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Chips and Kisses


This is a Woosan One Shot please enjoyyyyyy!

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Chips and Kisses

Hiyaaaa this is a Woosan One-shot because I've just gotten into Ateez! There will probably be moreeee so here's the first! Please like and comment!! Mwuah!

Wooyoung smiles as he feels two arms wrap around his waist tightly. The feeling of security instantly takes over when he leans into the safe embrace. A pair of lips connect themselves to his temple and a soft blush makes its way over his angelic features.

“I’m hungryyyy,” the owner of the lips whines against his skin which causes Wooyoung to slightly giggle and turn around in his lover's arms.

“Then make some food,” he replies and kisses the taller’s nose.

This results in an even louder whine as he stomps his feet playfully, “Why can’t you make me something?” Wooyoung rolls his eyes playfully and escapes from the arms holding him.

“San I am not your mother and I know you know how to cook so stop being a baby and cook something for yourself.”

There is a full minute of silence between the couple before San sulks off into the kitchen where Hongjoong is currently sitting on the counter scrolling through his phone. When Hongjoong sees a pouty boy enter the kitchen his mom instincts kick in.

He carefully hops off the counter and makes his way over to San who is now standing in front of the fridge staring aimlessly into space. A soft tap on the shoulder brings San out of his head and back to reality.

“Please close the fridge door because you are wasting money,” Hongjoong’s motherly voice is tender and sweet, not wanting to sound mean to the already pouty boy, “Now tell me the reason for your pout.”

San sighs and closes the fridge slowly, slumping against it once it’s fully closed. He stands there in silence for a few seconds while Hongjoong waits patiently.

“Wooyoung said I had to cook for myself,” San mumbles quietly to the ground, knowing now that he’s being petty.

An angelic giggle escapes Hongjoong’s mouth as he places a hand on his ‘son’s’ shoulder, “Did you whine or ask nicely for him to cook you something?”

San’s eyes widen as he looks at Hongjoong straight in the eyes, “How did you know...”

“Honey I know everything. It’s mother’s magic,” Hongjoong smirks as San rolls his eyes and lays his head back on the fridge.

“Okay, maybe I whined but still! It’s not like I was asking him to cook me a full buffet! I just wanted a sandwich ...” San ends his complaining softly as he begins to pout again to the floor.

Hongjoong smiles sweetly, “And did you ask him to do that for you or did you just say you are hungry?”

San’s head snaps up again to look back at his ‘mother’, “Stop being psychic, please. It’s scaring me.”

As Hongjoong laughs again, another figure enters the room with a bag of chips. He stops with a chip halfway to his mouth and his eyes wide when he sees the two males in front of him.

When they notice a new person has entered, they both look over and see Wooyoung standing there with a chip almost to his mouth. Once San sees the chip so close to his boyfriend’s mouth his eyes widen and his jaw slightly opens in disbelief.

“I-... What are you eating?” San chokes out.

Wooyoung quickly stuffs the chip into his mouth and hides the bag behind his back. He slowly begins walking backward but when he sees San begins to move towards him he turns around and sprints to his room with San hot on his tail. Hongjoong watches the couple and slightly chuckles with a roll of the eyes.

Before Wooyoung can close his door all the way, San stops it with his foot. Yes, it hurts like a bitch. No, he doesn’t care. All he cares about is how Wooyoung got those chips and why he didn’t share knowing his boyfriend is hungry.

When the later notices the foot in the doorway he squeals and runs to take cover under his blankets. He first threw the chip bag under the bed. Hongjoong’s scared them into not eating on the bed.

San opens the door all the way and reaches down to pat his foot as if he’s saying ‘Good job, brother. You did well.’ Then he straightens back up and eyes the ball under the blankets with annoyed yet curious eyes.

“Wooyoung, get out of the bed right now,” San warns sternly even though it’s going to do nothing for him.

The ball stays so still San starts to worry that Wooyoung isn’t breathing anymore. Even though he is annoyed that the younger was wasting chips without him, he isn’t gonna have him suffocate under the blankets. He makes his way to the bed and throws the blankets off of Wooyoung.

When a sudden coldness takes over Wooyoung opens his eyes to see an intimidating San looking down at him. He smiles nervously and sits up so he’s sitting crisscross apple sauce and looking up at his boyfriend.

“Hi, baby. I was just thinking about running away from you!” Wooyoung explains before he attempts to jump off the bed and run again. But the arms of San stop him before he can even uncross his legs.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” San says as he pushes Wooyoung down on the bed and hovers above him with a small smirk.

Wooyoung stares into the elder's eyes as he gulps. His smile falters but doesn’t leave his face and his arms subconsciously press into San’s chest to make sure he doesn’t fall fully on top of him. It’s silent before San decides to start his interrogation.

“Where did you get the chips, babe?”

Wooyoung breaks the eye contact and looks down at his perfect jawline. Not getting an answer, San leans down and bites softly on Wooyoung’s collar bone earning a whine from the owner.

“Where did you get the chips?” San repeats as he looks back into his boyfriend’s eyes.

“F-From someone...” Wooyoung reveals halfway, not wanting to be bitten again.

“And who is this someone, dear?”

Wooyoung turns his face to look to the right of them into his opened closet. This allows San to lean down and bite his defined jaw which earns another whine. San smirks softly and kisses it after as he lifts his head up again to look back at Wooyoung.

“The faster you answer truthfully the faster this’ll be over,” San explains softly as he places another kiss on his lovers cheek.

Wooyoung sighs in defeat as he realizes he’s gonna have to tell him if he wants the butthead to get off of him.

“Fine. After you left to complain to Hongjoong hyung I went to see what Seonghwa hyung was up to and I saw him eating some chips and I asked if I could have one and he just gave me the whole bag without even looking up from his phone. So I took it and then I was gonna head into the kitchen to get some water and then bam. This is where it all ended up,” Wooyoung explained as he turned his face and eyes back to San.

San smiles in victory as he sits up and looks around, noticing the bag is no longer in Wooyoung’s possession.

“Where are the chips?” he asks innocently, turning his attention back to his lover.

Wooyoung pouts and rolls over so he’s not facing San and crosses his arms. San’s playful expression soon turns into a confused one as he sees Wooyoung begin to pout. He lays down behind the younger and wraps an arm around his small waist.

“And you are suddenly pouting because...?” San states in a question as he rubs soft circles with his thumb on Wooyoung’s stomach.

A little wiggle is all he gets in reply. He sighs softly and kisses the back of Wooyoung’s neck where his skin is showing above his collar and below his hairline.

“If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I can’t fix it,” San softly says against the skin.

After a few seconds of Wooyoung debating whether to give in so quickly and San wondering what kind of perfume the younger is wearing, Wooyoung decides to speak his thoughts. An honest relationship is a healthy relationship.

“I just feel like you only want me for food. Earlier you came to me because you were hungry. And just a second ago you were asking where the food went...” Wooyoung explains softly into his pillow. Even though his voice is muffled, San can hear him clearly.

A loud chuckle is heard and Wooyoung can feel the vibration of San through his back. This makes him pout even more and try to wiggle away from the comforting yet teasing touch of the elder.

San tightens his grip around Wooyoung’s escaping body and brings him closer. He quickly rolls him over so they are facing each other and he places a soft kiss on Wooyoung’s soft, tempting, lips.

“I don’t only want you for food. You just happen to be the first person I think of when I’m in need,” San replies softly.

Wooyoung stares at him for a second before furrowing his eyebrows, “Is that a compliment or?”

Another chuckle is heard and Wooyoung giggles along. San pulls him closer into his chest and rests his forehead against the laters.

“But seriously, where are the chips? If they are somewhere here in this bed, hyung will kill us,” San says a little worried.

Wooyoung smiles, “I hid them under the bed. I’m not that stupid, jeez.”

San smiles along and closes his eyes as he relaxes with his boyfriend. Even though the knowledge of having chips under the bed is tempting to succumb to it, he decides he will just lay like this for a while. Wooyoung smiles as he sees that San isn’t moving to get the chips and closes his eyes as well to enjoy the time spent with just the two of them.

The next hour or so is filled with gentle hums and soft kisses. It’s only when they hear San’s stomach growl lowly that they decide to grab the chips and dine in together.

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