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Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End


Friend or foe? Evil or good? Wrong or right? Tamers, Digidestened, Originals.. What happens when evil corrupts good? Seasons 1-4

Adventure / Romance
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It was as anyone would call it a quiet night in Shinjuku City, it was a quiet neighborhood the street lights were on with mosquitos and moths flying to its light.

Then a fog suddenly started to form in the middle of the street, the street light’s dimed and some turned off, the fog expanded a little more and a shadow appeared, it was a man in black cape the cape covered him from head to toes, to his side was a digimon to be exact a BlackAgumon.

The man looked at the sky and took a long deep breath, “I can’t believe I came back here after all these long years.” The man said in a grim deep voice.

He started walking down the street to the place he was meant to go, he walked slowly taking a breath by each step he took, his shoes that he was wearing resonated through the streets, his loyal guardian and friend BlackAgumon was close behind him, they both stopped right in front of their destination.

He stood in front of a bread bakery, “Takato” he said in a saddened tone, he then took out a dark D-Arc from inside his jacked, along with a modify card although this card wasn’t any ordinary card it was a purple card…


Dimensional Gate activate!!…

After that BlackAgumon raised his hand and a portal opened and the man along with his digimon went through it, as the man left the took one more look at the bakery “We will soon meet my friend..” he said in what seemed to be a menacing tone, and then went through the portal, closing behind him….

In the other part of the city, Mitsuo Yamaki lay in his bed sleeping tightly dreaming deeply of whatever his mind came up with then…. BEEEEP BEEEP BEEEP

Yamaki woke with a start a little irritated because his sleep was interrupted, but soon that irritation would go and turn into preoccupation, because he realized that the alarm that had sounded was the alarm of a digital felid opening, he quickly took out his phone and dialed his lover’s number “Ahg… Hello?” A woman’s voice answered on the other side of the phone.

“Riley we have a situation meet me back at Hypnos in half an hour” Yamaki said in a worried tone.

“Ok I’ll be right there” Riley said immediately and hung up.

Yamaki got out of his room and got ready to go, he took a fast bath and all the hygiene that was needed and he once again took a look at what the satellites had reported him, he stood in awe out of fear and precaution he watched the video once again, and then got out of his house and drove his way to Hypnos.

Back at Hypnos Riley was already there waiting for Yamaki, she yawned and looked up to see her lover enter the room “So Yamaki what was so important that you woke me up in the middle of the night?” Riley asked worried she could see Yamaki’s expression and the only other times he showed that expression was the time back when he blamed himself for the D-Reaper incident, so whatever it was Riley knew it wasn’t good.

Yamaki looked up at her and took a deep breath “Something came through tonight” he said in a deep tone that was beginning to bring fear out of her.

Even though she didn’t want to ask she had to know “What came through?” she asked in a shaky voice.

Yamaki started to walk to the monitors “It’s better if you see for yourself” he said as he browsed through the computer, he brought up a video feed that was recorded by a satellite a couple minutes ago, what Riley saw she couldn’t believe, or rather she didn’t want to.

“H-How… is… that possible?” she asked slowly making her amazement notice, she repeated the video so that she could confirm that it was not a hallucination.

The video showed images of a tamer wearing a black cape that covered him completely his digimon was as she recognized a BlackAgumon, he came up to the Matsuki residence then took out a purple modify card and a portal was opened, and then they diapered.

Riley opened her mouth to talk but Yamaki beat her to it “I know what you’re thinking, I also thought that the children were the only tamers that existed but we are surely wrong, but what bugs me the most is that he went to the Matsuki residence and looked at it as if he was there for someone.” He said seriously

Riley though about it for a while then she understood “You mean looking for Takato?” she almost yelled it.

Yamaki nodded “Indeed, I believe whoever that was came looking for him but what I don’t know is why he didn’t go in for him, also I had never seen that type of modify card before, and that worries me, who knows what this person must be planning considering we haven’t had a digimon bio-emerge since almost a month.”

Riley took that into consideration “You think the digimon were planning this?”

Yamaki looked at her in the eyes “I can’t be certain, but right now we have to warn the Matsuki family” he said taking out his phone, Riley nodded “Ok you do that I’ll see if I can trace wherever that person went to.” She said getting up to her control chair.

“Yeah… Hello Matsuki residence” a Man’s voice answered the phone

“Yes Mr. Matsuki this is Yamaki I’m sorry for calling this early but I need to speak to your son it’s urgent” Yamaki said in his oh so serious tone.

“Of-Of course just a moment” the other voice on the phone said.

Yamaki waited for a minute or so until Takato answered “Yeah… (Yawn) what’s up Yamaki? Why call so early?” Takato sounded irritated.

“Sorry Takato this is important so listen to me carefully got it?” Yamaki said that in a tone that awoke all the senses in Takato

“Y-Yeah what’s up” Takato asked worried, then his eyes widened as Yamaki told him of the events that took place right outside his house…

The next Morning…

It was a good day mostly like any other day that had passed these last days, I could feel the cool breeze hit my face as I walked to the reunion point, I could sense someone vanishing and reappear behind me but I already gotten used to that, because it was no one to be afraid of all the contrary it was my one and loyal friend and guardian my golden feline fox was a Digimon her name, Renamon we had been through countless battles together, but before we were indeed a team I had been awful to her thinking I could use her as I wished, thinking she was only data….

But I then met two other Digimon tamers a Braniac and a Goggle-head, they both had Digimon of their own but they didn’t treat them like I treated Renamon they treated theirs as if they were really flesh and blood like a lost family member for them, of course I insulted them as I always do and walked away ignoring them, but little by little they were beginning to influence me I began to see how wrong I was treating Renamon and they helped me without them knowing, to treat her like a part of my family…

When we finished off the D-reaper, I had to say good-bye to my one true friend thinking I would never see her again, that day Goggle-head had to almost strap me down so I could not beat the snot or even more out of Henry’s dad, I could tell I wasn’t the only one that wanted to do that, I was just the only one to express it...

After a couple of months after that day Goggle-head called all the tamers to the usual spot where his friend and Digimon, Guilmon, used to stay. He said that he had found something that was important to all of us, though we never expected what he said, the portal we had used to travel for the first time to the digital world was still there the famed portal that Guilmon had found, that day we went to our parents and told them that we were once again going to the digital world, of course they freaked, but in the end they gave in they knew that even though they wouldn’t allow it we would go, we had to for our partners…

We talked to Mitsuo Yamaki, and he came up with a way to bring us back using Grani, we then left to our second journey to the digital world, though I admit it was a pain going in back there it took us days to find them but eventually we did and it was a tearful reunion a happy one, once all the reunion time was over Goggle-head biomerged to Gallantmon and called up Grani and Digivoled, to his Crimson Mode which I still find to be so beautiful, Yamaki established the connection and created a white data stream, when we walked in we appeared in the Sinjuku Park along with our partners and friends…

After that we had been in charge to face rising wild Digimon that appeared, including a tough one named Parasimon, that idiotic Digimon controlled a Digimon named Locomon to create a digiportal so that his one-eyed spider friends could come out, but the ugly thing also controlled me, and worse it made me sing in front of that Goggle-head, when I awoke I was falling of Locomon I could tell that that was it for me but then I felt a hand the Goggle-head’s hand he grabbed on to me, but I was giving up I told him to let me go or else we both would fall, he interrupted me calling me for his first time ever an idiot, that helped me regain my senses and I held on as hard as I could until Renamon came to save me…

We got out of that mess as we almost always did, the Goggle-head saved the day using his Gallantmon: Crimson Mode to close the portal and save us and the city, it’s actually weird though, it almost always turns out to be him the one who saves us when the situation reaches critical, that day was my birthday I had scolded Goggle-head for throwing me a surprise party because I HATE surprises, that day the Parasimon had remembered me of my dad so I was feeling a little down, after I ate I got up and left the table and went to the garden of my house, I had seen that Goggle-head was coming up to talk to me but Renamon stopped him, though…. I…. I kinda’ wished she wouldn’t have….

But enough with the flashbacks and back to reality and present it was my birthday once again and well I was turning 15 this day so I was ready to beat-up Goggle-head if he came up with something, he had called early in the morning telling me that all the gang was meeting up in the usual place, I asked what was the reason, and all the no-brain said was “Can’t say by the phone meet you there kay” and he hung up, seriously I mean it this time if it’s a surprise party I swear I’ll beat the living daylights out of him.

Takato Matsuki a was in the usual place, along with his digimon friend Guilmon he came there earlier than any other of his friends, still thinking about what Yamaki had said to him, in a part it frightened him.

‘Another tamer, and he came outside my house in the night’ he thought about it for a while ‘But still if he wanted to hurt me he would of done it that day as I was asleep… wouldn’t he? Takato was busy in thought, that he didn’t notice someone coming up behind him.

“Yo! Goggle-head!” Rika said making the so famed Goggle-head, as Rika calls him, jump right out place and trip to fall over right on his behind, Rika couldn’t hold in the urge to laugh, though she didn’t let it all out, she didn’t want to stain her reputation as the Digimon Ice Queen.

Takato was starting to get up rubbing his behind “Ouch, that hurts”.

Rika helped him get up “Serves you right for daydreaming Goggle-head” she said mockingly

Takato just looked at his old friend “Yeah” then he remembered something “Wait a minute” he started to turn around to Guilmon “Guuuiiilllmmooonnn!! Why didn’t you tell me that Rika was behind me!?” he said aiming his rage at Guilmon.

Guilmon just looked at Takato “Because Rika made a sign to me to remain quiet” the red digimon said innocently.

“What a great time for you to be obedient Guilmon” Takato said dropping his head, then he realized something, he looked at his clock then at Rika then at his clock once again and repeated this a couple times more.

Rika started to get irritated “What’s your problem got a date or something like that Goggle-brain?”

Takato looked at her strait in the eye “No, it’s just that you are actually early this time Rika”.

“So?! I just wanted to get away from my house for a couple of moments ok!” Rika menaced him

Takato tried not to puss the topic further “Ok, ok sorry…”

“So what’s the big deal calling us over here anyways?” Rika asked

Once Rika said that Takato seemed to be deep in thought, he wondered if he should tell her first, it would be a while for the others to arrive so he guessed it wouldn’t be much of a problem “Rika…” Takato said in a serious tone.

Rika’s point of view

Stupid Goggle-head he was just lying here daydreaming, plus he’s like half an hour early, well so am I but I came early to get some time alone to my thoughts. Now he’s talking to me in a serious tone that I rarely see.

“Rika…” Takato looked at me right in the eyes with his serious expression.

“W-What’s wrong?” I asked hoping he would continue.

“Listen, Yamaki called me last night” he continued ‘Yamaki, that’s never a good sign’ I thought to myself “And?” I pushed.

Takato was struggling to get the words out as if he didn’t want to tell me “He called me in the middle of the night, he said that there was a digital field last night near my house”

“What? A digital field? How come our digivices didn’t advise us?” I asked him worried because the fact that Yamaki called was meaning it’s big.

“Well that’s the thing what came through wasn’t only a digimon” Takato said in a deep tone.

‘Not only a digimon? Then what else?’ I was actually starting to get really worried.

Takato continued “What came through was a digimon along with a tamer”

I almost jumped out from my spot “What? Common Goggle-brain you gotta be joking right? I mean we were in the Digital world and we saw no other tamer in there but the stupid bragger Ryo.”

“That’s the thing I wish I was joking but Yamaki said he has it on video so as you can see it’s kinda’ hard to not believe him, but that’s not the only thing” he said not losing his composure, “The person who came through went directly to my house and stared at it for a couple of minutes then…” Takato trailed off.

“Then what?” I almost yelled at him at this point.

“He took out a modify card, but it was a modify card that neither Yamaki nor we have ever seen, it was a purple card, that opened a portal that he went through and then it just vanished” Takato seemed stressed at this point.

I sighed and thought about the situation for a while “So let me get this straight, you have a multi-dimensional tamer stalker” I tried to loosen the situation.

Takato chuckled a little “Yeah I guess you can put it that way” I giggled to make him feel more eased about the situation.

“Well hello there my Queen” A voice that I recognized oh so much came from behind.

“Ryo…” I said in a not so happy tone “Why are you here I though Takato said only good tamers were coming?”

Ryo chuckled at my comment “I didn’t come for the meeting I came to see my royal highness, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other”

“Ahg… Put a sock in it Ryo as if I’ll ever want to see you” I said in my usual cold tone

“Well if I remember correctly you were worried about me back then when we fought the D-Reaper, and I asked for your power” He teased.

I felt my face reach a level of pink “Mention that one more time and I swear you’ll start regretting the day you crossed my path!!!”

He just laughed “That’s the way I like it, a wild fox as always” Oh he is so getting it now, I was about to lunge myself at him when another voice interrupted.

“You guys never change do you?” Henry was walking up the stairs with Terriermon on top of Henry’s head, behind him were Jeri, Kazu and Kenta along with Guardromon and MarineAngemon.

“Hey, Rika leave the legendary Ryo alone” Kazu said to me, of course I got in the defensive zone “Oh look at that you’re body guards are here, need their help to take a little girl down?” I teased Ryo.

Ryo just used it in his advantage “Well they could be yours as well if you cooperated” he said to me in a flirting tone, again I felt my cheeks warm, “Why you little…”

“Ok now that everyone’s here let’s get started” Takato interrupted me, I just went far from Ryo as possible and sat on the stairs, then Takato explained then what had happened….

“So know we have another tamer on the loose, and we have no idea if he means good or bad, but as you say he appears to have interest in you Takato” Henry said resuming all that his friend had just explained, Takato just nodded.

“Well it appears we have an issue on our hands” Ryo added.

“But as of right know were blind if this guy opened a portal he could be anywhere plus he was able to hide his bio-emerge from us, so he could also be untraceable by us.” Henry added

Rika pitched in “So all we can do is stand by and wait for his next appearance?”

“It appears so” Takato answered her question.

Silence entered the gang of fellow tamers, but Ryo broke the silence “Did Yamaki tell you what kind of digimon was the person’s partner?”

Takato seemed to forget that “Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys that, yes he did in fact that’s what worries me”

That caught everyone’s attention, they looked at Takato who was looking at the ground, “Well? Spill it out Chumley!” Kazu said

Takato looked up at everyone “He had a BlackAgumon”, everyone including the digimon went quiet, and everyone knew exactly who that digimon was.

“Are you sure Takato” Renamon asked him in a concerned voice, “Positive” Takato answered in a low voice.

“His digivolution’s are in the most powerful ones category not to mention his mega level” Rika said, making everyone remember the series main protagonist and his digimon leaving everyone in silence once again.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, what if he can’t digivolve to mega or even to ultimate for that matter, also this might be a good person they don’t necessarily have to be bad” Henry said wanting to brighten up their hopes, which kind of worked.

“Henry’s right let’s think positive and once he comes out we’ll talk to the person, who knows he just maybe a stander from the digital world like me who just wanted to come back home” Ryo said smiling.

“Yeah, Henry and Ryo are right let’s just wait and see what happens, Yamaki said he’ll keep us posted so there’s nothing to worry about for now” Takato said, everyone seemed to agree with him and smiled, though something about all this didn’t seem right to Renamon ‘Why would the tamer go especially to Takato’s place something of that doesn’t seem right’ Renamon kept the thought to herself for now.

“Well now that that’s been said let’s move on to the other topic” Takato said to everyone, and they all nodded in agreement, all but Rika ‘Oh no…. You stupid Goggle-head you did it again didn’t you?!’ Rika thought already planning on the pain she was going to give to Takato.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIKA!!!” they all said at the same time, then right when Rika was about to punch Takato he held her out a present which took her by surprise “What’s this?” Rika asked eyeing the present suspiciously.

Takato laughed a little “What do you think it is Rika? A bomb? It’s your present” Rika took the present from Takato’s hands.

“We all worked hard for it so we hope you like it kay!” Jeri said exited, “Yeah you better” Kazu joined in.

“We know that you don’t like surprise parties so we decided to try something new this time, so… um.. I… asked your mom for advice” Takato said that last part almost to himself, then almost immediately he regretted saying that last part, seeing the anger in Rika’s face, everyone stepped back hiding behind Takato.

“You… You… YOU DID WHAT!!!?” Rika yelled, ‘Oh boy’ Takato thought “Listen Rika, she didn’t tell me private thing’s just things that you might like” Another mistake made by Takato.

“She told you things about me?!” Takato just realized the mess he got himself into “Well not many things about you just a bit.” He said sweat dropping, Rika was getting ready to beat the daylights out of him.

Just when she raised her fist Takato used his only method he had of escape, putting his hands over his head and closing his eyes he managed to speak “But I didn’t tell anyone else!” he expected to feel an intense amount of pain at this moment, but nothing came he opened his eyes and saw that Rika was just looking at him with a smile.

“Stupid Goggle-head” Takato thought about it for a moment “Wait, you mean you don’t want to beat me?” Takato asked confused.

Rika looked at the ground “Yes I still do, but you didn’t tell anyone else about the things my mom told you right?”

“Well of course not, why would I? I only wanted to gather information to see what to get you, and in the end your mother came up with a good idea, all the things she said you liked seemed logical but I preferred the safer approach.” Takato said with a heartwarming smile

Rika smiled “Well you better not say a thing or else you won’t live to see another party got it Goggle-head” she said poking his chest, Takato nodded sweat dropping.

“Well?” Henry said once he saw that danger was out of the way “Are you going to open it or not?” he said looking at the little red box in her hand.

Rika started to unwrap the box and then opened it, her eyes widened seeing its continents it was a modify card though it wasn’t made so it would be available for use the modify card’s name was “Tamers Bond”, it was a picture of all of them just hanging out at Guilmon’s place Henry and Jeri were sitting on the stairs talking to each other, while Henry’s little sister was playing with Terriermon and Lopmon in front of them, they appeared to be running away from her hiding behind Guilmon who was surprisingly eating bread, Renamon could be seen in the back resting up in a tree she appeared to be sleeping, Kazu and Kenta were playing cards just outside Guilmon’s cave and by the looks of it Kazu won, both their digimon MarineAngemon and Guardromon were watching them play, it appeared that Guardromon was cheering for his partners win, Ryo was teasing Rika they were standing beside Henry and Jeri, Ryo could be seen laughing and Rika well she appeared irritated while Monodramon ate along with Guilmon, the picture seemed perfect, but…

“It took us some trouble to get the monster maker’s contacts make us that card but in the end they gave in, apparently we’re pretty famous in the card game since the D-Reaper incident” Takato said with his everlasting smile.

“But… Takato… where… are you?” Rika said sheeply, ‘Wow she actually noticed I was missing’ Takato thought “Well if all of us were there who would’ve taken the photo” he said happily.

“Oh” Rika said it almost seemed she was sad that Takato wasn’t in the photo.

Takato looked at her with a worried look “What’s wrong? You didn’t like it?” Rika came out of her thoughts “No, no I didn’t” she said seriously.

Takato started to feel down then Rika came in close and hugged him “I loved it… thanks Takato” she said blushing, Takato was glad that she liked it, but he never expected her to hug him, he was surprised as well as the rest, Terriermon almost fainted while Renamon smiled, Takato didn’t ask her anything and just hugged her back “Hey, that’s what friends are for right?” he said to her.

When they broke the hug Ryo came down and started to tease her again “No hug for your king? I also helped out” Rika was feeling good so she did, and she hugged everyone one by one.

Terriermon couldn’t withstand it anymore so he flat lined and fainted on the spot, ‘I guess miracles do exist’ Takato thought as he watched his cold hearted friend hug everyone that had been with her through all these good times.

Once Rika stopped giving out hugs she spoke “Thank you all for being with me for all this time and for being my friends” it truly was a unique moment.

They all smiled and Takato spoke for them all “We wouldn’t want it any other way Rika” and with that said they all kept on with their daily routine, talking, smiling, and laughing until it was time for them to part ways.

“Well see you later everyone” Jeri said as she left along with Kazu and Kenta, Ryo looked at the time “Oh, I gotta go to” he turned to Rika “No kiss goodbye?” he teased, Rika just looked away “Don’t push your luck Ryo”, Ryo laughed “Yeah, good to know it’s still you” he said as he got on top of Cyberdramon and took off.

Henry got up and looked at his two best friends “Man we’ve sure been through a lot haven’t we guys?”

“Yeah” Takato said “Through good and bad, but we’ve managed” he said

“And we’ll keep managing!” Rika said enthusiastically

“Yeah!” Takato and Henry said at the same time, they talked for a while longer like old times until it grew dark, and then they parted ways congratulating Rika once more…

On his way home Takato thought about the hug Rika had given him, he thought it was warm, kind and soft a feeling that he never expected from Rika “Man she really has changed” he said to himself.

Guilmon who was walking by his side just looked at him “Who has changed Takatomon?” the little red dinosaur asked.

He patted Guilmon on the head “Rika boy, Rika has sure changed a lot since the day we met”

Guilmon smiled “And so has Renamon” Takato laughed at his comment “Yeah boy so has Renamon”

Suddenly Guilmon stopped and looked at a certain direction Takato looked at him “What’s wrong boy?” he asked him

“A digimon is coming close” Guilmon said to his partner not looking away from his direction ‘Digimon?’ Takato thought it could be a wild one but then a thought came to him ‘Could it be?’

To confirm his doubts he called out “Whoever you are I know you’re there so come out”

A person came out of the shadows with a BlackAgumon “You’re digimon is good at sensing other digimon” a deep voice said it was a man’s voice.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” Takato asked the certain man.

“I am just someone who was sent to destroy the tamers leader, unfortunately that means you Takato” the man said.

“How do you know my name?” Takato asked a little scared

“That is of no importance, what matters is that you are not going to pass this day alive” he said in a menacing tone taking out a D-Arc and a…. GREEN CARD?!!

“This is your end Takato”


Warp Digivolution Activate!!…

BlackAgumon Warp Digivolve toooo….

Takato was starting to tremble seeing the famed digimon warp digivolve, he wasted no time “Guilmon!” he said to his partner and Guilmon nodded “Right”

Biomerge Activate!!…

Guilmon Biomerge toooo…

BlackAgumon finished digivolving first


Takato and Guilmon followed


The man just laughed “Get him!” he said to his partner and BlackWarGreymon lunged at Gallantmon.

Gallantmon wasted no time and brought his holy lance up to aim at his opponent “Lighting Joust!!!” the beam came out and BlackWarGreymon took it head on a big explosion was seen and once the smoke was cleared no trace remained of BlackWarGreymon.

“Yeah, he wasn’t so tough” Gallantmon said victorious, though the man didn’t seem to be stunned, “You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself” the man said then…

Black Tornado!!!” Gallantmon looked up but too late he received the hit straight on, “AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!” Gallantmon screamed in pain as BlackWarGreymon was digging into him, he found the strength to put his lance in aim to BlackWarGreymon “Lighting Joust!!!!” another explosion was seen sending BlackWarGreymon a couple of meters further away.

Gallantmon struggled to put himself up “In a little while my friends will be here, their digimon must’ve sensed the battle by now!” Gallantmon said to the dark tamer, but he just started laughing “You really think so? Look around you no one’s near, and no one will come to your rescue, how do you think I’ve passed you all unnoticed?” he asked Takato.

Takato couldn’t answer, the man answered for him “You don’t do you, well that’s because I created a special digital field around me and my partner would walk through the streets unnoticed, I just expanded the area around us so that no one could sense our battle not even machines.” The man finished and Takato was now very afraid.

‘Is this the end? Is this it for me?’ he thought about that for a while then images of his friends and family passed through his head ‘NO!!! I CAN’T LOSE!!!’ Gallantmon got up with a battle scream and lunged himself at BlackWarGreymon shield fist “Shield of the Just!!!!!” he activated the power at a very close distance that BlackWarGreymon couldn’t avoid and he took it head on.

“AAAGGGHHH!!” For the first time Gallantmon heard BlackWarGreymon scream in pain, but he was still standing where the impact of the blast had sent him “BLACK TORNADO!!!” he screamed with all his might “SHIELD OF THE JUST!!!!” Gallantmon responded him.

The blast of the shield impacted directly on target sending BlackWarGreymon back where he came from “Had enough?” Gallantmon asked then he felt the ground tremble “What’s going on?!” Gallantmon asked at no one, one the smoke was clear he was looking up at a dark sun that was in BlackWarGreymon’s hands “TERRA DESRTOYER!!!!” The digimon screamed, throwing the huge black sun to Gallantmon.

Gallantmon knew there was no escape ‘NO I CAN NOT LOSE I CAN’T I WOOOOONNNNNN’TTTTT!!!’ “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Gallantmon screamed then a bright light came out of him.

Gallantmon digivolve toooo….

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode!!!!

Royal Saber!!” Gallantmon: Crimson Mode yelled sending a strong blast of lightning to the black sun, once their attacks impacted a bright light illuminated the night….

Gallantmon: Crimson Mode didn’t wait for the light to clear and sent his signature move to BlackWarGreymon “CRIMSON LIGHT!!!!”….. BANG!!! Right on target…..

Once the smoke cleared Gallantmon: Crimson Mode was in the air looking down at a BlackAgumon, who was barely standing “Give up and leave and never come back” Gallantmon: Crimson Mode said but….

The man started to laugh “Hahahaha, You think you’ve won?!” The man came up to his digimon and too out his black D-Arc “Well if you do you’re so WRONG!!!” a black light came out of his D-Arc then…

Biomerge Activate….

BlackAgumon Biomerge toooo…

“What??” Gallantmon: Crimson Mode was watching in awe as both tamer and digimon biomerged to create…..!!!!!!!!

Rika and Renamon were running to where the bright light had been seen “Renamon what was that?” Rika asked her partner.

“I don’t know Rika but it came from the direction that Takato and Guilmon took off, but I sense no digimon nor a battle” Renamon seemed worried, and then….

The ground started to shake and once again the sky was illuminated with several lights and then they stopped and when they did Renamon sensed something “Rika I sense a digimon and Guilmon where those lights came from we have to hurry” Rika nodded and let Renamon carry her so they could arrive faster.

Once they arrived they were shocked to see the image in front of them “What happened here?” Rika asked, the place was pure ruble and ruins everywhere.

“Renamon where’s-” she was cut off, “Yo! Rika what happed here?” it was Henry, Terriermon, Kazu, Guardromon, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Jeri and up in the distance Cyberdramon along with Ryo could be seen flying in.

Once they all gathered Henry was the first to ask “Where’s Takato?” he asked Rika.

“I don’t know I just got here Renamon said that-” Once again she was cut off

“Guys who’s that guy in the black cape?” the man was a few meters away.

“Hey! What are you doing here!? Did you do something to Takato and Guilmon!?” Ryo asked the man.

The man seemed to be standing in front of a portal along with a digimon in a black cape as well, but he turned around “Takato?” he mocked “Oh you mean that Takato?” he started laughing “A worthy opponent, he brought out the best in me”

“Stop joking around with us, where is he?!” This time it was Rika who asked.

The man seemed to take interest in her “You must be Rika right?” he asked her.

“So what if I am?!” She said

The man sighed “I am happy to inform you that Takato really cared deeply for you?” he mocked once again.

Rika felt a cold shiver down her spine “W-What are you talking about?” her voice was shaking

He took something out of his pocket and threw it to her she caught it “Be glad to know that his last word was your name Rika” and with that he and his digimon passed through the portal, then it closed.

“Geez what was that all about?! Why’d you let him speak that way to you Rika?” Kazu asked but then he noticed Rika was in shock “Rika?”

Rika was looking at the object the man had thrown at her “No…. No… NO…. T-This…. C-Can’t… be…” Rika said in a very shaky voice, Henry came up to her “Rika… what’s-” as soon as Henry saw what she was holding he stayed still, trembling.

Once everyone saw Henry’s reaction they came close to see what was the thing Rika was holding, and they all entered in a state of shock at what she was holding….

Kazu took some steps back shaking his head along with Kenta “T-This… Is… a… joke right?” Tears started to form in their eyes, Jeri was in shock she nor said nor did anything, Ryo looked the other way tears forming in his eyes.

In Rika’s hands lay the broken goggles of Takato Matsuki, one of the lends had blood on it still fresh, it was staining Rika’s hands “No….. No….”

Renamon appeared with the body of a red dinosaur and laid him down the digimon was barely alive it seemed he was going to be deleted any moment now, Henry saw this and came up to Guilmon “Guilmon, Guilmon! You’re going to be alright you hear me?!” he said with his voice shaking and tears coming out.

Guilmon opened his eyes “Henry?” he said in a weak tone “Where’s Takatomon? I can’t sense him anymore is he ok?” Once everyone heard that it was confirmed “Hang on Guilmon you’ll be alright” Terriermon said crying.

Guilmon looked at his friend “Terriermon… Tell Takatomon… that I’m sorry… that I lost….” Terriermon shook his head “No, no, no, no!!! You’re going to tell him yourself” Guilmon smiled “I’ll miss you all” Renamon couldn’t bear to look and she took off “Rika… Rika don’t let Takatomon go…. He really… cares for you…” Guilmon smiled at his first digimon friend he made “Terriermon I promise that we’ll play again someday ok” Terriermon nodded “Yeah I’ll take you up on that promise you big glutton” he said faking a smile, Guilmon gave it back “Goodbye everyone….” And he started to be deleted “NO, NO, NO, GUILMON!!!” Terriermon screamed.

“Terriermon I want you to load Guilmon’s data” Terriermon looked at Henry with a furious face “ARE YOU CRAZY HENRY NEVER IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO THAT!!” Henry smiled at his digimon it’s not what you’re thinking Terriermon maybe if Guilmon’s data is stored in you the monster makers can find a way to bring him back so please Terriermon….” Henry said it with tears beaming out of his eyes Terriermon just nodded and loaded Guilmon’s data “I’m sorry for doing this buddy” he said.

Rika was still holding Takato’s goggles in her hands “No… no…. this can’t be happening…” Ryo came up to her “Rika…”

“NO!!” she screamed “He’s not gone….” Ryo came closer “He can’t be…” she moaned Ryo brought her up to a hug “But he is… Rika…. He’s gone…. Goggle-head’s gone” Ryo whispered to her, Ryo felt Rika’s body loosen and then she started crying like she never ever did “Stupid Goggle-head, why did you leave us!” Rika screamed at the top of her lungs before resuming her cry she held her present tight in one hand and in the other Takato Matsuki’s Goggles, then…. everyone joined in letting all the sentiment out digimon and human alike they all cried for their dear oh so DEAR friend….

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