Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End


Eleven months after Takato’s fall….


The night had fallen fast and a young man in a black cape was watching the waves of the ocean to his side was his partner digimon also looking at the never ending ocean, the young man turned to face his partner “BlackAgumon, do you think we’re in the wrong place?” he asked his partner in a calm voice.

His partner just looked at him “Well T I don’t know what to say I have had this feeling that something is amiss but I just can’t seem to get what it is” he responded

‘Ever since that fight with that tamer, when he hit BlackWarGreymon with that bright light an image of a girl came to me, a beautiful girl with light brown hair and beautiful eyes, I need to know who she is and why did she come into my mind, above all else since then I’m starting to doubt even more my master why?’ T thought to himself.

T, as his partner calls him, was starting to get the feeling that he just doesn’t belong with his master, “If only I could remember my past BlackAgumon, then I could resolve all my doubts” he said staring once again into the eternal pond.

BlackAgumon gave him a worried look, “I know what you mean T all that I can recall is always serving the master by your side and nothing else”

‘If only I knew who I really am’ T thought to himself then at that very moment….

The water in front of him started to rise, but not in a wave move, but in a form of a door…

“Do you wish to find answers?” A voice suddenly came…

T was started by this, “Who is there?!” he said looking around, at the same time BlackAgumon was ready for any battle that would come.

“I am not an enemy but an allay, if you truly wish to find your true self then come through this door and all will be revealed to you” the voice faded away revealing a door where the water had rose.

T examined the door suspiciously, ‘Can I really trust this person…or whatever that voice was? I really what to know about my past but….’ He turned to face his partner “What do you think?”

BlackAgumon looked at the door for a while then looked at him, “I think it’s time we get some answers don’t you agree?” he said courageously.

T smiled “Alright I’m with ya, let’s go!” he said reaching the doorknob, he slowly turned it and at the sound of a click he slowly started to open it, then a blinding light came out of the door engulfing both T and BlackAgumon and just like that they disappeared along with the door…

“T? Where are you dude the master want’s to speak to you” Airchi said as he came out of the mansion-like house “T?!” he repeated himself looking all over “AGH!” he took out his D-Arc “T!? Where the heck are you!?” Nothing but static came from the other end “T!? Answer me damn it!” yet again nothing….

“He’s gone” a dark voice said behind him, Airchi turned to see the face of their newest member Takato Matsuki, “He, tell me something I don’t know” Airchi said mockingly as he went past Takato but as he passed, Takato grabbed Airchi by the elbow “You should really watch your tone on me, you don’t want to see me angry GOT THAT!” he threatened.

Airchi felt a shiver go down his spine, as Takato threw him a glare that made him almost tremble in fear, “Y-Yes, I will” Airchi said fearfully, Takato let go of his elbow “Good, now go tell the master that T has gone missing” he demanded, Airchi just nodded and went inside the house leaving Takato alone in the night.

Takato turned to see where T was last standing, and started to walk over there, he bent down and grabbed some sand, “Wizardmon” Takato called to his temporary partner, a digimon appeared beside him, the digimon was wearing a cape that covered his mouth, companied by an orange-yellowed clothing that covered his whole body except his head, this whole clothing had zippers in many places, he wore brown gloves and brown boots and last his wizardly hat with a skull on its front all accompanied by a yellow staff that had a sun-like figure on it’s end.

“You called?” Wizardmon said, Takato didn’t turn “Yes I did I want you to tell me if a digiport was opened recently here” Takato demanded standing up from his current position, “Of course” Wizardmon said raising his hand and aiming it to where the ocean was as he closed his eyes a yellow sphere formed in his hand.

Wizardmon opened his eyes and dropped his hand “I’m sorry to say, that no portal was opened here recently” he said in an apologetic tone, Takato frowned at the news “Humph…” he said turning to the house “Come on we have to go see the master” and with that order Wizardmon vanished….

“Wh-Where am I?” T said opening his eyes, “B-BlackAgumon where are you?” he had no strength left inside him.

“Do not fear young boy, just rest, rest and remember….” A soft kind voice said, T didn’t know why but he just closed his eyes and let a strange feeling com to him…

“Remember…” the voice whispered “Remember….”

“Wha!! Who are you?”

“Hi My name is Koromon, and I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Waiting for me?”…

“It’s up to us Agumon, the rest are too tired to fight”


“AGH, Let go of me you…”

“T…! AGH”

“Ahhh! Agumon help me!”

“Agumon digivolve to…. Greymon!!”

“You are the digidestined and the fate of the digital world lies in your hands, I cannot allow Devimon get his hands on you”

“What about you?”

“I’ll stay here to hold back Devimon… AGHH”



“You have to find the tags and crests”

“Where are those tags and crest?”

“Devimon hid the tags deep in the ocean, and the crests are scattered of the continent of server”

“Come on Greymon digivolve”

“Greymon digivolve to…. SkullGreymon”

“If you really are the Digivoled form of Greymon you can’t hurt me”


“I’m sorry Koromon it’s all my fault.”

“Let go of me!”

“What do think this is T…? A game?”

“Well yeah!”

“Think again if anything happens to us here the same thing will happen to us in the real world”

“T-Then if I die here…”


“Come on Greymon let’s do this”


“Oh your brave I like that, DARK SPIRIT CHAOS!!”

“Greymon digivolve to… MetalGreymon!!”


“I’m home Koromon!!”

“This is your world?”


“I have to go Kari the others need me”

“Don’t forget about me T…”

“I’ll be back!”

“Eighth digidestined”

“Who elected me as leader?!?



“Fate of two worlds”

“Evil Dark Masters?!”



“New digidestined?”

“Davis here a leader needs his goggles”

“Matt and Sora”

“Sacrifice Crests”

“Unable to digivolve?”



T opened his eyes and noticed he was in a bedroom lying on a bed, the bed seemed fancy as did the room, it was painted red adorned with paintings of different digimon across it, the bed seemed to belong to a king it was bigger than a king-size bed, and had royal sheets across it.

T started to get up, he put his hand to his head from the headache he was having, “Where am I? And what was all that about?” he asked to himself, then he noticed somebody was missing “BlackAgumon!? Where are you buddy?”

The door opened to reveal a knight entering the room, T recognized him immediately “Gallantmon!? But how!?” T immediately got out of bed and aimed for his D-Arc but it wasn’t there, he started to take a few steps back.

The knight raised his hands in a way that he didn’t mean no harm “I’m sorry to startle you but I am not the Gallantmon you know, I mean no harm” the knight said not moving closer to T, though T noticed that his voice was not the same as the tamer’s and his digimon combined, it was a much thicker voice strong, demanding and T noticed a sense of security and leadership coming from it.

“Then where is my partner and my digivice?” T demanded.

Gallantmon sighed “Please sit down and let me explain” he gestured T to the bed.

T hesitantly sat down on the bed “Alright, start of saying who are you and why you brought me here?” T demanded.

Gallantmon leaned his back on the wall across T and crossed his arms “My name is Gallantmon X, as for the X it is not for you to know why just yet, I am part of the defenders of the digital world called “The Royal Knights” although we have been trapped in this pocket dimension for quite some time now, and that’s the reason to why we haven’t been assisting the digidestined all these years, we are unable to leave but we are able to bring people or digimon in and out, and as to why we brought you here, well in fact it was your request, as you just saw, now you know who you are…” Gallantmon explained.

T looked back at the memories that had just come back to him, “Taichi Kamiya….” He said almost to himself looking down.

“That is correct you are the legendary Taichi Kamiya or as they call you Tai” Gallantmon said.

“Legendary?” Tai inquired

“Indeed you are quite the legend in all the four quadrants of the digital world, you have overcome trails that were said to be impossible, came up when all has no hope, stood where all has fallen, you have been the light where the darkness had ruled for many years, wherever you go a wave of happiness and hope always comes out, that’s why your so called ‘master’ could not control you completely, because you are the light which shines strongest when all other lights have dimmed.” Gallantmon explained

Tai looked defeated “But… I did horrible things for my ‘master’ things that would cause anybody else nightmares and the worst was that I…I…” tears started to form in his eyes “I…I seemed to enjoy it” he said letting the tears flow.

Gallantmon let Tai release the tears, “Tai you should know that that wasn’t you it was the dark spore that took the darkest deepest side of you and made you forget everything.” He said trying to comfort him.

Tai looked up “I know but how come I can remember everything? I remember the horrible things I did, I-no WE destroyed the third quadrant and took control over it without mercy in less than year, we took advantage of their good side then when we had their trust we…. We…. Stabbed them in the back” Tai said sobbing.

Gallantmon came up to Tai and put his armored hand on his shoulder, Tai looked up to him “We know what happened, we tried to get the 3rd quadrant’s digidestined but we only managed to get Takuya Kanbara but he was….” Gallantmon trailed of.

Tai finishes for him “Defeated by Takato…” he said in an apologetic tone.

Gallantmon nodded “But let us not remember the past but let’s concentrate on the problem at hand” He said to Tai who was rubbing his eyes.

“Which is?” Tai asked.

“Returning Agumon back to normal” Gallantmon said returning to his former position on the wall.

That caught Tai’s attention, “What’s wrong with him?” he asked worriedly.

Gallantmon sighed “Well in case you’ve noticed he’s black”

Tai made a dumb fold look “Yeah…”

Gallantmon continued “Well he was turned from Vaccine to Virus, which is not something easy to do, whoever is your master has to be very powerful to transform your digimon’s type and your digivice”

Tai remembered his old digivice “So will you be able to do anything about them?”

Gallantmon stretched out his hand and Tai’s D-Arc appeared but it wasn’t the same black color as it was before, now it was a Blue D-Arc with an orange ring, it remembered him of his old digivice, “Your digivice has been restored to what is could be called normal, but apparently we are not able to return it to its prior form” he explained.

Tai got up and took his D-Arc “Well at least I like the colors” he joked.

Gallantmon chuckled, “With that new D-Arc you will be able to contact me wherever you may be, now turning to Agumon’s case, it will take a little more time to return him to normal, taking in consideration that we have to recover the memories locked up inside him and changing his type will not be an easy task.”

Tai got up “How much?” he asked.

“A week” Gallantmon firmly said.

Tai nodded, “Ok I’ll wait but once he’s done we’re going back into action” he said courageously.

Gallantmon nodded proudly “Just as I expected, but I need you to deliver a message for me”

“To who?” Tai asked.

Gallantmon looked at him in the eye “To Rika Nonaka”

Sinjuku Cemetery.

Rika’s POV

It’s almost been a year since that terrible day, the day when we lost him, I closed my eyes at the sight of his destroyed goggles with his blood entering my mind, at first it was hard to believe that Goggle-head was gone it was nearly impossible, but in the end we all faced reality, he was gone and he wasn’t going to come back.

In the near year that had passed since then Jeri was the one that resulted being the most affected, she had trouble talking to us all, eating and she never smiled, worse than Leomon’s case, but that all started to change once Braniac started to go over to her house trying to cheer her up, after many failed attempts he made it, he managed to recover Jeri all by himself, and a little psychiatric help that is.

As for Braniac himself we barely ever see him he’s always locked up in his room or with his dad working on his laptop, I tried to get Terriermon to tell me what he was doing but even the Nutbrained bunny head didn’t tell me and it’s a bit frustrating, although he is the one who took the loss of Goggle-head more maturely than anybody else.

Kazu and Kenta moved out of the city, and they went to USA to California for supposedly no reason in particular but we all knew it had to do with Goggle-head’s ‘fall’ I kinda know how they felt or in any case how their parents felt, the fear of losing their sons was not an easy thought, I guess they all thought we were invincible, whoever that man was truly proved them wrong.

Mako and Ai are doing ok apparently the news of Goggle-head affected more Impmon than them maybe because they’re still too young to understand a loss, they spend most of their free time with Susie who cried almost for a day upon hearing the news.

Ryo, well Ryo comes in and out from the digital world, I took his invitation for a date after the 10th time he asked and well I can’t complain about it, we’ve been going out since it was a bit difficult telling my mother that I had a boyfriend now. Though Ryo still feels guilty that he couldn’t do anything for Goggle-head.

Goggle-heads parents also moved away, one day without anyone knowing the bakery had a note that said that they had moved away some wondered the reason why but we, the gang, knew why, this city brought to many memories of their son the boy of their lives, who was taken away from them. I guess they went to look for a fresh start, no one can blame them for that.

And well as for me I took all my pain and let it out I cried for many days, I hate Goggle-head for leaving without letting me tell him my true feelings and I hate myself even more for not realizing that sooner, though I will always love him and miss him, his idiotic never-ending smile, his bad jokes, his unsecure attitude, and his heroic spirit; somehow I felt his loss just like my dad’s I think I could of treasured them more if I had a chance, though sometimes I have this feeling that Goggle-head is still out there somewhere, as much as I wish it to be true I know it will never come to pass.

I kept his goofy goggles, of course I cleaned them and changed the broken lends for new ones and when everyone saw them around my neck nobody asked my why, only until we started dating did Ryo ask me why, I told him the truth, that I keep them as memory as the second man I loved in my life given that the first was my father. Damn Goggle-head he made me weak he broke through the ice in me and made me thoughtful, kind and caring, well a little.

I also always carry with me his D-Arc, I sometimes find myself starring at the screen that shows nothing more but static, I was going to give it to his parents but when I went to look for them they were long gone.

Though one thing has been on my mind, ever since Goggle-head’s incident no bio-emergences have been registered, and that is something very strange.

Right now I’m in the cemetery in front of his tomb, I come here almost every week, I find myself at ease when I’m here, sometimes I find it hard to prevent the tears from coming out although sometimes I don’t stop them.

“Hey their cutie” Said a voice coming behind me.

I formed a fist “How many times have I told you not to call me like that Ryo!” I turned to punch him but all I met were his lips.

Once we broke apart he continued talking “How’s my queen been?” he asked me.

I turned to look at Goggle-head’s tomb “Well you know the usual always regretting taking that day to easy” I said in a saddened tone.

Ryo just looked at me “Come on we told Henry we’d meet him at the park at four” he said taking my hand.

“Oh that’s right Braniac told us that he was going to tell us something, wonder what it is?” I asked myself

Ryo and I started walking away from the graveyard “I guess it must be the reason he’s been locked up in his room all the time.” Ryo answered.

I remembered that he was really enthusiastic when he called.



“Hello!?” Rika answered

“RIKA WE DID IT!!!!!” Henry’s tone made Rika almost drop her phone.

“Hey gobble-brain in case you haven’t noticed … I’M NOT DEAF!!!!” Rika yelled back, apparently her scream did make Henry drop the phone.

“Yeah, sorry hehe my bad it’s just that I’m too excited” Henry sounded very happy

“So what did you do? Oh don’t tell me you ‘did it’ with crazy-girl” Rika said disgusted

“W-W-What n-no O-OF C-COURSE NOT RIKA!!” Henry said nervously, it was no secret that he and Jeri had started to go out a couple days ago

Rika couldn’t help but laugh, but too bad for her that Henry had something to comeback with.

“Hey well at least I don’t call mine cutie princess” Henry mocked

Rika was lucky no one saw her turn various shades of red “HENRRY WONG WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!”

Henry couldn’t help but laugh it all up.

Once he got his breath back in him “I already called the rest to meet up at four in the usual place it’s too important to say over the phone kay”

Rika got interested and curious “Ok I’ll see you guys up there”

“Yeah see you at four… Cutie” Henry teased before hanging up

Rika closed her cellphone hard “ARGH, Wait till I get you Braniac, just you wait.”

**End of flashback**


“Huh?” I came back to reality, I saw Ryo kneeling down.

“Um… I don’t know what I did but can you stop gripping my hand like that I really need it” Ryo begged me with tears forming in his eyes.

I didn’t notice but I had squeezed Ryo’s hand for remembering the anger I have against Henry, I immediately let go “S-Sorry” I blushed.

Ryo got up sobbing his hand “No worries cuit-”

I grabbed him by the neck and started shaking him “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME LIKE THAT!!”

POV Change…

Sinjuku Park…

Henry was in Guilmon’s house inspecting it.

“Hey Henry!” Henry got out of the house to see Ai and Mako coming up the stairs, along with Impmon.

“Hey Ai hey Mako how you been?” Henry asked.

“Hey wa’ta bout me am I painted or what?” Impmon asked.

Henry chuckled “Hey Impmon how’ve you been?”

Impmon crossed his arms “There was that so hard? And I’ve been ok thanks”

“So have we” Ai said

Mako started to look around “Hey where’s Terriermon and Susie?” he asked Henry

“Susie had to stay to finish homework and I left Terriermon because I want this to be a surprise for him.” Henry answered.

“You didn’t have to be so rough you know” A voice said.

Henry turned to see Ryo Akiyama and Rika Nonaka walking towards them, he could see that Ryo had been badly beaten (Again) obviously by his girlfriend.

Rika was looking away and walking slowly with her eyes closed, but just as she caught a glimpse of Henry she smiled sweetly at him, a smile that made Henry sweat.

“Hello Henry!” Rika said enthusiastically waving to Henry.

Henry gulped hard “Impmon in case I die can you tell Jeri that she means a lot to me”

Impmon looked at him confused then he turned to Rika “Oh, yeah you can count on me”

“Thanks, now if you’ll excuse me…” he said slowly getting up and then….


All that was left where Henry stood was dust, Rika seeing this ran after him “Oh no you don’t!” she yelled back at him.

Ryo got up where Ai, Mako and Impmon were, “What you call her now?” Impmon asked

Ryo looked at the little digimon “hehe take a guess” he said.

*45 kicks, hits, and punches latter.*

Rika came up happily towards where everybody else was “Hey you guys what you up to?” she asked Ai and Mako.

“Ah nothing just playing with Impmon” Mako answered her.

“Hey, you’re going to have to face puppet-girl and tell her how her mate died” Impmon added.

Then a beat-up Henry came out of the bushes “I’m ok” he said fainting on the spot, he had his T-shirt ripped and bruises all over, his pants were ripped as well.

“Geez, Rika how come you don’t do that to digimon?” Impmon asked.

“Because I tolerate them more than any of these Twerps” Rika said crossing her hands.

Ryo dragged Henry to where everybody else was, “Hey Henry wake up!” he said giving Henry some little slaps.

Henry started to come back to senses, he opened his eyes all dizzily “Hey mommy tell daddy that I won’t be going to kindergarten today” he said looking at Ai.

“Great you broke ‘em” Impmon said to Rika.

“Oh please wasn’t he already broken?” Rika mocked, everyone looked at her.

“What?! The Braniac likes to go to school and likes crazy-girl isn’t that weird enough?” Rika said in defense.

“I hate to say it but I agree with the brat” Impmon said nodding to what Rika had said.

Henry started to come back to reality “Huh…? What happened last thing I remember was that an Ogremon was chasing after me and caught me”, everyone including Ai and Mako took a step back from Rika, who was now emitting a red aura.

Little to late did Henry just realize his mistake “Oh come, on Rika it was a joke hehe, right guys? Guys?”

Henry looked around to realize that everyone had taken a step away and turned away, “Hey you dug your own hole man.” Ryo said.

“Hey I’ll keep my promise” Impmon told Henry.

“Ah hehe, we can talk about this right Rika?” Henry said holding his hands up in defense as the angered Rika came close to him little by little, “Right?!” He said almost crying.

Rika came up to him smiling in a cute way “Any last words Wong?” she asked in a cute voice.

“Yeah just one” Henry said fearfully, “What?” Rika asked a bit more serious “Mercy?” he asked.

Rika shook her head, “Ai, Mako you better close your eyes” Rika said still in a cute voice, cracking her knuckles.

“AAGGHHHH!!!!!” Impmon swore that Henrys screams had been heard all the way to the digital world….


In a room fully immersed in darkness an only ray of light came in lighting up a chessboard lying on a table in the middle of the room, on the chessboard were two sides one side had white pieces each for one digidestined and there partner, where the king was supposed to be there was an empty space as well as the spot in front of him, in the place of the knights stood the miniature body of Matt and in front of him representing the pawn stood the little stone body of his partner Gabumon the other spot where the knight was supposed to be was empty as well as the pawn spot in front of him, representing the bishops were the bodies of Sora Takenouchi and Mimi Tachikawa and in front of them Biyomon and Palmon, representing the towers were the bodies of Koji Minamoto and Ryo Akiyama in front of them stood Lobomon and Cyberdramon, and last but not least representing the queen was Rika Nonaka and in front of her was Renamon.

As for the other side it was represented in dark pieces though it only had a few pieces, the only pieces it had were representing the knights which stood Takato and Tai in front were Wizardmon and BlackAgumon, and representing a bishop where Airchi in front stood his digimon Dorumon, aside from that the rest was empty, suddenly…

The piece representing Tai and BlackAgumon burned up and Tai appeared on the digidestined side representing the king and in front his loyal partner Agumon.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” A dark deep voice came from inside the darkness, “It appears that our knight has left our grip, and it appears you will be making an early appearance.” He said to someone inside the room.

“Yes master” a young boy’s voice came from the other side of the room, “Go my boy, go and get my knight back” the dark vice demanded.

“Indeed I will” the young boy said, but the next word he said was a word that many digimon had come to fear, a word that represented the rise of a great warrior, a word that soon many other digimon and human alike would learn to fear, the word….


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