything about Naru they won't even let me see him I mean he is my husband, I don't see what the problem is!"

"Mai listen everyone just wants you to relax right now and take it easy, and don't worry about… Noll…. He'll be…. ok." Martin hesitated while looking at his wife

"You know if one more person tells me to calm down, I'm going to strangle them!" Mai aggressive tells them while take deep breathes, she then continues "I'm calm alright, Everyone whats me to be this happy go lucky Mai you all know, but how the hell does anyone expect me to be all nice, calm and relaxed when no one is welling to tell me what the hell is going on with my own damn husband! Yelled a very irritated and emotional Mai as tears fell from her eyes.

At the start of her yelling Mai never once notice her friends coming into her room, and what they heard shocked them quite.

"Now….. will you Please just tell me where Naru is and is he ok?" begged a hopeless Mai not being able to take it anymore.

"~Sighing~ Noll has been in a coma every since you both were brought here a week ago" said the always quite Lin.

"What…." Mai gasped.

"Lin!...... What the hell is wrong with you, why would you tell her that!" Yelled most of the group.

"Thank you.… Thank you… so much Lin-san" cried Mai.

Everyone in the room fell silent at what they just heard from her. "Mai…." Masako Started "…Can… Can I see him…..Please" whispered Mai

"I don't think that's …. " the group started

"Please that's all I want, I just want to hold his hand…. Please" Begged Mai once again.

Looking back and forth between each other no knew what to say. Not liking the dullness that's starting to take place Mai's eye's Luella made the decision for everyone "ok sweetie" she said hoping to see some kind of spark in her eyes.

Looking at his wife Martin asked if she was sure.

"Yes I mean she is right ~ sigh ~ Noll is her husband and she has every right to see him" Luella said, and when they all agreed Mai looked at them with a slight glimmer of hope in her eyes.

As she pushed the door to her husbands room open Mai couldn't help the strangled cry she let lose as she jumped from her wheel chair and ran to his bed.
"No....Ohh....Nar....Naru!" she cried as she looked upon the face that she loved more then life itself, as he laid there with tubes sticking in and out of him looking like he was a breath from deaths door. And as she gazed down on his lifeless figure she realized that this was entirely her fault.
Touching his face she cried "I'm so sorry Naru" Taking a seat in the chair by his bed and without looking back she whispered to her family "Can you please leave us alone?"
As they hesitated she continued "Are you now telling me I'm not allowed to spend any alone time with my husband?"
"What…, Mai it's just that…." Started someone
"What you don't trust me or something?" Mai said a little louder.
"No it's not that…" they try to finish
"Ok we'll leave, come on everyone and Mai we'll be right outside if you need anything" said Masako, and when no one put up any argument, they just left them alone because they all knew if they forced Mai to leave now there would be irreversible damage done and no one was willing to take that risk.
Minutes after everyone left Mai just sat there staring at Naru as tears fell from her eyes as if she stared hard enough he would wake up.
Outside everyone was quite and the only sounds heard were the sounds of the many patients at the hospital, the nurses and doctors.
They all decide that they would let Mai be alone with Naru for the next few hours. They stood outside his door praying silently for them both and their unborn twins, checking in on Mai every hour until it finally came time for them to take Mai back to her room and to everyone's surprise Mai didn't put up any kind of fight or struggle.
And that's how it went for the next five days, Mai would just sit there crying silently while staring at Naru as she held his hand. During those days Mai wouldn't speak, smile, and she stopped eating as she became weaker and weaker the only thing that stayed the same was that she always ended up in Naru's room.
At the start of their Third week of staying in the hospital the doctor pulled everyone aside to speak with them about Mai's declining health.

"I understand that Mrs. Shibuya is very upset and is having a hard time dealing with her Husband's Condition, not that anyone could blame her, but I need you to make her to understand that if she continues down this road she will lose both of her babies and maybe even her life! At this time she refuses to listen to me or any of the nurses so we're hoping she'll listen to all or at least one of you" pleaded the doctor, once he was done, the group minus the Davis's, with Lin and Madoka as those four left to go to Naru's room before the doctor came, made their way back inside of Mai's room.

Once inside of the room, the group stared at the expressionless face staring at the wall, the face of the second youngest of their makeshift family of ghost hunters, and what they saw had each of them praying to every God they knew that this would be the first and last time they every saw that look on her face.

"Oh….. Mai, Sweetie" Ayako said startling Mai, who turned her head slightly to look at them.

"Can I go see Naru Now" asked Mai, barely moving her lips.

Looking at what they let happen to someone Ayako considered a daughter she SNAPPED at hearing those words.

"Mai, what the hell is your problem. Do you you know what you're doing to your babies or to yourself? The same babies that you and Naru promised to do everything in your power to protect, love and cherish! You're killing them, is that what you want Mai, Huh, is it? because that's what gonna happen if you don't stop acting so fucking selfish and start thinking about the lives you have within you! What happens when Naru does wake up only to find out that his wife and children are dead because his wife didn't have faith in him to recover, and neglected herself and them. And after a week doing nothing but crying at his bedside the first thing you ask... us.... is if you....." Ayako tried to finish yelling but as she saw nothing getting through to Mai she just broke down crying.

Bending down to comfort his wife Monk almost missed what Mai said.

"If I eat will you let me go and see Naru"

Looking up from the Bou-san arms Ayako said "What?"

"I said if I eat will you take me to see my husband" Mai repeated

Socked at the fact that Mai still didn't understand the situation, they stared at her and to their horror they could only think 'Has she really giving up on life?'

"Mai" John started almost afraid to finish his sentence "Do you even care what happens to you or your twins at this point?"

Dull, lifeless eyes stared directly into John's and without any hesitation she answered "What's the point of bringing these two into a world where I can't live without Naru, if he dies I died, it's as simple as that"

A sharp intake of gasps could be heard throughout the room no one could believe what they just heard come out of Mai's mouth.


Was the next sound heard throughout the silent room. Staring, everyone was surprised with what just happened. As Mai held on to her red cheek she staring at a red face Masako.

"M…Mai how could you, …how could you… say something like that, w…Why would you say that, I remembered you once told me a secret.... you told me that there was a point after your mom died that you went through a severe depression so bad that you wanted to die, but you keep on going because your mom would've want you to keep living, but you feared that you were unlovable because obviously since you loved your parent and they died that meant that anyone else who you came to love or who loved you would end up dying as well. But Mai, these twins and Naru love you unconditionally and even if their not physically here with you everyone including you know that and their all trying their hardest to hold on for you because you are their world, their fighting to get to you but if you keep going the way you are now none of you are going to have much of a future" Masako cried fearing that she was going to lose her best friend, Ayako came up from behind her and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Shhh, its ok, Masako" cried Ayako, as Masako burst into more tears.

Looking over the girls shoulder Monk sighed

"Mai look I know you're really depressed and upset right now and honestly no one in this room can blame you but you Have to stop doing this to yourself and to your babies, what have they done to anyone for them to deserve to be treated like this and on top of that from their own mother, and are you really telling me that Naru's so weak that he can't or won't make it through this in order to see his wife or to be here to see his twins being born" Bou-san started

"......No my Naru isn't weak, he isn't weak at all, he..... he's going to be just fine. So why are you wishing bad luck on my family! Bou-san you idiot! How could you say something like that you Stupid Idiot!" Yelled Mai as she threw her pillow at him.

Mai sat there trying to take deep calming breaths as she started to panic. Something click within her and it felt like she was finally waking up from a nightmare where she wasn't in control of herself. And as reality started to set in she begin to panic even more realizing what's been going on wasn't a horrible dream and she really was killing her twins.

Circling her stomach with her arms Mai cried and begged her twins to forgive her.

"I'm so sorry, You have such a terrible Mother…I'm so…Sorry, Please don't hate me..... Please!" she cried

Luella, Martin, Lin and Madoka walked into the room right as Mai started to apologize to the twins.

"Mai-san you're not a bad mother, your far from it, it's just you're not able to handle stressful situations" said Lin

"He's right Mai we've all been here throughout your pregnancy and you've both done everything humanly possible to insure your twins would be born safe and in good health, now it's time for you to start taking better care of yourself while Noll recovers" added Madoka

"Yeah, then when he does wake up he'll see that you and the twins are both doing fine then he can't call you stupid, airhead, an idiot, or…."


"OK Monk I think she get's it, you can shut-up now!" yelled Ayako as she slammed her purse on his head.

"Hey….." getting ready to call his wife something Monk heard something he hasn't heard in almost a month and looked over at his daughter who was laughing.

"Mai you're laughing? And I mean you're really laughing" John said standing by Masako who he had to help stand after hearing Mai's laugh for the first time since they've been in the hospital.

Everyone had huge smiles on their faces as they agreed on what John had just said. Looking around at her family Mai couldn't help but smile because she loved them all so much and knew they'd help her get through this.

"Ok! Now that, that's cleared up let's get you some food Mai, so you can go and tell Naru to wake his ass up he's been asleep way too long don't you think" clapped Madoka as she winked at Mai.

"Yeah" Mai agreed with a Big smile on her face.

"You heard her gentlemen out you go to find a nurse and let them know we need some food our Mai" Luella ordered.

"What! But why do all of us need to go I wanna spend more time with my Mai" whined Monk


"Shut up you perverted old Monk" yelled Ayako as she smacked Bou-san across the head with her purse again.

"What, you old…."

As everyone watched Mai laughed at the odd couple they couldn't help but think that everything was getting back to normal, now if only the Tea-addict would wake up everything would be perfect.

So after getting clean and attempting to keep any kind of food down, which wasn't an easy task for someone who hasn't had anything to eat in almost a week, in the end the group had to settle with Mai drinking a big bottle of apple juice, at least until Mai was able to stomach anything solid. And with that over the team slowly made their way to Naru's room.

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