Broken Goggles: The Begining of the End


My name is Sora Takenouchi, in case some of you haven’t heard of me I am one of the original digidestined team, my first trip to the digital world was when I was 12 years old, I went there with some of my friends of summer camp, as well as my best friend Taichi Kamiya, in the digital world I met who would become my partner and my best friend, Biyomon.

I am the bearer of the Crest of Love, though I really don’t feel like I deserve the crest at all, the reason of this is that it was because of me that the digidestined team broke-up, ever since I did the stupidest and most horrible thing in my life, you’re all probably wondering what happened right?

Well it started out a few months after the defeat of Armageddemon, it was the semi-final match of Tai’s soccer team, you would think that as his best friend I would be there backing him up offering my support but that’s where you’re all wrong.

When I started dating Matt I didn’t notice it at first but after a few days I could tell that Tai was jealous, I tried to cope with it at first but then little by little it was getting hard for us to be in the same room without one of us starting a fight…. Although to tell the truth it was mostly me who started them.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t stand Tai anymore every time I saw him I just left or ignored him, and when he either asked me something or tried to talk to me I would just answer coldly or just answer angered.

Little by little we started growing apart, and when I noticed it my relationship with Tai was barely even there.

And going back to where I was, the day Tai had his semi-finale match I decided not to go, why? Because I couldn’t stand the sight of him that’s why.

I got into a fight with Matt because of that he told me that how could I do that to a person that was supposed to be my best friend, I just shrugged at the question and told him to stay with me that day, again yes I know it was pretty selfish on my part, I guess I wanted to cut every string that attached me to Tai, even if that meant ruining his friendship with Matt.

The next day it all went well for me, until I came up and found Tai….


“Hey Sora wait up!” I head Tai’s voice coming up from behind me.

I turned to see his face “What do you want Tai?” I asked coldly

I could see that Tai wasn’t used to me answering like that “Uh… Well I just wanted you to know that our team won the semi-final and that were going to face off Tokyo High in the finale”

I tried to answer the best way I could “And?”

Tai was obviously taken aback by this but still I saw him stay his ground, “And… well… the team seems brutal they say their la-”

“Look Tai as much as I would like to hear you rambling on about your soccer, I gotta go see ya” I interrupted him.

**End Of Flashback**

I didn’t look back to see Tai’s face but I could tell I hurt him and a lot, at this point I bet you all hate me by now.

Well that wasn’t it, apparently I couldn’t get enough of seeing Tai’s hurt face, I kept on hurting him ignoring him and answering him in cold ways, the strange thing was that he kept on insisting and insisting on talking to me.

Well that kept going for a couple of weeks until I committed the stupidest dumbest, most horrible and the worst move I had ever done in my life….

It started off like any other day…


‘Ahg, stupid alarm clock where is it?’ I shut up the alarm clock and opened my eyes to stare at the roof of my bedroom.

“Looks like another normal day again” I got up and headed for the shower, I got out and got in my school uniform and grabbed my bag.

“I’m leaving mom!” I yelled to my mother, who by now was one of the people I most trusted.

“Take care dear, and don’t come back to late I have some errands to run!” she said poking her head out of the kitchen.

“Sure mom!” I said leaving the door, I waited for a couple of minutes until Matt came for me in his father’s car.

“You really are a morning bird aren’t you?” He teased.

“Yep” I said as I got in and gave him a kiss.

“So do you think the math test will be hard?” he asked as we drove off, we were at tests finals and well math wasn’t Matt’s strongest suit.

“Matt its math, numbers and equations what can be so hard about that?” I teased him.

“Oh, I’m sorry miss’s smarty pants, just because you know math doesn’t mean we all can” he said acting angered

“Oh, come on Matt I’m just teasing you and I’ll know you’ll do great in the exam” I said leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I hope so” he said almost in defeat.

“If you don’t then where did all our time in studying go?” I asked as he parked the car.

“If you’re talking about all the times we said we’d study and instead we’d see a movie or go out, I don’t see how I could learn math in all of that” he said accusingly.

“Hey those were all your ideas not mine.” I said looking away.

We got out of the car and heading inside the building, “Okay maybe it was my fault but still it’s partially yours for backing me up in those ideas.” He said in defense.

“But at least we studied a little” I said wrapping my arms around his left one.

“Hopefully that little study will help me” he said as we walked in the classroom.

“It will” I said looking around until I saw him.

I saw Tai talking with Izzy who had been advanced a grade for his outstanding knowledge, at the sight of his laugh my blood boiled, I didn’t know why but I got angry just by the sight of him.

“Um… Sor’ you okay?” I turned to see Matt looking at me, apparently my anger was not well hidden “Uh… yeah let’s go sit down” I said gesturing him to the seats.

“Just let me go say hi to the guys first” He said taking off in Tai’s direction, I started to get even more angered when Matt greeted Tai, I sat down trying not to look back but it was useless, I found myself turning to see how Matt was having a good time with them, and I started getting angrier by the minute.

Then the teacher came in and Matt came to take his seat by me, “Man I hate having Math at the first hour” he complained.

“But you like having Tai around at the first hour” I said mockingly.

“Hey what’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, fortunately the teacher had started handing out the exams.

I got out of the exam fairly quick it’s a good thing I understood math or else I’d be like Tai and the rest… ‘Wait did I just think of Tai?! Ugh why can’t I get him out of my head??!!’

The rest of the school day went easy, all the other test we had that day were finances and government which were also quite easy.

Then came lunch time, I would have never guessed that this would be the place where it would all go down…

I came into the cafeteria looking around for the rest of the gang, then I saw Matt waving at me at a table where T.K., Kari, Izzy, Davis, Ken and Yolei were, I got a tray and went to get my share of the food the cafeteria was giving out.

I started walking to the table but as I did I saw Kari give TK a kiss and leave with Davis, things weren’t going so well between me and Kari given the fact that I hurt her brother every time I see him pretty much gives her the reason to do so, and well Davis is kinda like his brother as well.

“Hey you guys how’d the tests go?” I asked as I sat on a chair.

“Well math was very easy as to government I’m not so interested in that area” Izzy said.

“And you Matt?” I asked Matt who was deep into thought, “Matt?”

“Huh?” He said turning around to see me.

“I asked you how your exams went.” I asked again.

“Okay, I guess” he said playing around with his food.

I could see that Matt was clearly upset by something “What’s wrong Matt?”

Matt sighed and seemed to be thinking about what he was about to say, I expected almost anything but what came out next, heck I even thought he would say that we had to take some time apart, given the fact that he has been pretty occupied with his band.

“Sora I want to know why you’re acting so cold and harsh to Tai” I was frozen at his question, I just looked away.

“I have to go see the computer lab to check out one of the computers” Izzy said clearly avoiding our conversation.

“Wait up Izzy I need you to help me out with my computer” TK ran after him, ‘Geez TK can you be more obvious you don’t even have a computer’ I said to myself.

“Hey Ken you said you were going to go see your coach right?” Yolei said.

“No I did- Ahg” Ken was dragged away by Yolei leaving me and Matt alone something I didn’t want at all, I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“So?” Matt insisted.

“Why do you want to know Matt?” I said not looking at him.

“Come on Sora, you and Tai were best friends since you were six or five, heck I don’t know that well but you two were like brothers, and suddenly you start treating him like hell for no apparent reason, that’s harsh Sora” The words that he said stung like needles to my heart.

“Look Matt, the reason I treat him like that is because he just won’t accept you and me, he follows us around like a lost puppy it’s time for him to face the facts and grow up we’re not kids anymore.” I said in defense.

“That’s not a good reason Sora plus he never follows us around, he’s supposed to be our friend we weren’t even there for one of the most important games for him.” Matt started raising his tone.

I stayed silent, “And about you and me…..” Matt took his time to continue then he opened his mouth but I beat him to the chase.

“Matt, you can say whatever you want to me about Tai but until he grows up and starts acting like a man I cannot and will not consider him as my friend!” I nearly yelled at him, then it began…

“Is that really what you think Sor’?” My heart nearly skipped a beat as I recognized the voice, I turned around to see Tai.

“Yo bro, we were just…” Matt tried to find a good excuse, but something in me snapped I couldn’t handle this anymore.

“How long have you been there Tai!?” I demanded.

“Long enough, did you really mean all that?” He asked in a soft tone.

I turned to Matt “You see he’s always spying on us, and yes Tai I meant all that I said and you know what else!?” I saw Tai’s eyes getting sadder, but I didn’t care.

“Sora, please stop” Tai begged.

“No Tai, first off you need to grow up and accept reality I’m with Matt and I’ll never choose you before him, NEVER!” I said standing up to face him.

“Please Sora” Tai was only looking to the ground.


“Sora….” Tai’s voice was barely noticeable.

Matt reached out and grabbed my hand “SORA!” I just egged him away, “NO MATT HE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!!” That’s when it happened the next words that came out of my mouth were the biggest mistake of my life….

I turned to Tai “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I BACAME YOUR FRIEND IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU KNOW WHAT TAI I WISH I NEVER WOULD HAVE MEET YOU!!” Those words echoed through the cafeteria, and came back into my ears I then realized what I just said, I brought my hands to my mouth I tried to say something else but nothing came out, I turned to look at Matt who was looking at me with surprised eyes.

“Tai...” I turned to look at him but no one was there anymore.

“You went too far this time Sora” Matt said to me in a cold tone, I turned to face him but I felt someone push me to face another way then….


I was brought to the ground, but when I looked up my eyes widen at the sight of a crying Kari who had her hands grabbed by TK.

“Get so much of a meter close to my brother or even look at him ever again and I promise you I will tear you to pieces” she told me in a tone that didn’t belong to the sweet Kari I knew, her eyes were filled with rage and sadness.

I tried to say something but just like before nothing came out, Kari got loose of TK’s grip and stormed out of the cafeteria pushing everyone in her way aside, TK went after her and at the door I could see Ken, Izzy and Yolei looking at me with frightened eyes but then there was Davis who looked at me with eyes that matched Kari’s.

Matt came up to me and helped me up, “You know you really deserved that” he said to me and I knew he was right.

I looked around and saw that everyone was staring at me and whispering things between them, I had obviously forgot, or in other words blocked everything around me, I immediately felt guilty and embarrassed, I just ran out of the cafeteria not knowing where to go, “Sora wait!!” I heard Matt’s voice call after me, but I just ignored it and kept running letting tears of anger or sadness or maybe even of both emotions come out, at that time it didn’t matter all I knew was that I was crying.

I ran and ran and ran, I couldn’t stop until I got to a park, I sat down on a swing then I realized that I was in the park where I first had meet Tai, I closed my eyes to and let the memories consume me…


“What’s your name?”


“What is your name?”

“Sora” I answered.

“My name is Tai, do you wike soccer?”


“What’s that?”

“Come on I’ll show you how to pway”



“Pass it Sora over here”

“Nah you’ll miss hehe”


“Here you’re first soccer ball”

“Oh thanks Tai it my best present yet”

“Hehe glad you liked it”


“You’re not going to play soccer and that’s final”

“But mom!!”

“No butts you’re staying here, I don’t want you playing anymore”

“Why don’t you understand me?!”


“Sora what are you doing out here in the rain?”


“Come on Sora let’s get you out of here”


“Hey, Tai…. Um…. thanks for cheering me up that day”

“No prob Sor’ that’s why I’m here whenever you may need me I promise I’ll be there”

“Thanks Tai”


“Hey Sor’ you going to summer camp?”

“Yeah you?”

“Of course!!”

“It’ll be a blast!”


“”The Crest of Love? That fits you perfectly Sora”


“But Sora it is like you you’re always thinking of everyone else”


“But Sora what’s the matter?”

“It’s just that my crest won’t glow…. It’s because I don’t have any love”


“Sora stop it!!”

“Let go!!”

“Even if what you said is true you shouldn’t believe a word form that loser DemiDevimon….. Don’t cry Sora”


“Hey Sora I’m sorry about the hair pin”

“No Tai I’m sorry I guess I over reacted a bit”

“A little?”

“Hey it was your fault to!!”

“Hehe but you were the one who started it hehe”

“Stupid Tai”


“Hey Sora Wait up”

“Hey something smells good”

“Hey Tai”

“So…. Sora y-you going to the concert with somebody...? Not that it matters to me just wondering”

“No, I wanna be available in case Matt is free afterwards”

“Oh, I see… Matt huh…?”

“You’re not mad at me Tai?”

“Don’t worry i-it’s ok, now go in there and say hi to Matt for me”

“Thanks Tai”

“The least you can do is leave us the cookies!”

“Tell you what I’ll make some special ones for you”

“I’ll be waiting thanks”

That’s when I realized it, “So you finally noticed it?” I looked up to see Matts face, he wiped away some of my tears, “Sora you have to go get him, and tell him everything”.

“B-But Matt what abou-” he gave me a long passionate kiss it took a while for us to break “Sora don’t worry about it I was probably going to end it because of my band” he said smiling.

Tears kept falling from my eyes “Y-You think he’ll forgive me?”

Matt got me to my feet “You’ll never know until you try now go, go and get him back!” he said me giving me a thumbs-up, “Okay Matt I will thanks, I will always love you” I said to him for the last time, then I turned around and started running at full speed to the Kamiya residence.

I heard Matt say a few words at my back “So will I, you’re one lucky bastard Tai” at least that’s what I think he said.

I ran as fast as I could, it started to rain and hard but it didn’t matter to me all, all which mattered was getting to Tai.

I reached the apartment building where Tai lived, I pushed the evaluator buttons but it took too long so I decided to take the stairs, it was heavy I could feel that my feet were aching in pain but it didn’t matter.

I reached Tai’s floor but I didn’t lower my speed I got to his door to see that it was open, I entered slowly… “Hello? Tai? Kari?” I asked for someone but no one answered then…. That’s when I saw it… a note was on the table…

Mom, Dad I’m sorry for this but I can’t take it anymore I have to leave and start a new somewhere else, if I’m not fit to be their leader I’m not fit to be anywhere near them, please don’t look for me I’ll contact you when I’m ready I love you all and I’ll miss you’re coking Mom really…

Kari, I love you sis, never forget that you are the best sister any guy could ever wish for, and please I beg you not to hold any grudges against Sora this wasn’t her fault but mine for not wanting to move on and she’s right I have to grow up and accept the facts, I’ll miss you sis and thanks for everything, we’ll see each other again be sure of that.

Sora….. you’re probably reading this by now I want you to know that yes I have always loved you and maybe always will, I don’t know if I will but I hope to move on, you won’t have to worry about me anymore I won’t bother you nor Matt anymore, and I guess you’re right I could never be a good leader, I’m sorry for not living up to be the friend you wanted Sor’ I love you good-bye….

Love for ever and always….

Taichi Kamiya……

I fell to my knees and sobbed and screamed for as long and as hard as I could remember, the rest that happened last night was a blur I don’t remember all the details of that day but I remember that they sent a couple of search parties all over the city to look for him, they even checked if he had left the state by revising his passport history but it all came back negative, which only left a single place the digital world.

The next day I got up and joined the parties that were looking for him in the digital world, we searched for almost two months but we found nothing, not even Agumon, then things got worse when none of the original digidestined could enter the digital world, we never knew why but the only ones of us originals who could go in and out was Mimi and Joe and our own digimon, all the rest of us lost the ability to.

Then after Three months of search they made it official Taichi Kamiya was gone…..


Well you guys that’s what happened, I lost my best friend and the person that made me happy, the team split up Kari and Davis don’t talk to me anymore, TK and Matt and me, well we spend some friendly time together once in a while, Ken and Yolei they come up once in a while but not that often any more, Cody well he talks to everyone and tried to unite us once again but gave up when Kari lunged at me, and Izzy well he was one of the guys most closest to Tai he just buried himself even more in the computer but he still talks to every one of us, Mimi and Joe are constantly entering the digital world trying to find any clues, they still haven’t given up.

Right know it’s been more than a year since he’s been gone and well I don’t get my hopes up because he probably isn’t ready to return but we’ll be waiting for his return, I’ll be waiting for him even if it takes me a lifetime I will wait and tell him how sorry I am, and I’ll be prepared for any consequence or punishment he lays upon me, but knowing Tai……. He’d just say “It’s okay Sor’ I know you didn’t mean it”

Well I gotta go everybody, and yes I agree I don’t deserve the Crest of Love nor Tai’s forgiveness and much less his love…..

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