Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End


Sirens could be heard at a long distance from the Matsuki residence, Takato’s parents had been waiting outside for Takato to arrive. They had been startled by a light that illuminated the night and some small trembles.

Mrs. Matsuki was getting very worried “You know at these moments I’m really considering getting Takato that cellphone”.

Her husband just smiled at her “Don’t worry, Guilmon’s by his side he’ll be ok” he comforted her

She returned him the smile “Yeah you may be right, though he is going to be grounded when he gets here”

Then her husband changed into a serious face “Though what worries me are these trembles and lights, although they stopped I can’t help but feel that something’s wrong”

Then a police car could be seen coming close to the Matsuki residence, and stopped in front of the bakery, a police officer came out and asked “Are you two Mr. and Mrs. Matsuki?”

They both suddenly had a very bad feeling “Y-Yes we are, what’s the matter officer?”

The officer’s expression seemed as if he had just a person close to him, “I’m sorry….” He said in a pained tone. It seemed as if he was holding back the tears, then he started speaking…

“No….” said Takato’s mom fainting, her husband caught her in midair with tears falling in enormous amounts, “How... did this happen...? He said in a low tone “How...?”

Rika’s Point of View…

I could hear the hounds, searching for the victim of the recent attack, though no results were coming out of the search. I heard they sent an officer to his house to notify his family… he must’ve left his house telling his parents that he’d be back in time for dinner with his everlasting smile…

I could hear Henry yelling at his dad through the phone arguing about how could this had come to pass, I knew it was a stupid question, we all knew that man was more likely after Takato but we all just let it slip saying that the man was a good guy that we could talk to him, I’m sure goggle-head tried, but even knowing all of that we let Takato go home alone knowing the danger…

As of all the others Jeri was so shaken up she couldn’t talk nor cry, just like the incident with Leomon… I could tell she really cared for Takato… Because of that an ambulance had taken her to her house. Kazu and Kenta went their own ways not saying a thing nor turning around. Ryo was sitting by my side trying to comfort me but all in vain…

I have never shown strong emotions towards a person, actually I thought I’d never care so much for a person, but here I am breaking down over a dear friend I wonder if I would have reacted the same if it was a different person…

“I don’t give a damn if you have to delete Impmon for it you hear me!!” Henry was starting to get tenser. I had never heard him curse before, I heard him talk about Impmon as well, I tried to get up to him but my feet wouldn’t respond. I guess Ryo saw my intensions and went up to Henry “Henry…” Ryo called at him, Henry didn’t answer him.

Ryo tried again “Henry…”

I saw Henry close his phone but I couldn’t hear what they were talking about…

Henry finished talking by his cellphone “I’ll get there when I get there!!” he yelled then he turned at Ryo “What do you want?” he asked Ryo

Ryo was surprised by his response “Hey… take it easy man I-”

“Take it easy?!” he interrupted Ryo “TAKE IT EASY?!” he closed contact between Ryo “My best friend and his digimon just died, and you want me to take it easy?!!” Henry was holding his D-Arc strongly in his hand.

Ryo took a few steps back “Look there’s nothing we can do anymore but to find out who did this, plus I don’t think Takato-”

Henry grabbed Ryo by his shirts collar “Don’t you start this, don’t start saying that he would’ve wanted to see us ok, first of all you barely knew him, so don’t go out saying things about him when you didn’t even know the first thing about him!!” he said staring hard into Ryo’s eyes

Henry suddenly realized what he was doing and let go of Ryo “I’m-I’m sorry… I just…” he said turning his gaze to the ground.

Ryo pus his hand on Henry’s shoulder, Henry looked to see that tears were coming out of Ryo’s eyes “I’m sorry man… it’s just that I feel so helpless…” Ryo said looking away.

Henry responded by putting his other hand on Ryo’s shoulder “Hey…” he called at Ryo and Ryo turned to look at him “We’ll find who did this and when we do he’ll pay!” Ryo nodded at Henrys comment.

Henry looked at the time “Well I gotta go” He said putting away his D-Arc, he looked at Rika, “Take care of Rika for m-” Henry stopped and thought about what he was going to say “No..” he corrected himself “Take care of Rika for him” Ryo turned to see Rika looking at them.

Ryo turned to Henry and smiled “Corse I will” he said giving a thumbs up.

“Thanks, see ya…” Henry picked up Terriermon who had collapsed and started heading home.

Rika’s P.O.V

What just happened? I just saw Henry grab Ryo by the collar then they grab each other by the shoulders and trade stares. I tried to wave goodbye at Henry but my body still couldn’t respond, Ryo was coming back to the ambulance that I was sitting in.

“Hey there…” Ryo said to me in his normal tone “How’s my princess holding up?”

I wasn’t in the mood to start an argument with Ryo “How do you think?”

Ryo sighed “I can’t say I know how you feel” he said sitting down beside me.

In a way he was right besides from Jeri I was also shaken up pretty badly, “How did this happen…?” I asked him knowing he couldn’t answer that question, no one could, but as Ryo is Ryo he tried…

“Well, I guess it’s because we made it seem like it was not a big deal knowing that probably this guy was coming after Takato” He said looking up to the sky, he was right though we all made it look like it was nothing, but saw how worried or maybe afraid Takato was even though I didn’t do anything about it in a part I was feeling more guilty than the rest.

“Hey Ryo…” I called to him.

“Hmm…?” He asked looking down at me.

“Do you think…? Do you think Takato will ever forgive us?” I asked not willing to hear the answer.

Ryo looked at me almost with an angry look “Rika, I know you feel guilty, we all do, even though I don’t think Takato will ever blame it on us, and he’s just too good of a guy”

I smiled at him “Yeah, I guess you’re right, that goggle-head always said sorry even though it wasn’t his fault.” Then a car came up and honked, I finally found the strength to stand “Well gotta go Ryo, that’s my mother.”

“Ok princess, I’ll be seeing you” Ryo said to me as he went to where Cyberdramon was.

The trip back home was quiet my mom didn’t ask or say a thing, and I was glad she didn’t I probably would’ve broken down the same way I did before. Once we got home my mother took me to my room “I’ll be in the kitchen Rika if you need anything, your grandmother is already asleep” I just nodded and went into my room and closed the door behind me, still holding the goggles and the gift in my hands.

I turned on the lights and went to my bed, but I realized that the mattress was a different color than how I remembered it, I got close and what I saw next caused me to drop everything I was holding and bring my hand up to my mouth.

It was the tamers flag, I thought that thing stayed in the digital world but I realized it wasn’t the same, it was larger and wider, the stupid goggle-head had added our mega-levels to the sides plus he had added Kazu and Kenta’s partners along with Ryo and Susie and their partners, I couldn’t hold back the tears, I then saw a note on the flag I went to pick it up.

It was from my mom.

Honey I’m heartbroken for your loss, Takato had come by the house a couple of days before your birthday asking things about you, at first I thought he had a crush on you, I teased him about it and it was cute seeing his reactions. The boy really seemed to care for you, then he told me he wanted to know those things to get you the perfect present, I gave him many ideas then he thought of one that I never imagined, he combined your favorite hobby with your best friends, those two modify cards as you call them were the best present indeed.

I can’t start to say how bad I fell, that boy was special, and I could tell in your face when I asked you about him, that you also really cared for him it’s just that you didn’t realize it yet.

By the way he told me to tell you that he was sure that you were not going to see the letter he left for you at the bottom of the present box.

Love you always…

Your Mother

Wait a minute TWO cards? I rapidly kneeled down to pick up the present box and took out the card and… there was another their behind the first one, it was a card with the picture of Takato and me, I was leaning my back up against a tree while looking away (in the direction of the camera) from Takato with my eyes closed and arms crossed, while the goggle-head was scratching the back of his head while nervously smiling, the sun was up and leaves were falling down from the tree.

I remember that day, I was mad at goggle-head because he suggested to take up Ryo’s offer to a date, of course I neglected Ryo and got mad at Takato for suggesting that, the card showed the moment of him trying to apologize to me, I smiled then I picked up the card to find a folded letter under it, I laid the cards on my bed then I sat down and started reading.

Hey Rika!! Happy birthday, you’re probably reading this letter a day after your birthday hehe. You probably didn’t even notice I wasn’t on the first card, about the second one I tried to find one that I was in with all you guys but that’s the disadvantage for being the one who takes the pictures, in the end I only found one, I guess I found that card to be ok because it sends off a message that you’re in charge.

By the way Rika, you’ve sure changed a lot since the first time we met, you were always putting Renamon in danger and said that you didn’t care about her because she was just data, I thought you were heatless and fearless, I was soon proved wrong and saw the true side of you on numerous occasions, like the time when IceDevimon abducted you. Little by little you’ve been changing to good and that makes me very happy.

I remember the time when I told you and Henry that Jeri struck me down, and instead of laughing you gave me advice, something I would’ve never expected from you, so in a part thanks for everything Rika you’ve helped me out on many occasions that you don’t even realize, I can never thank you enough.

I’m probably going to get a beating for this letter so may as well get it worthwhile! Your mother told me many things of you and well they amazed me, I promise I won’t tell anyone else a thing plus I’ll come clean, she showed me a recent picture of you with a dress and you hair down and well you looked amazing, it still makes me laugh when I think about the reason you put a dress on and let your hair down hehe.

P.S I remembered you like the tamer flag so much that I made a new one and I decided to give it to you.(Well I’m gonna be sorry for this tomorrow.)

Your friend…

Takato Matsuki

I cried like the first time, although this time I let it all out, after all no one was going to see me, and for the first time in my life I felt the one emotion that I so hated, the emotion that I myself tried to keep away, an emotion that left my heat ever since my dad left us an emotion that I locked away, I felt…LOVE and the worst part was that it was towards a person who would never be able to receive it “Stupid goggle-head” I said to myself “Stupid” that one was aimed at me, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t realized it until now…

“Stupid Takato, making me fall for you after all of this…? Stupid” yeah stupid was all I could say I kept crying until I found myself fast asleep…

I felt the sun run down my face as I woke up, I never actually got into the covers I found out that I was just lying on top of the bed. I felt something in my hand as I woke. I raised my hand to see the broken goggles of Takato, I wish it all had been a dream, a very bad dream that when I would’ve awoken I could go to Guilmon’s hideout and see everyone there like all the other times, everyone especially Takato…

I felt the tears trying to run down my cheeks again but I didn’t let them, ‘ No… I know Goggle-head wouldn’t want to see me like this’ I convinced myself, I got up and started to get ready to take a shower when I noticed that the goggles were still stained with blood and had the lends broken.

I got up and washed the goggles cleaning the blood, after that I followed, I got out of the shower and changed into my usual clothes, I realized I only had a couple of minutes until school, though I wasn’t going to go.

I grabbed my D-Arc, my deck and added the two cards that I got yesterday to it, and then I put the goggles around my neck and left my room…

“I’m heading out mom” I said to her in my usual cold tone, heading for the door.

I felt a hand grab my shoulder “Honey…” I turned to see it was my mother, she was in her usual pajamas, a pink poke doted pants and shirt, though her eyes were red, as if she had been crying the whole night, I wondered if mine looked the same.

She looked at me straight in the eye “I know what you’re going through, and I also know that if you start locking people out again, you will regret it for the rest of your life” she said with tears starting to form in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Takato was a good boy, he cared for all of his friends equally, he also worked hard for all of you to get along and form the friendship you have” She didn’t ease her stare.

“Mom…” I felt my heart sank once again “So if you all really cared for him then, don’t break up, and keep being friends ok?” she said to me forcing a smile, then something I didn’t expect… she brought me up to a hug, though this time I didn’t fight it I embraced it, it felt warm, kind and soft.

Once we broke the hug she told me “I already called the school you weren’t going today so don’t wander to far ok” I was actually surprised by that, but I guess it was expected.

I nodded to my mom and left the house going to the last place I saw my dear friend…


Henry had trouble sleeping, since he got home he hadn’t said a word to his parents nor to Susie, he had decided that he was not going to go to school today, the last night had been too much to take in even for Terriermon.

He got up to his normal routine, took a shower and got dressed, though he wasn’t going to go to school he still had to talk and apologize to his dad for the way he had said things last night, he sat on his bed for a while until he got the courage to leave the room, he walked slowly through the hallway knowing his parents were already up.

Once he was in the living room he could see his dad working on the computer “Umm… dad?” He asked unsecure.

His dad Janyu Wong, looked at him and faced him with a smile as if nothing had ever happened “Hey Henry….” He said in a faked happy tone.

Henry just looked at the ground not saying a thing, he opened his mouth to say something but his dad beat him to it “Look Henry, I can’t say I know how you feel but… I truly am sorry for your loss, and I will try my best and hardest to get Guilmon back just the way he was”

Henry remembered the things he had said to his dad the past night “Look dad… I’m sorry for the way I told you things I know you and the monster makers are trying your hardest to find a way to recover Leomon’s data from inside Impmon, but I still had no right to push you to the point to where I shouldn’t care what happens to Impmon, and for that I’m s-sorry dad” He said fighting back the tears.

His father just came up to him “It’s ok son, I can’t image what things passed by your head at that moment, though I have to say it was pretty smart for you to load Guilmon’s data so that we could bring him back, and now that I’m on that I would like to say we’ve finally made progress”

‘What!’ Henry almost couldn’t believe what his father just had told him “Y-You a-aren’t joking right?” Henry said, almost yelling.

Janyu smiled “Why would I joke about something like that?”

Henry smiled knowing it was the best news he had heard “That’s great dad!”

“Now hold on Henry, I know we said we’ve made progress but this matter is a delicate thing it won’t be easy but we’re slowly but surely creating a program that concentrates on loaded digimon data and concentrating in rematerializing that data.” Janyu explained.

Henry thought about it for a while “…So how long is it going to take for the program to be ready?”

Janyu’s smile faded away “That’s the thing the program is very complex it will take a while for us to create it…”

Henry looked straight into his father’s eyes “Dad… how long?”

Janyu almost didn’t want to answer “At least a year and a half…”

Henry’s grin faded away, Janyu saw that and looked away “I’m sorry Henry… but…”

Henry put his hand over Janyu’s shoulder “Don’t worry dad you’re doing everything you can I’ll wait for as long as it takes I’ll wait”

Janyu couldn’t fight the urge, and started crying “Thank you Henry”

Henry looked at the time “I gotta go dad, I’m not going to school”

Janyu didn’t ask him the reason “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see a friend that needs someone by her side” Henry said as he left through the door…

Rika’s P.O.V

It was a dump a literal dump that’s all I had to say once I looked at the ruined site, the place Takato’s last battle had taken place had been broken down to rubble, whoever fought here against him sure had to be strong in order to beat him.

“You know you really shouldn’t be her” a voice said behind me.

I turned to see one of the faces that most irritated me “What’s it to you Ryo?” I said to him.

“I see you’re being like the old wild cat I know and love” he teased at me, usually I would have blushed at the comment and thought of a comeback, but I was in no mood for it, “Just bug off Ryo”

I could see he was checking my neck hastily, “I see it will take you some time to get over him…” he said obviously looking at his goggles, I didn’t say a thing.

He started to get close to me I noticed he was holding something in his hand “Rika, I don’t know what’s going on in your head but I want you to know you’re not alone in this remember you’ve got all of us, if you ever need anyone we’re all here.”

I looked away “I know Ryo, it’s just that how can we all hang out like old times? It was always him who put the place don’t you think it would hurt each and every time we would get together? I mean look at Jeri, she’s so broken up I hadn’t seen her this bad since Leomon, it’s obvious that she liked him so why did she let him go without him knowing what she felt for him?” I asked him all those questions knowing he couldn’t give me an answer, but once again I underestimated Ryo…

Ryo took a deep breath and he seemed to be thinking about all that I had asked him, atlast he spoke “Well Rika I guess that if we really cared for him we would conserve his memory by sticking together and not splitting up, yeah it may hurt for a while and maybe it will always hurt but at least we won’t be letting his efforts of creating a good team go to waste. As for Jeri she has all of us to help her out, I may not know why she struck down Takato but still she had her own reasons and we can’t judge her for that, all we can do for her know is stick together and give her a shoulder to cry on.”

To be honest I was amazed by his answer, I never expected him to answer me so straight forward. I looked him in the eye and I could see he was dead serious, I just smiled back at him “I-I guess your right Ryo, thanks”

Ryo smiled at me “No problem honey” he teased me once again although this time I did feel my cheeks get a little warm.

I gave him a death glare, I opened my mouth to insult him but I was cut short as he grabbed my hand and laid something in it “I guess I should give this to you” he told me closing my hand to grip whatever the object was, though it felt very familiar.

“Well I gotta go, see you later. Oh and by the way, those goggles look good on you” he said taking off.

“Bug off!” I yelled at him, I opened my hand to see what Ryo had left me, I smiled at the sight of a Gold and white D-Arc with a red strap, though the screen was only static and it was cracked.

I held Takato’s D-Arc for a while ‘I promise you Takato that I will find whoever did this and I will make him pay even if it takes me years to find him, I will’.

With that said in my mind I strapped his D-Arc onto my belt and headed off for Jeri’s….


A man in a black cape entered a fine looking house to the side of the ocean, it looked like a house that belonged to a rich person, and to his side a little creature also wearing a black cape followed, the man was carrying what seemed to be a boy on his shoulder.

As he entered the house he went to a room and laid down at what was an unconscious body in the bed, “What took you so long?” An irritated voice said from inside the room, the caped man turned and saw his colleague come out from the shadows.

The other person seemed to be a young adult, his hair was dark and spiked up, his eyes were a dark red color, he wore a black shirt with a black pants to his side was a little creature as well, the creature looked like a little fox with purple fur covering it all over with parts of its fur being white. It had what it seems to be a red jewel in its forehead.

The man in the cape looked at him with eyes filled with rage “Don’t start with me Airchi I’m not in the mood”

Airchi chuckled “Oh, did the little boy beat up our little one?” he mocked him

The man got up close to Airchi, face to face, noses almost touching “You want to test me out?”

Airchi chucked in his face “Ha, I knew it you had to bio-merge didn’t you?”

The man turned around and started heading out of the room, “You’re lucky master granted us the power to bio-merge in the real world or else you would be in quite the mess if you had failed your mission” Airchi called back at him.

The man in the cape left Airchi in the room as he went outside for some air, ‘Damn Airchi, he thinks he’s stronger than me?!” HA! I would like to see him try to take on the leader of the tamers without bio-merging” The man thought to himself.

Then a dark cloud formed behind him “Did you complete your mission?” a dark deep voice came from inside the cloud, the man turned “Yes master I did, I also completed the other tasks you gave me”

“Good, very nicely done” the voice said “Now that they have lost their trump card they are sure to be helpless by the time I regain my full powers”

Airchi came walking out from the house “Master if it’s not too much to ask, why keep this tamer alive?” he asked the form inside the cloud.

“Airchi I see you still have much to learn” the voice said to him “It will be so much entertaining watching the tamers being destroyed by the same friend they so love”

Airchi ginned mischievously “I see” he took his master’s words into thought “So should I implant the dark spore?”

“Indeed” his master told him as the cloud dispersed.

Airchi turned to enter the house once again, “Airchi” the caped man called at him.

Airchi turned to him “Yes?” he asked in a calm, royal tone

The man took time to answer “H-Have y-you ever had the feeling that we’re doing the wrong thing?”

Airchi laughed “Hahaha, you see, hehe, that’s the difference between you and me” Airchi turned to look at him “You’re weak, you hesitate to do the masters orders while I do them without a second thought” Airchi stared at the man “Your question makes me sick you know, never ask me that again if you don’t want to get on my nerve. GOT THAT?” Airchi said as he entered the house that was practically a mansion.

The man was left in his own thoughts ‘Why? Why do I feel this every time I go off on a mission that master sends me? Why does it hurt deep inside me when I hurt another person?’ The man was kept thinking that while his gaze was focused on the eternal blue ocean….

Takato slowly opened his eyes “…. Where am I?” he asked to no one in specific, he was in a dark place no lights could be seen in sight, “…What happened?” he asked himself remembering the facts of the previous battle.

“Oh yeah that’s right I was fighting a BlackWarGreymon, but then… then what happened? I can’t seem to remember” Takato said holding his head in pain, then he heard a laugh come out from the darkness, “Who’s there?” Takato called out.

No one answered “Guilmon?!” he called out to his best friend and partner “Where are you?”

“He’s dead” a voice came once again, Takato felt a chill run down his spine “What?! You’re lying!” Takato screamed.

“Believe me I wish I was” the voice started to sound familiar.

“Come out you coward!” Takato yelled.

“Fine if you wish” suddenly the place started to light up it appeared as if he was in a room, and to the other end of it was a person that looked exactly like…..HIM!

Takato almost fell back seeing himself, only it was not entirely him. This Takato had red crimson eyes as well as a black T-shirt and black pants, his hair was also black, “Our partner was deleted” the other Dark Takato said.

Takato couldn’t believe what he was saying “I-It, it can’t be… How did this… happen?” he said letting his knees fall into the ground, the other Takato came up at him, “When we lost the battle to BlackAgumon’s bio-merged form we were left unconscious the same was for Guilmon, but then our so called friends came” The other Takato trailed off…

Takato looked at him “Then what!” the other Takato looked away “They finished off Guilmon and loaded his data” he said forming a fist.

Takato was in shock “NO!!! You must be lying they would never do something like that… not them”, the other Takato looked back at him with a death glare you want to see it with your own eyes very well then, suddenly a mirror appeared on the wall, then an image of a place in ruins could be seen on the mirror, then an image of Guilmon being deleted could be seen, “Guilmon!” Takato screamed, then his eyes widened in horror as he saw the next image of Terriermon loading his data, then once he was done the image broke.

Takato was broken “No…” he said in a low tone “How could they… do this?” Takato let himself drop to the ground only being supported by his hands “I trusted all of you with my life, this…. This…” Takato let the tears run down his cheeks.

The other Takato put his hand on his shoulder “We were saved from them for a reason, we will get Guilmon back” he said in a soft tone.

Takato didn’t look up “They said they were my friends” he said softly.

The other Takato kneeled down to face him “They never were, remember how they all treated us when we tried to get revenge for what happened to Leomon, everyone discriminated us, judged us, even the said girl we so much cared for and loved, even our friends, and when Beelzemon was closing in for the kill none of them moved an inch for us, you see we have no one”

Takato looked up at his dark self he could see he was also crying “But….” He tried to find a gap in all his dark self was saying but looking back he was right no one tried to get in the way to save them not Jeri, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, nor Rika none moved an inch.

“They hate us Takato the only reason they care for us is because we’re strong and they used us for their advantage” The dark Takato said picking Takato up. “We have no place with them, come with me and we’ll get back our one and true friend Guilmon back” he said gesturing his other self to take his hand.

Takato looked at his dark self’s hand “You mean it?” he asked wiping the tears away.

“Of course” his dark self told him….

Takato nodded and took his hand and he felt a dark cloud engulf him…

Airchi was in the room waiting for the dark spore to take effect then suddenly he felt a very dark presence in the room, he looked around but no one seemed to be inside the room, he leaned close to Takato’s unconscious body...

Takato’s eyes flew open, only this time his eyes weren’t their wonderful brown color, they had been replaced by a deep red crimson color, he got up and looked at Airchi and grinned maliciously, a grin that even made Airchi tremble in fear….

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